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  1. Re: Campanella two-point (How to make an accent on due?)

    If you are on a Mac, just holding down the key will bring up a little menu with all the diacritical options:


    e: θικēėę

    Ditto for other letters. No alt+ codes to remember.
  2. Re: Good source for beginning Celtic and Quebecois music

    One of the single-best resources for traditional tunes from Quebec is Laurie Hart and Greg Sandell's exhaustively researched collection: Danse ce soir - Fiddle and Accordion Music of Quebec

  3. Re: The Berkeley Old Time Music Convention - Berkeley, CA

    It's a great week of music all around, and I always spend as much time there as possible. The Saturday String Band Contest in the park (next to the Berkeley Farmers Market) is a highlight -- and free.
  4. Re: Big Family: The Story of Bluegrass Music

    I thought it was very good, too. OF course no film-length documentary could possible embrace the full history of bluegrass, but the omission of the Kentucky Colonels or at least some mention of...
  5. Re: What's the origin/lyrics of this song: All Around the Mountai

    As I recall, the tag of that first verse is "Couldn't hear nothin' but the car wheels roll, uh huh"

    It seemed to be old when I learned it 45 years or so back. I must have learned it from the Stu...
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    Re: Tunes on the old Sobell

    Mighty fine, Kevin.
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    Re: Jamie Wiens Mandolins

    The two I've had in my hands sounded, played, and looked terrific, and both were relatively fresh off the bench. Great instruments. Neither had Virzis.
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    Re: Refret for Gibson F9

    Lucky you!
  9. Re: Help! I can't hear the beat when I play a break

    I know this seems counterintuitive, but practice (with a metronome, backing track, and ultimately with the band) NOT listening to yourself. You need to be thinking of what you are playing with a part...
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    Re: Refret for Gibson F9

    $450 for a full refret seems about par for urban areas on the Left Coast. Some top luthiers charge a bit more, especially for bound fingerboards.

    I try to go with a partial refret whenever...
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    Re: Free Waterloo Mandolin

    Another hand up out in California.
  12. Re: California Coast Music Camp Week 2 - Auburn, CA

    It's a wonderful camp. Very guitar-oriented, but there are always some mandolinists and solid instruction. Plenty of opportunities for learning, jamming, and performing, and great hanging in a lovely...
  13. Re: Gibson model F-9 mandolin master model reverb

    Prices on F-9s are all over the map, but $3K is not unusual these days, especially for some of the newer ones with binding, gloss finishes, sunbursts, etc. There's one listed at over $4K, too:...
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    Re: Long term band

    Thanks for the kind words, Gan. We have been talking about follow-up recordings since shortly after we made that first record, and we certainly have enough material for an extremely thick box set as...
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    Re: Long term band

    I've been playing with the Hillbillies from Mars for 37 years and Wake the Dead for 19 with gigs on the horizon, and have had reunion gigs over the years with the Hurricane Ridgerunners, which...
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    Re: TC Electronic Polytune Clip-on Tuner

    In my experience, the "polytune" feature doesn't really work the same way on the mandolin as it does on a guitar -- showing which strings are sharp and flat and whatnot in a single view after a broad...
  17. Re: Make/model of this Levon Helm mandolin

    I had the pleasure of opening for Amy Helm a few years back. She was playing a Gibson F-9 at that show, although it was a bit lighter and more gold than the one Levon is holding above.

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    Re: Seems like a "no brainer"

    These guys have an F-5 kit for $150:
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    Re: Do people ever change their strings?

    I change them much less frequently since I switched to EXPs. They just keep sounding good and don't seem to break much, so ... I change every couple of months or if I have a lot of hours on a set and...
  20. Re: Interesting Instrument Santorini Greece

    Bouzouki, baglama, and guitar -- ready for any rebetiko session.
  21. Re: Check out the old "repairs" in this guitar

    Interesting choice for the bolt-on neck. I'd be curious to hear some luthiers weigh in on that particular method, hardware, glue, etc.
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    Re: Slipping plectrum

    I've been fighting pick-slippage for 55 years and I'm finally getting the hang of it.

    I really like this Dunlop Primetone 1.4 with the "grip" surface. Nice, fat tone, a bit of point for clarity,...
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    Re: Grateful Dead tunes

    Will do, Jim. Hmmm. I'm not sure we've ever played any early Stones stuff (although I certainly played a lot of it in my early years), and our Motown is a tad peripheral (might be more inclined...
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    Re: The end of my playing days.

    That's a tough old journey, Ivan, but thanks for sharing it with us. Sending you all the best wishes from out here in sunny California. Here's hoping that your sense of taste, hair, and yen to play...
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    Re: TI strings

    They don't work at all for me, but a friend uses them on a Flatiron A-5 I (wish I had never) sold to him, and they sound great for his approach. That particular Flatiron is a true canon, and it was...
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