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  1. Listen to CMSA playing "Magnificent Mountain" at the convention!

    The composer of "Magnificent Mountain", Robert Lunn, posted the audio to the premier performance by the Classical Mandolin Society of America last week. Hearing it on this link is amazing--sitting in...
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    Re: How do you clean your mandolin?

    I've been using our own Dave Harvey's Jubilee Polish for years. It really cleans up my mandolins, and I big time trust Dave to formulate something that is good for a mandolin.

    Here is a link to...
  3. Re: Best Online Instruction - Subscription or Free

    I've had a great experience with Matt Flinner's online group lessons--several times. I highly recommend him:
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    Winfield 2018 Winners!

    Only 10 contestants this year, but all still top notch!

    Scott Pearson
    Holten Doucette

    3rd Ethan Batan
    2nd Simon Dunson
    1st Solly Burton (I think that makes 3?)
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    Re: Pentatonic question

    Fastest way for you to pick it up would be to get Nate Lee's DVD or download I picked it up at Kaufman Kamp and it will definitely get you going on pentatonics.
  6. Mandolin Orchestra of Kansas City--Video of First Concert!!!

    We now have videos posted from the inaugural concert of the Mandolin Orchestra of Kansas City (MOO-KC We love our initials...) Here is the link in Facebook:
  7. Re: Mandolin Orchestra Of Kansas City--Pics from First Rehearsal!

    You can see all our music on our site:

    Got some neat original compositions from our fearless conductor, Phil DeWalt!
  8. Mandolin Orchestra Of Kansas City--Pics from First Rehearsal!

    A few pics and a selfie from the first rehearsal last night:


    Being in this is a real dream come true for me!

    KC folks: Join us! Info at
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    Re: Good old-time Tunes

    Charlie Walden is the king of old time fiddle tunes. Check out his site at and hit him with a little PayPal for all the effort he's made for us!
  10. Re: Grisman & Tommy Emmanuel / hear the new CD & see the tour dat

    One of the advantages of moving back to Kansas City is getting to go to things like this. Julia and I went and had seats on the 4th row center. The concert was in the Midland Theater which is a huge...
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    Re: Sonatina in G - Beethoven

    Thanks, Andy! You can bet my buddies and I will be playing that at Kaufman Kamp this year!
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    Re: Ipad Music Readers


    Just got my new iPad Pro a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd show you the difference. The iPad Pro is on the left, a 8.5x11 sheet of music is in the middle, and my old iPad is on the...
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    Re: Ipad Music Readers

    Let me chime in for UnrealBook. Been using it for years in my iPad. What I like is it integrates well with DropBox. I save my music as PDFs in folders in DropBox (e.g. Bluegrass, Celtic, Kaufman...
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    Re: Where to stay in Nashville

    I stayed at the Gaylord with my wife a few years ago. Flashy place, the lobby it a trip, but the room was nothing special and the food there is pricey.

    I'm always fond of the Drury Inn by the...
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    Re: Sinking Soundboards Revisited

    Let'e pull this post back around! Here we go!

    Had the same problem on my 1921 Gibson, only on the bass side. Shortly after I got it I took it to my favorite luthier, Matt Harmon, at Mass Street...
  16. I think you should pre-load the Forum with a few...

    I think you should pre-load the Forum with a few strings: "Are Blue Chip Pics worth the price", "Would Bill...I mean Earl...have played it that way?", "I'm a newbie--should I buy a $100 banjo?" and...
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    Re: Using Cello as a stand up bass ?

    I'm another real potty trained 'cellist. My take on it is a 'cello is no substitute for a bass, and a bass is no substitute for a 'cello. Each has it's own contribution. I still have my 'cello but...
  18. Re: Exercises for stretching first to seventh fret (LH)?

    I was about to throw Ted's exercises in here but you beat me to it. The Super FFcP exercise set is my go-to. When I carve out the time and run through them before I get down to practicing tunes it...
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    Re: Volume in a jam situation

    When Keith Yoder teaches the "How to Jam" class at Kaufman Kamp, his first rule is "You are playing too loudly". I use that rule all the time when I teach jam classes or play in jams. If you can't...
  20. Re: Two Secrets to Bluesy, Old-Timey Mandolin Licks

    Scott is a totally cool dude. Finally got to meet him at Winfield this last year. I don't think he's trying to teach mandolin as much as he's teaching the theory of blues licks, demonstrated on a...
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    Re: help with doublestops

    No discussion of double stops would be complete without a reference to my Kaufman Kamp buddy Pickloser's definitive guide at:...
  22. Spending a Snowy Saturday at my Favorite Cafe

    Our first snow in Columbia MO. Spending it drinking coffee at my favorite cafe.
  23. Re: Kaufman Kamp 2015 Roll Call--Who is going?

    I've got the notes down. I'm just really struggling with the mandocello buzzing if I don't fret it at exactly the right space. If I memorize the music and constantly stare at my left hand I do...
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    Re: Musical mnemonics

    I learned that from my 5th grade orchestra teacher, only: Fat Cows Gradually Die After Eating Bacon. 50-some years later I still use that one pretty regularly.
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    Re: chord forms to focus on?

    If you're a real beginner, you might find this chart useful. I use it for my beginner students to teach the most basic chord forms.
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