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  1. Re: [off topic?] Fair demo musician cost?

    OK, but hiring side men or women -- "Sidepeople?" is pretty interesting.
    Especially if its reasonably priced. Who knows? Its an economy of some sort.
    Maybe best in Nashville, Austin, LA, Memphis...
  2. [off topic?] Fair demo musician cost?

    Hi everyone,
    I wasn't sure where to post this.
    Let's say I go the guitar or piano
    version of Mandolin Cafe and find a musician
    to create a rhythm track for a demo. A wav file
    sent to me,...
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    Re: Best Banjo joke I've heard in a while

    A man is in court contesting a parking ticket. The judge looks at him and says
    "Do I know you?" "Yes", says the man. "I've been teaching your daughter to play
    the banjo." The judge slams down his...
  4. Excellent video on chord tone improv.

    Its in Eb but the concepts are very clearly explained.
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    Re: Picking technique on electric mandolin?

    The ER-M instrument looks like a hollow body 8 string. That's a type of instrument
    I've never really played, preferring to play an acoustic 8 string with mostly mic and
    some piezo to reinforce the...
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    Re: Sierra Hull on Steven Colbert

    Country music is his thing and he's better than most IMO. Good songwriter too.
    Check out his High Top Mountain CD. This is my favorite bluegrass tune by a country star,
    though Dolly had a few good...
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    Re: How to remember tunes?

    Having a reference book with the first 2 or 3 bars of melody, in notation or tab, will help you remember them.
  8. Re: Home Recording Setup for Total Beginner?

    For recording software for a beginner, I would suggest Audacity.
    Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder
    for Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.
  9. Re: Is playing TABS detrimental to really learning?

    In my opinion...Learning to play by ear is much more musical than learning by notation or tabs. It means you can hum or sing the music and have memorized it. This a far more direct process than using...
  10. Re: Practicing the swing feel for Irish music

    I think the key is to slow recordings of music down to where you can play the rhythmic feel. Gradually increase it to whatever speed you like. Pick a few favorites and play along to get them as exact...
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    Re: 5 string in jazz combo question

    This may be true if the electric mandolin can phrase in the style, playing solos in a linear way. I don't think this is true playing chordal rhythm. IMO "tuned in 5ths" can be very "white bread"...
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    Re: Picking technique on electric mandolin?

    Definitely. I don't play above the 12th fret on my electric mandolins because it doesn't sound good through an amp. [Generally avoid the E string up there too.] With more frets, it pushes the pickup...
  13. Re: What do you do when you're Just. Not. Feeling it?

    Good advice too for people who don't play the fiddle ;^) You think mandolin is hard?
    Try this...
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    Re: Learning Song Variations?

    Create fills on half or whole notes. For example, play an eighth note on the melody
    note for "grace". Add 8th notes and 8th note rests so you fill the space naturally
    between "grace" and "how"....
  15. Re: Anyone trying to play Afropop styles on the mandolin?
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    Re: Still cant play a break!

    Does playing a break mean improvising or playing a melody with some variation from the
    tune? Both are valid, and you can always create your own variation. Try doing it for your
    favorite song. One...
  17. Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    Here are some international recordings:
    Carlo Aonzo and Katsumi Nagaoka - Kaze
    Giovanni Giovale -Mandolin & Banjo
    Júlio Pereira - O Meu Bandolim
    MandolinMan - Old Tunes, Dusted Down
    Radim Zenkl...
  18. Re: What do you do when you're Just. Not. Feeling it?

    Yes. Makes a lot of sense. Slow it down to where you have complete control over the notes and timing. Then gradually increase it to the speed where it sounds best.
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    Re: No motivation

    Careful. That could be a real mess.
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    Re: No motivation

    It sounds like you miss the social aspect of music. I think most people do, especially
    if they perform. Its a situation where you can only do part of the total experience. I've been working on...
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    Re: Recognize this one?

    The body shape looks like a bass guitar.
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    Re: Ever seen a glass Mando?

    Can I change my name here to Glassmando?
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    Re: Ever seen a glass Mando?

    So do I :whistling:
  24. Re: gig bag for Tiny Moore Bigsby style mando

    Run a Google search for the following:
    mini guitar gig bag
    Lots are available for about $25
    This looks interesting:...
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    Re: 3/4 of an octave mandolin

    I've heard mandolas or small zouks tuned that way at celtic jam sessions. Also It seems to be the top 4 strings of a Baritone octave
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