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    Re: My mandolin got eaten by a Stratocaster.

    i stumbled into electric over this past winter. had never really had the itch for it, love acoustic instruments so much. but, i had a couple electrics for setups and i really enjoyed the whole time...
  2. Re: John Ramsey(ave guitars, formly Tejonstreet music) retiring

    i didnt ask Al, i just assumed he would be. i think they are downsizing some of the brands they are carrying. i saw a note on the site about a discount on the few Martins remaining and that brand is...
  3. Re: “Headin’ Home” album preorders available now!

    wow, the whole family, you folks are amazing!

    thanks for sharing the link

  4. John Ramsey(ave guitars, formly Tejonstreet music) retiring

    wow, what a work career. I will say, in the past 10 years or so, I have purchased more instruments(guitars, mandolins, banjos) from this father/son team, than anywhere. I've always received an...
  5. Re: Get up John/ split tuning, with Sierra Hull improvising

    Sierra was at the Barter Theatre, Bristol Va(an hour 15 min from my house) in Jan 2020, she did this before the show as a warm up for a couple of us.
  6. Re: Get up John/ split tuning, with Sierra Hull improvising

    exactly what I was thinking last night after watching the video the 1st time. I could be real happy with this split tuning and having one mandolin kept in it I do believe(actually going to do that...
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    Re: Heads up for you Mandolinists with Cats

    thank you for this info Sue. i did not know this concerning the lillies. i have 3 rescues and they are in and outside boyz and girl. wonderful crazy companions. i have tried to police my house of...
  8. Get up John/ split tuning, with Sierra Hull improvising

    i have never played this tuning but it sounds really neat, and ironically i was going to post a thread asking about different tunings on mandolin, this evening. this may have already made its rounds...
  9. Re: No mandolin content: Bradley Klein interviews Christian Marti

    that was cool.
    thanks Brad!

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    Re: NMD Late 70's Ibanez 524?

    I like this a lot!
    Never saw one before, or knew about them. I like everything about it, especially the tortoise headstock veneer-I think that's very cool.

    I'm not a bling type person at...
  11. Re: Weber Mandolins: Alaska Specialty Woods Sitka Spruce

    that's what that article was labeled as, looks like I mentioned that as my own thought but its not. I can't change it now-lol

    the main reason I posted the video was the beauty of that...
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    Re: Andrew Collins Zoom Series

    Thanks for posting this, I did not know about it. Can one access the past productions?
    Where does one find info for this, I can't locate it?
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    Re: Wayne’s World of Mandolin Channel?

    thanks for posting this, I didn't know about it. count me in on another person who likes how wayne presents material. I have an older DVD of his and its neat to watch and learn. I like his approach...
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    Re: NBD: 1895 Lyon & Healy (Banjo related)


    yes, like these tuners very well.

    I like these older banjos I've gotten from Bob a lot, everything works as it should, they note as one would expect a brand new banjo to do, so its like...
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    Re: Kudos to Derek at Northfield Mandolins

    totally agree, those folks at NF have it going on in all areas. I've always felt very secure in any purchase of anything NF because they will take care of the customer fully, and quickly. Plus, they...
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    Re: Reverb announces increase in fees

    I've never used ebay or reverb-buying, trades, or for a sale. never used local sales methods either. I've only ever used the Café classifieds and the AGF classifieds. always had quick sales and...
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    Re: diminished value from a repair?

    glue it, clamp it, pocket the $500 or whatever and take the wife on a megadate or a couple megadates, and score big points!!
    (big points come in handy down the road when you find that whatever that...
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    Re: Arm rest. Y or N?

    well, when I opened this thread I was going to reply, "no". I am a minimalist in most everything I do or own. I don't like any "add on". I am a cyclist (bicycle) and I have a few friends who have...
  19. New Classified Listing

    you all know when obscure things get talked about in a thread..........within a day or two............check the classifieds.

    For sale, good condition 1959 ledger from Gibson instrument company....
  20. Re: $59,000 Reward for Missing Shipping Ledger

    Wonder how the numerical amount of $59000 was decided. Odd amount to just make an offer. I envision an executive board meeting held one late evening. The object of discussion was opened, along with...
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    NBD: 1895 Lyon & Healy (Banjo related)

    25-1/2" scale, an 11" spunover rim
    mahogany neck-all new frets, steel rod neck reinforcement(OEM)
    1 1/4" nut width
    5 1/4 lbs
    Tone is bright and precise.
    neck is straight and low action, plays...
  22. found a set of Tuners with inlaid Handel knob FS if anyone needs


    browsing one of my favorite "flys under the radar" shop in Elkins Wva for a special banjo(found one!), and glanced at the mandolin section.

    I've purchased 3 instruments from Smalula Fretted...
  23. Weber Mandolins: Alaska Specialty Woods Sitka Spruce

    Sitka—the majestic sound of everyone’s favorite mandolin top:
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    Re: Collings MTO: replacement tuners?

    I would call or email Collings, they will get back to you, it may be a little longer than usual due to the current health situation and reduced staffing, but call/email, take some pics and email...
  25. this is so cool, there's an Oud in there

    The Weight | Featuring Ringo Starr and Robbie Robertson | Playing For Change | Song Around The World
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