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    Re: David grisman - acoustic christmas

    Just want to point out that The Christmas Song on Grisman’s album was written by Mel Torme
    Happy cHannukah!
  2. Re: Suggestions for a Gospel bluegrass playlist

    Let’s add Gillian Welch’s: By the Mark
  3. Re: How Long Did You Fight MAS Before Submitting?

    For me there's the undeniable dissatisfaction with my progress as a musician that pressures me to take this out on my still not yet fully appreciated 1990 Flatiron F-5 Festival I bought new 23 yrs...
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    Re: I spend most or all my time.....

    I have found that learning patterns and scales by playing along to Pandora or my quite eclectic iTunes list, using root notes and the suggested positioning of respective fingers to play the melody of...
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