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    Re: the Small Dog

    Betty makes great cases. I bought one for my wife's hand built guitar fifteen years ago and it has held up well in our travels all around the country.
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    Re: Troublesome Creek

    There was or perhaps still is a band by that name in Virginia.
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    Re: I don't like F styles. Anyone else?

    I like A's but do not find F's hard to hold. When you get old you may appreciate a tonegard. A's sound as good as F's and cost less so the Jack Benny (look him up) in me kicks in.
  4. Re: Copying from a PDF to Word - or Editing a PDF

    I doctor PDF's on Mac with PDF Expert.
  5. Re: Would anyone be interested in a Blue Chip pick shootout?

    Picks are great. I cannot play very well without one
  6. Re: more accurate clip on tuner than Snark?

    KORG or Peterson strobe the only two I have found to be accurate.
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    Re: What's the real difference?

    The higher end mandolins have the best woods in them, the finest quality hardware and often are higher end because they play significantly easier than a cheaper copy, with more response, amplitude...
  8. Re: Heads Up! LOUIE BLUE and more docs on TCM Mon Sept 07,2020

    Festival is good too, Newport back in the day with Dylan going electric and all kinds of old folk scare stuff.
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    Re: Which Budget Fingerstyle Guitar?

    There are some great guitars out there in the 000/OM sizes and 00 size that would be excellent for finger picking and won't break the bank. Look at Eastman, they have guitars starting at $300 on up...
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    Re: Pick depth

    I find a slight angle, tipped back, gives me more speed and accuracy and some thumpier tone.
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    Re: Pick depth

    We call his playing "fanning" the strings at our house. Yes he uses a lot of tremolo.
  12. Re: Getting better at Mandolin by Playing other Instruments

    My wife and I each play at least 5 instruments, and teach as well. This is all good to some point but there comes a time when the hours on each instrument are essential to get that just right touch...
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    Re: Narrowed it down to three

  14. Re: Dennis Vance receives double transplant

    Wishing Dennis a full recovery and a renewed life. There will be many challenges ahead but with the support of his family and the greater mandolin community he will be fine.
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    Re: Timing issues

    Their timing, their harmonies are all their own and people loved them.
  16. Re: Don Stiernberg Trio, "It Could Happen to You"

    Nice! Thanks.
  17. Re: Proper form for playing B major shape chords on mandolin

    If you are playing with a guitar, the mandolin can be the window dressing over what the guitar is playing so your combinations may be things you don't even consider to be a chord form, it could he a...
  18. Re: Sparse mando and guitar examples aka taste lessons

    Perhaps you are thinking of this sound? The Blue Sky Boys were minimalists with the vocals out front.
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    Re: Mystery Brand Mandolin

    Those Pacific rim mandos were lined up on tables and buyers picked lots and names were silk screened on them and they were ship to various distributors. Finding the exact factory would take a lot of...
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    Re: Old vs New Oval

    We have two Weber Oval holes from 2003 and 2009 in our house. They are great with a full, loud sound. That Pomeroy is a a winner too!
  21. Re: How to clean and polish Varnish on my New Pava Pro

    If you are dealing with a shellac or French polish I would think that a compound used for cleaning a violin would work. Use sparingly. Less is really more.
  22. Re: Body depth - Weber Road Dog & Red Rocks

    They mention this: "The deeper body profile, with a mahogany headblock, creates a warmer bass, blending a versatile bit of oval hole timbre in with the f-hole’s classic chop." Mahogany once again...
  23. Re: nice comparison of two NF Big Mons-englemann vs Red spruce to

    There is a sweetness to the Englemann but the cut is with the Red Spruce. Depends on what kind of music you are playing.
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    Re: Double Standard

    Perhaps it is daunting for some folks to even ask a question much less learn the mechanics of searching the forum and finding the answers they seek. Then there are some folks who are just lazy. When...
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    Re: Weber Custom Vintage

    I think the vintage A on TMS had a major finish blemish but it seems to have sold quickly.
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