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  1. Re: Sunburst practice/test - What happened here?

    That's pretty much it. It's all practice, no matter how many instruments you build. Like John Denver said on one of the Circle Be Unbroken albums, when asked if this was the real take or a practice,...
  2. Re: Sunburst practice/test - What happened here?

    I was just about to post again and then John's post appeared. As usual, I agree with John. If there's compression going on from the machining process, sanding isn't going to make it go away. You...
  3. Re: Sunburst practice/test - What happened here?

    If there's any chance you can spray, it makes a lot of this kind of go away. I hand apply a yellow wash over the whole instrument. To build up a glow underneath. And I use alcohol based for a normal...
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    Re: Help with EQ'ing K&K mandolin pickup

    I have K&K's in 4 different instruments, including my main mandolin. I use their Pure XLR Preamp, and with the XLR output, I've been really pleased. I'm not real techy on the electronics and figured...
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    Re: intonation fix from string length

    Like Andrew, I can't believe the bridge is glued in place. I think with all strings off and a little help, that bridge will be free.
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    Re: Fret slot size ?

    That's perfect.
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    Re: Lacquer to varnish?

    Catalyzed finish. They are very durable. They also tend to be pretty brittle compared to instrument lacquers and varnishes. Instrument lacquer, such as available from Mohawk, have plasticizers (sp?)...
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    Re: Tailpiece pressing on top - effect?

    Your description, especially including the sinking under the fingerboard, is sometimes an indication that the top is underbuilt. In such cases, bulging of the top in front of the tailpiece is not...
  9. Re: Installing a K&K internal with a James tailpiece

    Plus one (10) on the step drill. Hard to justify for just one install, but it's cheaper than repairing the potential disaster and near heart attack frame of mind using a regular drill bit. Get a step...
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    Re: bridge taper

    If you mean the tapered down height of the bridge/base, it's structural. It's a dance between the force of the downward pressure of the strings, the dynamics of the top structure (carved or flat top...
  11. Re: Just to put myself on notice for some accountability...

    Good for you. You haven't said what kind of music you want to play. But here's a couple ideas.
    Get your mandolin set up so it's easy on your left hand.
    Learn a pretty fiddle tune in D. Everything...
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    Re: lacquer problem

    While I'm rattling on, I don't use Cardinal lacquer. I use Mohawk. But I've never liked using shellac under nitro. I don't know who told me, but somebody said to use vinyl sealer. That's all I use on...
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    Re: lacquer problem

    I haven't paid close enough attention to give any advice about the OP's problem. But I can say this. The problem around the f holes is wet sanding without sealing the end grain. The wood swells from...
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    Re: Michael A Lewis Mandolins

    My best to you, Michael. Like John said, it's good to hear from you.
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    Re: This must be a joke

    The top has cracks. It's more like the cracks have part of a top.
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    Re: National Mandolin Champion 2019 !

    Bernie- I know him. He's a great guy. He and his wife are managing AxInHand here in DeKalb. The last I knew (recently), their daughter is coming along well.
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    Re: Binding laminate

    Nick- sorry I didn't reply. I wasn't paying attention. This stuff should work. I haven't used much ABS binding. I'm not a big fan of the look but that's just me....
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    Re: Cords on the ground

    I don't know what all you're dealing with but a couple friends and I recently have gotten the Xvive cordless things. Bluetooth. rechargeable. about a 70 foot range. Something like a 5 millisecond...
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    Re: tailpiece cave-in

    At the risk of too much humor here, think about the construction as follows. Neck- stiff rod. Sides- stiff perimeters. Top and back- variably thick balloons. Strings- lot of force trying to buckle...
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    Re: Binding laminate

    As to the binding: StewMac doesn't sell celluloid binding. I think most of what they sell is ABS. Call them and ask. Acetone isn't going to bond that material going through their jig. That's made for...
  21. Re: Best general purpose paint sprayer also for mandolin finishes

    I spray HVLP only. Have for about 30 years at least. If you're going to go that route, which I recommend, you're going to need a pretty heavy duty compressor with a large tank because the process...
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    Re: Top 5 Sam Bush tracks

    Another vote here for Bela Fleck's Bluegrass Sessions. And perhaps even more so for Bela's album "Drive". That is one album that I'd take to an island.
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    Re: IV A Style Kit Binding Channel

    Not to be contrary, but it looks to me, based on that photo, that the section in the middle is actually too shallow. You could probably lower that ledge carefully with an Xacto blade. Draw a straight...
  24. Re: Need suggestion on removing bad finish from a build.

    Never mind my last post. I just read your post on the other thread. I've used Mohawk Instrument Lacquer for years. The "too much plasticizer" would act like that.
    I'd scrape as much off as possible...
  25. Re: Need suggestion on removing bad finish from a build.

    Is this nitro? Were the first 7 coats dry before you sprayed on another coat?
    What's the brand of finish? This sounds really odd.
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