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    Re: 1939 F5's and the archive

    In my F5 Journal I have: EA5190; EA5191; EA5192;EA5790 as F5s and EA5248, an H5 Electric made for Dave Apollon.
  2. Thread: 75 Gibson F-5

    by f5loar

    Re: 75 Gibson F-5

    The 70's F5 used a quick dry varnish. The cremona shading was all over the place in terms of color from amber orange to amber yellow sunburst.
  3. Re: Sirius Radio Replaced Bluegrass station 62 with 24/7 Dolly Pa

    Like the McRib, it's back! Bluegrass fans can now breathe easy again as they listen to their mostly not bluegrass 24/7 again. I listened to some of the Dolly. At least she broke it up and had some...
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    Re: Country Music Special on PBS

    That's Ricky's old RSDMM that he had transformed in to a Monroe look-alike by David Harvey at Gibson. No chance Ricky will be able to carry Monroe's million dollar Loar outside the CMHF where it...
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    Re: Aluminum saddle on vintage Gibson ovals

    yeap, ole Dave hoarded those Alum. bridges and usually kept them on his top two F5s. Like Monroe, Apollon got his tone from his right hand technique. He stood up with no strap and could be heard...
  6. Re: 1924 Gibson Mandolin Production Estimate - By Model

    Any pre war F5 serials should be given to Darryl Wolfe at F5 Journal to put them in the register. I've always said, it's better it is in the archives with photos then not, should it be stolen. A...
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    Re: Fretboard Journal still active?

    The article on the restoration of the first F5 Loar was super. Enjoy each issue, but usually only buy when there is mandolin content I am interested in.
  8. Re: Sirius Radio Replaced Bluegrass station 62 with 24/7 Dolly Pa

    This was a really poor choice by SirrusXM to do this to their only Bluegrass channel. It's been blowing up on Facebook, with many saying they will cancel. Now we all love Dolly. Heck, she even...
  9. Re: Gibson Ricky Skaggs Distressed Master Model - My New Mandolin

    Us DMM or RSDMM owners are few. I like this one a lot. It's got the tit on the T logo, reverse binding and one piece back of highly figured maple. I've found the thin neck to be like those of the...
  10. Re: 1924 Gibson Mandolin Production Estimate - By Model

    So with 270 F5 estimate for signed Loars there are 250 found and listed in the F5Journal . That leaves 20 not found. Subtract 10 destroyed by acts of God, flood, fire etc. destroyed over domestic...
  11. Re: 1925 Gibson Mandolin Production Estimate - By Model

    No surprise to see no F5s made in 1925 with plenty to pull from on the left over 1924s. Surprised to see the F2 so low.
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    Re: Gibson Year Date

    There is a big difference in the Gibson Fs of the 60's and 70's on both the F5 and the F12. Until you know which decade you are looking at, it's really hard to speculate anymore information than you...
  13. Re: How Many Loar Era A style mandolins were made of each kind?

    Even at 200 A1s for 1923, when you calculate the survivors , I'm guessing only 150 left. They don't come up for sale that often. I would think $1600 for an all original and plays great is a great...
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    Re: 1923 A4 Gibson Value

    Sounds half price to me. There are 2 snake A4s on the cafe now for $6500 each. I sure would have bought it if I knew about it.
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    Re: DR MD-11 mandolin strings

    That's what I've been doing for some 30 years. I try the newest thing out there and then go back to the GHS 270. I have not tried the DR11 but if they are coated, I"m not interested.
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    Re: Marty Stuart's ex-Loar?

    If I remember, Marty had this way back in the late 80's and sold it later to raise money to buy his "collection" of Country "stuff" to put into his new 30 million dollar museum in MS. Marty has...
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    Sticky: Re: Loar Picture of the Day

    Sounds like you got the "golden ticket" to get past the door into the world of Banjothon/LoarFest. I'd say most of your questions can be answered there by the several experts that usually are there....
  18. Re: Did you catch the Ken Burns Country Music series opening?

    The final episode did give us more Monroe. Overall it did have more Monroe than I expected. I'd say Marty, Vince and Ricky made sure that it would. Too much Cash? Sure did and they should have...
  19. Re: The Guitars (and Mandolins) of Ken Burns' Country Music

    The left with the mid 20's A model Gibson is Zeke Morris from Black Mountain, NC. On the right with the 30's Martin 2-15 is Bill Calhoun who also sang the tenor and played a tenor guitar. Charlie...
  20. Re: Did you catch the Ken Burns Country Music series opening?

    Yes, I noticed Mike Seeger's mid 50's Gibson F5. Shown in part 5, in part 6 you get to hear it. My take on the 8 part series (1:50 mins each so not quite 2 hours, but the DVD set will have extra...
  21. Re: How do you test the qualities you're looking for in a Mandoli

    The true test is when you pick it in a band. That's when you know it will do what you need it to do. Sitting down by yourself won't get it. Having someone else play it in front you helps, but not...
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    Re: Curly Seckler and the mandolin? What gives?

    Curly's prewar F2 suffered like many of a prewar that got shipped back to the factory for repairs after the war and got new parts on it! I'd say in his case the neck was busted and it got a new...
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    Re: Valuing a Gibson by Dr Lori

    She needs to have her appraiser certification revoked and needs to go back to selling used cars.
  24. Re: F5's from $3000-5000 worth considering - Sept '19

    you really narrow the field with varnish only. Go lacquer and you got more choices. Used Gibsons in the $5K are out there. And don't overlook the F5G, all the sound with decent bling. At 5K and...
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    Re: Gibson Shipping Ledger - November 29, 1951

    Makes that original '23 headstock overlay look like a steal at $37K.
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