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    Free Mandolin Lesson: Gold Rush

    Back with a free mandolin lesson on the standard Gold Rush. Hope this can help someone out.
  2. Here is a free mandolin lesson designed to help construct solos

    Back with my free lessons for those looking to improve technique and knowledge. As I reflect on my time learning the instrument, I discovered that this was the most vital foundation of my playing,...
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    Free mando lessons on YouTube

    Hi Folks,
    With all of this quarantine business going on, and having extra time on my hands, I have started putting up a free mandolin and guitar lesson each week, mixed in with a few reviews here...
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    Re: Still cant play a break!

    Hey Matt, remember, if you can sing it or whistle it, you can find the notes on the mando. As a kid long ago when I started out, that’s how I began putting together solos. Also, YouTube is a great...
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    Re: Tailpiece broke

    Everything covered here, in a great post! As was stated, in the Eastmans I have seen in the past, the screw holes were not the same as a traditional tale piece, Alan or others, so contacting them...
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    Re: D'addario strings (Consistent breakage)

    Well, Iím late to the discussion, and have read most of it, and saw where things went severely off trackÖ As for the OPís observations, I have had this problem during the last 10 years on both J75...
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    Re: What's your favorite mandolin resources?

    Well, there have been some great resources sighted here, and a lot depends upon finding the method and teaching style which works best for you. I will put my hat in the ring also, as if it is free...
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    The mandolins of Butch Click

    Iím all for beating the drum when I play something thatís worth sharing. So thatís what Iím gonna do, beat the drum for a little while.

    In October of last year another Cafť member was selling a...
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    Re: Thining my finsh on my LM600

    I thinned the finish on an LM500 with pretty good results. When it came time to sell it my buffing was disclosed. This wasn't a black top instrument, and I'm wondering if there's some difference...
  10. Re: Got MAS? - Stay Away From The Classifieds; It's Rockin Right

    What about all of the Kentucky KM900's KM950's and KM1000's? I keep meaning to count them up. A lot are posted right now.
  11. Re: Help out a new builder (little mandolin;lots of building)

    Okay, to address the topic.

    John over at
    A good guy to deal with, honest with high quality stuff. I have never bought a kit from him, (only a mold) but I have seen...
  12. Re: Black / dark finishes and wood quality / beauty

    The thing that amazes me is how few builders are in favor of a black top. The last 3 custom builds I have been a part of the builder just flat out didn't want to do a black top. I think in that...
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    Re: Some things irritating in the classified

    Yep, I'm all to familiar with the repeat offenders who ask for a zillion pics... What got me when I sold my Northfield was when I set up a Photobucket account thinking I would bypass the need for...
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    Re: Oh Brother . . .

    If you ask me that film set Bluegrass back in some ways. Just IMO... That film was a fad, and now it seems like Bluegrass is suffering more than it was in the 90s. The proverbial balls aren't...
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    Re: Musician's Friend, the Joke.

    My local GC wanted to sell me a set of strings for $16 which were $13 if ordered through their site on the net... That was also the visit when I almost argued with some hot-shot salesman who was...
  16. Re: Changing my tailpiece....anything I'm missing?

    Oh, and 11: Don't remove masking tape until you have the strings almost to tension.
  17. Re: Changing my tailpiece....anything I'm missing?

    Okay, unlike some, I have read your post, and my thoughts may not be worth much but here goes.

    1: Mark the bridge placement as you have planned with masking tape.

    2: Put a piece of tape on 1...
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    Re: String spacing Nut vs. bridge

    It seems like a lot of mandolins have a little more narrow spacing at the nut than the bridge, ant this has become my preference. I have become so fussy, that I intend on measuring spacing, and...
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    Re: Northfield mandolins

    I have never played a Northfield that has the low end of a Silverangel. I have owned both, and played many from each maker. Not taking anything away from Northfield here or the low end they have,...
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    Re: Repeatedly broken E string

    I have seen this problem on the Loar mandolins before, and it was also on the E string. As far as the string breaking at the tuner, one thing you can do next time you restring it is to keep the end...
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    Re: Woody Sound in Intermediate Range

    I have no dog in the fight, but can tell you that Silverangel mandolins have more of a big bottom end than most any other F hole mandolin that I have ever played. If you also want a darker treble,...
  22. Re: Shouldn't all of these "bluegrass" threads be elsewhere?

    Good question, but lots of threads are often posted in the wrong category. How many times do you see a "What mandolin should I buy" thread in general mandolin discussions? As I look through the...
  23. Re: I told you so! Jackson is after those IBMA awards!

    You're completely wrong about one part of your statement. He won't have to go after the IBMA awards, they are already creaming to give them to him. He don't have to do any touring, he'll get them...
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    Re: About those IBMA awards

    Nope... You were on target the first time so don't worry. An example of the IBMA is that they still have dead people in the final nomination categories. Also, Darrell Webb is currently recording...
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    Re: About those IBMA awards

    This is a subject which has been debated and complained about for years. The mandolin category is one of the better ones. In other categories an awarded is shared between even fewer people. Also...
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