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    Re: Almost Heaven.. Surprise, Arizona!

    Brilliant review Kevin. I enjoyed reading it. Your thoughts and opinions mirrored mine although I have never tried a high end Gibson Master Model. I did try a Sam Bush Gibson slightly lower end...
  2. Ad bumping up - standard practice now?

    I have been following the mandolin ads for a little while. I have noticed that a practice of ad bumping is occurring. I thought that this practice was frowned upon in the cafe.

    Sellers should...
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    Re: CBOMS in Ireland


    I highly recommend Ruben Bada's bouzouki. I have an X-braced small bodied bouzouki which is wonderfully rich and varied in tone. Ruben is on Facebook so you contact him via messenger. ...
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    Re: In praise of mandolin builder Matt Ruhland

    I am just wondering if this thread really belongs to the Videos and pictures section of the Cafe. There is no doubt that Matt has a following and good luck to him.

    Sorenson mandolin pictures and...
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    Re: Binding laminate

    Dale - what works with gluing strips of ABS binding together?
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    Re: Collings MT2 - Dixie Hoedown

    Great sound Kevin. Your picking action picks a really good tone with the MT2 - one of the best I have heard on lots of MT2 yourube videos.
  7. Re: The Soul of Epirus - Petroloukas Halkias & Vasilis Kostas

    Brilliant and emotionally moving. Thanks.
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    Re: What's up with USPS?

    Never had a problem with USPS. Their tracking system works well with international parcels. I prefer them to anyone else because of price and reliability.
  9. Re: Alternatives to celluloid binding in Europe

    I am ordering some cream ABS from Rothko and Frost. I am going to laminate Cream (0.06") + Black (0.02") + White (0.02") to make up my binding strips. I have decided to go away from Celluloid...
  10. Re: Alternatives to celluloid binding in Europe

    There is this for WBW in 0.08" width. Any good?
  11. Re: Alternatives to celluloid binding in Europe

    Hi Hogo, You are right about the staining of maple. It is very hard to find I B W like you say. Tavy's post refers to a good source in the UK but again the height of the binding means you need some...
  12. Re: Alternatives to celluloid binding in Europe

    I might use maple offcuts for a cross piece at the 15th fret. Right width and height. Thanks for your suggestions everyone.
  13. Alternatives to celluloid binding in Europe

    I am looking for alternatives to celluloid binding here in Europe. I need some ideas where I can purchase the alternative binding materials from.
  14. Re: F5's from $3000-5000 worth considering - Sept '19

    First of all what tonal type of mandolin you are looking for? This is a very important criterion. Mandolins in that price range should have sll of the attributes ticked off suchas build quality,...
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    Re: Ruben Bada irish bouzouki

    Here is a video of it:
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    Ruben Bada irish bouzouki

    A shout out to Ruben Bada for making me a wonderful irish bouzouki. It is rich and resonant and beautifully made.

    Here are the specifications:

    Scale: 650 mm

    Top: European Spruce

    Back: ...
  17. Re: Heads up! Nitrocellulose products dwindling

    This is the result of refinishing my Irish bouzouki using olive oil and shellac 'spirit varnish'. I have not even polished it yet.

    The more I use it, the more I like shellac.

  18. Re: Heads up! Nitrocellulose products dwindling

    It is about time that toxic products were no longer produced. I really enjoy using spirit shellac-based varnishes instead. Have done so for the last four years with great results. Steve Gilchrist...
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    Re: Shellac finish problems on new mandolin

    I have built several mandolins and I have finished them all with a shellac finish. I found spraying a 2lb cut worked really well. I have found that violin spirit formulations work really well and I...
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    Re: Buying online

    I am with you Daryl. I have bought also from the Mandolin Store and experienced great instruments. Great service and price into the bargain.
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    Re: Pava-Silverangel

    Well I have had both a Collings MT and a Pava. If you play on your own or in a duo, the Pava is a great sounding mandolin. However, I have found a Collings MT at a jam session will cut through and...
  22. Re: New Northfield 'Airloom' case availability in the EU (Hopeful

    I am looking for a standard A-5 case in Europe.

    Would Jacob Winter do such a case? I think it would have to be a custom case as they only seem to do violin cases in the style like a TKL case.
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    Re: The end of my playing days.

    Hi Ivan

    My heart goes to you ol mate. I hope you recover from treatment and may the lord be with you in your journey at your darkest hour.

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    Re: New Hamlett A

    Beautiful sunburst. I would love to aspire to get that colour in my sunbursts. Well done John Hamlett!!
  25. Re: CBA Fund to help fire victims who lost instruments.

    I know this does not apply to Chris Baird in Utah. He lost his whole workshop together with instruments in a wildfire blaze much earlier in June this year. His insurance did not cover all his...
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