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  1. Thread: Who?

    by kookaburra

    Re: Who?

    When I was playing in punk bands years back, one band was compared to The Lazy Cowgirls. I was doing the writing. It made sense to a point.
  2. Re: Sunday picking sessions at my house are keeping me alive...

    I loved what I call the kitchen table jams! All that stuff about music, friendship, and community can be true. It was a nice counterpoint to the regular band thing.

    I've moved around a lot since...
  3. Re: Pay The Reckoning's "Irish Mandolin" Webpage - Now Resurrecte

    Cool, I took a brief glance, looks cool. I'm new to the mandolin world, so new that I don't even have a mandolin yet, although I had one in the past. Anyway, Celtic is the direction that I'd like...
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    Re: We Honor Your Service

    I was involved in that one also, had a high number. I joined several years later on my own.
  5. Re: Article: John Hartford's Old-Time Fiddle Favorites-For Fiddle

    This looks good!
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