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  1. Thile Fingering for Bach's Corrente (B Minor Partita)

    Another week has flown by and another one of these is fresh off the press (and my press I mean my computer). This time around we have the Corrente from the B Minor Partita for Solo Violin.
  2. Thile's Fingering- Bach's B minor Partita, BWV 1002: II. Double

    Here's another installment to a masterclass in Thile's fingerings. Next up is the Partita No 1. in B Minor, BWV 1002: II. Double

    A couple things about this piece I found interesting:

    - His...
  3. Re: Chris Thile's fingerings for B minor Allemande (solo violin)

    Right on about Sibelius, we're in a love/hate relationship.

    There are a couple things I've learned specifically with this piece (and that show up throughout his thought process through all the...
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    Re: Practicing Bach during the lockdown

    I recorded the Siciliano from the G minor Partita for Solo Violin about this time last year! I've been hunkering down during my time off right now and learning the B minor Sonata in its entirety,...
  5. Chris Thile's fingerings for B minor Allemande (solo violin)

    Hey y'all,

    I am working on a project for Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin in which I work up fingerings for each piece along with explanations on why I chose these fingerings....
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    Re: Orange County, California


    I live in Studio City, moved into town about 3 months ago. I would love to start playing some more classical music on the mandolin! I know it is a bit far but we should meet up at some point.
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    Re: 'When Mandolins Dream' Notation and Tab

    Quick fix, in measure 23 the correct fingering is the 2nd finger for the first D note on the A string instead of using the first finger (silly little slip up when inputting numbers, argh)
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    'When Mandolins Dream' Notation and Tab

    Hey everybody! It has been a while since I last posted here but thought I would post a new transcription that I just got done with.

    Here is the video link I transcribed the fingerings from:

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    Bach: G Minor Sonata- Siciliano

    Hey y'all,

    Just posted a new video to my YouTube channel of this beautiful piece. I have been traveling quite a lot in the month of March and didn't have all of my equipment near me so the quality...
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    Bach's G Minor Fugue

    The next video in my monthly attempt at Bach pieces. Th G Minor Fugue! Picked a hard one for the shortest month, go figure :whistling:

    Thanks for watching!
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    Re: Cover of Bush/Thile Brilliancy

    I am playing my 2017 Nugget mandolin, been really loving it! Mike Kemnitzer builds some of my favorite mandolins (Joe Walsh’s A-style and one of Mike’s bench copy Loar comes to mind). One of the...
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    Cover of Bush/Thile Brilliancy

    Thought I would share one I just got done recording. I did a transcription of Sam and Chris' version (which is floating around on the Cafe) and wanted to try and get a video of it. Thank goodness the...
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    My take on Bach's G Minor Adagio

    Hello! I just posted a new video yesterday playing the Adagio from Bach's G Minor Sonata. I will be trying to post a video every month of a new Bach piece that I've been working on. Enjoy this...
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    Right Hand Mandolin Book in the making!

    Hello fellow mando pickers,

    I am in the process of writing a book on all things right hand. I don't feel like there is enough resources for the right hand world of mandolin picking and I wanted to...
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    Re: Brilliancy- Sam Bush and Chris Thile

    Went through the fingering for the B parts in Chris' harmony and changed the fingering, here is the updated PDF:

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    Brilliancy- Sam Bush and Chris Thile

    Got a new transcription finished this morning of 'Brilliancy' played at Merlefest in 2012 by Sam and Chris. I've always wanted to learn Chris's harmony part and now you can too! :mandosmiley:

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    Nugget Mandolin #310

    Hello everybody!

    Last year I pulled the trigger and ordered a Nugget mandolin from Mike Kemnitzer. I played Joe K. Walsh's Nugget and loved the responsiveness and general feel of the instrument...
  18. Stuart Duncan Transcription- Pretty Fair Maid in the Garden

    Another one for y'all, this time it is Stuart's tasty solo over 'Pretty Fair Maid in the Garden.' Not only do you get Stuart playing fiddle, you get Tim's singing.. Enjoy!


    Send me...
  19. Dominick Leslie- Watson's Blues Transcription

    Here's another transcription for a nice Saturday pickin' tune. I've always dug Dom's phrasing and rhythm in his playing and thought this would be a good song to look at those things. Plus, Watson's...
  20. Re: Chris Eldridge and Dominick Leslie - Watson's Blues

    Finally, after a couple years, I got around to transcribing Dom's intro and solo in this video. FINALLY! I should've done it sooner because there are some badass phrasing in this song by both of...
  21. Re: Learning to style of Jesse McReynolds: Nine Pound Hammer

    The cool thing about it is that it is just so unique. Cool to see him use a banjo-esque roll with his picking, giving him that syncopated sound. They are cooking on this video, he burns it up!
  22. Learning to style of Jesse McReynolds: Nine Pound Hammer

    For today's studies I found a badass video of Jim & Jesse playing Nine Pound Hammer. Jesse takes a mandolin break that slays to say the least. :cool: I figured I would transcribe it and figure out...
  23. Chris Thile Transcription (Temperance Reel)

    Hello everybody,

    I've been working on figuring out the dusty end of my fingerboard (high up there on the neck) and decided to start transcribing solos that involved shifting positions. It looks...
  24. The Page Turners- "The Blackbird Said"

    Just wanted to post a video of my group, The Page Turners, playing a new original!

    I just finished graduating from Berklee College of Music and am excited to start touring around more. We just...
  25. Re: The Baggs Venue - The Ultimate, Or Is Something Better?


    I own this unit and have used it for on stage performances and it works great! The tuner is quick and the boost is always nice to have in case you need a little more umph! It is built...
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