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  1. Thread: What is Groove?

    by Paahto

    Re: What is Groove?

    I haven't read the entire thread so forgive me if I'm repeating someone's sentiment. My explanation of groove is thus:

    Whilst "time", "rhythm", and "beat" are definable, quantifiable terms,...
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    Re: Wooden Irish Flute

    My two cents:

    A wooden flute gives significantly more scope for playing in every style of Irish music you would want. A radcliffe or Boehm doesn't. Yes Carty and Taylor played good stuff on the...
  3. Re: New Celtic music podcast: "Music at the Crossroads"

    Excellent idea Jill. Keep your ears peeled ;-)

    And I'm thrilled to hear you're enjoying the show. Knowing that there's appreciative listeners makes it so worth it and makes me strive to provide a...
  4. New Celtic music podcast: "Music at the Crossroads"

    Hi all,

    I started a new Celtic music (mostly Irish) podcast last month. I do a live show on Dublin South FM every Tuesday evening at 6pm GMT. The podcasts go up on MixCloud a day or two after.
  5. Re: What's going on stateside between 26th Sept & early Novemeber

    Great Charlie. Thanks a million for that information. I'll certainly use it when I get to the city.
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    Practice video: Soldier's Joy

    Hi all,

    First upload. Learning bluegrass since December. Please advise me on areas needing improvement. My breaks have a long way to go I know.

    I'm linking to YouTube. Is that the handiest way...
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    Tony Rice All-Star [video - 1 hour long]

    Maybe I'm late to the party. Maybe not. Great viewing for any bluegrass fans and, for those interest in specifically mandolin, plenty of Sam Bush and...
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