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    Re: A-type oval hole mandolin for $500?

    Would recommend either the Kentucky models mentioned, or, if you can find one, an Eastman 304. The Eastman gets closer to the old Gibson oval hole vibe. The Kentucky is just a good sounding mandolin....
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    Re: Some very fine Nancy Blake mandolin

    Her playing has always fascinated me. A beautiful blend of ability and taste. And yes, Natasha's Waltz is one of my most listened to CDs. As well as the Norman and Nancy Blake Compact Disc with has...
  3. Re: Northfield's Calhoun Mandolin Feature Video

    Northfield is located in Marshall, MI, which is in Calhoun county. (Had to look that one up again). (Pre-edit: Was going to say something more, but am not going to get political.)
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    Re: Northfield F5S On the Way

    Too bad about the Collings. Have had guitars over the years where that has happened and have had to move on from them. But you did get a good replacement. Was seriously contemplating getting a...
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    Re: old Flatiron, old guy, some thoughts

    Am late to this, but get it cleaned up, maybe replace the nut (can't remember if those are corian or bone). And play it before deciding. Now, when I got my Collings did compare it to a Flatiron...
  6. Re: Something I'll remember for the rest of my life

    The reason I stopped playing bass was my teacher threw a fit and not only said he would prevent me from ever getting into any professional orchestra, but he would make it his duty to make sure I was...
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    Re: The virus, the economy, mandolins and you

    Sorry I'm late to this. Was staying low for a few days. Both my wife and I are fortunate enough to still have jobs. She has to be in one to three days a week. I'm probably going to be close to full...
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    Re: Informal Poll

    And like some others have said, one in that price range would still have to outperform all my other mandolins.

    Plus, and been this way since switching to acoustic guitar 20+ years ago, would...
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    Re: GIROUARD F4 Delivered Today !!!

    Very cool. Every once in a while I think about getting an F4. Maybe will do it sometime down the road. Hopefully you can post a video playing it in the near future.
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    Re: My New (Old) KM-1500

    Very nice. Played one at a festival recently. Extremely fine instrument. May you get many years of joy playing thatone.
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    Re: Informal Poll

    Yes, but the dream instrument is less than that, Lloyd LaPlant. Probably also the only way I'd own an F style.

    Having said that, am satisfied with what I have and while wishing for something else,...
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    Re: Pick (nerd) journeys

    Good point.
    Mandolins - 1989 Flatiron Performer A, 2018 Collings MT, 1935 Gibson A-50 (there are others, but those are the main three)
    Music played - Nordic folk focusing on Finnish, but also...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Norman Blake

    Another one who considers him a hero. His flatpick guitar style was a serious influence on my guitar playing. As was his mandolin playing.

    But to me his biggest influence was and is his rhythm...
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    Re: Pick (nerd) journeys

    Okay my turn. About 25 years ago as a guitar player went from celluloid heavy to Clayton white 1.0. From there went to Clayton gold (better sound, but I would wear through one in a loud old-time jam...
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    Re: Pick (nerd) journeys

    Ha! I've got a stone pick someplace. It's the worst thing I've tried. Even polished it sounds scratchy. Guess it was designed for electric guitar. But I've never been able to get it to work on...
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    Re: Happy 75th Birthday Today, David Grisman!

    Happy birthday Dawg!
  17. Re: I want to hear more about the story behind this one...

    Imagine the description Stan Jay could have written if he had sold it a decade plus later.
  18. Re: String suggestion for Flatiron Performer/Festival series

    Thanks so far. And please keep the ideas coming. Have got a lot of different strings here at home. Was swapping quite a bit on my Collings but have settled down to the LaBella's for now. And was...
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    Re: When You First . . .

    Not easy. Early on for this time, it's Ralph Tuttila (given since I was/am playing with him), Bob Douglas, Peter Ostroushko.

    When I first tried mandolin about a decade ago, it would have been...
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    Re: Conference Call Jam Session !!

    We used Zoom for a Finnish sing a week ago. Seemed to work best if other folks were muted and only the leader sang. And with my singing skills, that's a blessing.

    Am going to try Skype to get...
  21. Re: Stressful Times: Bringing New 'E' Up To Tune!

    Don't usually have a problem with it, but still say a little something. Did have a couple of times where the E broke. And other where it just unwound from the loop.

    Pretty sure am that way because...
  22. String suggestion for Flatiron Performer/Festival series

    So, the new (to me) 1989 Performer A currently has EJ74. Good, good, basic string that works. At some point when these wear out will try the D'Addario flatwounds. And if that works, maybe my...
  23. Re: Metronome Android app recommendations, please

    Oh, and just discovered this morning, the Soundbrenner will also let you change the emphasis on different beats. So can quickly create a polska rhythm on it.
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    Re: Changing strings--winding and leaving?

    I use a manual winder. Find it works better. Otherwise, am like most others, although I do like to pull the A and E string through the hole, wrap it counterclockwise around the post and bring it up...
  25. Re: Anybody Familiar with the newer Kentucky KM-855 artist mandol

    I played one locally at a store. They employees there were saying I had to try it as it was so good. It was. Didn't end up buying it, but was tempted. This one sounded good enough that many folks...
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