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  1. Re: What's the origin/lyrics of this song: All Around the Mountai

    <snip> Duplicate info.
  2. Re: Dogal strings, Anyone tried them out and could comment?

    I use the round-wound medium Calace set on my Calace and the flat- wound on a 1926 "La Carmencita" copy which has a metal nut with brass inset.
    I find the flat wound set to be a bit soft and...
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    Re: Early medieval lute and kwitra

    I love what you've done with the ace of spades type hole in the second one.

    Do we ow why they have the second mini-hole in the paintings? or maybe that's a bit too detailed to have survived the...
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    Re: Notation Software?

    i've never looked at tab options as I tend not to use it.
    I was really answering the original poster requirements as they are similar to mine.
    I think for your needs it might be one for tabledit...
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    Re: Etude book or something like that

    My preferred option is The Mandolin Companion by Stephens/Acquavella

    very well thought through...
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    Re: Notation Software?

    I have Sibelius & MuseScore, Notion, but only use Notion now until I’m getting complex, when I switch to Sibelius by exporting a MusicXML file to it. I’ve completely abandoned MuseScore because it’s...
  7. Re: Tonedexter wavemaps for mando and mic position...

    i was wondering a similar thing, but not trying to get the cheapy to sound great; I was thinking that there could be a whole rabbit hole to dive down by purposely mis-matching sources and playing...
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    Re: Goichberg mandocello studies

    A few people on here have it, but I would be interested to get hold of a copy.
    I’ll contact the seller via the ad.
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    Re: Arthritis pain relief

    Make sure you find out a definitive diagnosis of which overall type of arthritis you are dealing with. Rheumatoid there is still some interesting lotions and potions experimenting that can be done....
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    Re: Omnidirectional Mic through bass amp

    Keyboard amp would be best. Maybe try to trade the bass amp for a decent keyboard amp, which will cover the bass needs when you get sorted for a PA.
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    Re: free trio and solo music from Evelyn

    Thanks for all the tunes Evelyn. I especially appreciated your help a few years back when getting some music sorted for my wee harpist friend. She’s no longer so little and off studying medicine now,...
  12. Re: Question for notation-reading CGDAE-instrument players

    I like C, but I’m coming from a ‘cello background so running from bass through tenor into treble is very common for us.
    B seems like quite a mandolin orchestra thing to do and happens in a lot of...
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    Re: Balancing practice between two instruments...

    I use the seasons to define my focus.
    Nothing ever gets left behind as everything is forced to bubble along by playing in a band, duo, fiddle orchestra & mandolin orchestras
    At the moment it is...
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    Re: Ceccherini photos

    It’s often to do with your browser tracking protection settings (in m case it’s Firefox). I figured out recently that some remote content relies on tracking to link within the forum posts. If you...
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    Re: Who doesn't memorize tunes/songs?

    I learn stuff for our band, but find it handy to have the chord progression blocked out in case I blank for some reason, I just look over at it and am ready without having to ask . For the mandolin...
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    Re: Breaking A-Strings in CGDA tuning

    I get this if I go too heavy on my mandoloncello. I put most of a set of the D’Adario MC strings on but use a lighter A, which seemed a bit backwards, but it was because the heavier strings needed...
  17. Re: Finished Notation for the Tab Addicted Mandolinsit Now What?

    Iíd build your reading practice into your overall routine so it ceases to be an isolated activity and becomes a tool you use to access other objectives. That way the motivation to learn to read...
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    Re: Abysmal Right Hand

    No I think thatís just something he suggests when people encounter difficulties with their stroke technique.
    Itís just a simple trick to get a good reference point for depth and a decent flat...
  19. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    Here you go..

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    Re: Abysmal Right Hand

    If youíre catching and getting a bit of a snagging effect itís basically because youíre too deep into the strings. As part of a warm up Chris Acquavella recommends sliding a piece of stiff plastic or...
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    Re: Mandolin classical literature

    I’ve worked up a few, and the tunes work well solo, but to get the real effect I think you need to get hold of an intermediate mandolin and a proper ‘in you face’ guitar player. This lets you get the...
  22. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    If Gibson were getting out of the in-house manufacturing model and thinking of franchising out to a selection of high end builders this is probably how they would approach things. Assert your rights,...
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    Re: Alternate cases for bowlbacks?

    A friend of mine uses model helicopter cases as they’re pretty inexpensive and a good size match for a bowlback
  24. Re: Another Question for the Theory Geeks (no mandolin content)

    Listen to the hi-hat and the snare for the framework, they seem rock steady. The rest is melody & decoration.
  25. Re: stores with bowlbacks (Amsterdam and London) usually have a selection of 2nd hand bowl-backed mandolins & sometimes mandolas . They normally only list a selection of what...
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