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    Re: Eastman Mandola MDA315

    No experience with their mandolas, but their mandolins aren't known for quality problems like highly varying neck angles. Maybe find another one to compare, if you bought from TMS they could...
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    Re: About done upgrading my MD315

    I'm gonna go with bone nut for improved string spacing, CA bridge for improved sound, and taller frets for improved playability.

    Mandovoodoo could be worth considering too for more sound...
  3. Re: Vorson Electric Ukulele conversion question

    And some pickups have individually adjustable pole heights, allowing even more fine-tuning of string balance. :-)
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    Re: Mando Acquisition Syndrome and the Mandocello

    This website spreads MAS, so if you have any doubts whether you will get it, keep coming back. :-)

    I for one just went through a bought of electric MAS, I now own an e-mando, e-mandola, and e-OM...
  5. Re: Difference between a tenor guitar and a plectrum guitar

    Any chance of a really short scale one say 18 inches, could be strung and tuned as either a mandola or an OM. I find that melodic playing on anything longer than 18" I am starting to stretch...
  6. Re: how to get perfect compensation, tool perhaps?

    Yes, the plan is to have cumberland make one with the compensation obtained from the tuneomatic bridge.

    WRT scooped bridges, the recent reposted news article on string gauges goes into detail why...
  7. Re: how to get perfect compensation, tool perhaps?

    Sweet, here is my version, I didn't get the string spacing quite right, but that's less important than the compensation.


    The TC OM has only about 1/2" of height, so that's the raw bridge...
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    Re: Substitutes for ebony?

    Interesting article. I wonder if we have any manufacturers using densified wood? This is the first I've heard that term. At least I'll know what it is when somebody starts using it, sounds like it...
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    Re: OM String recommendations

    I put flatwounds on my TC OM. It made it sound a lot like a guitar, but still richer because of the chorus effect. I really liked that sound, so I would suggest at least try flats once.

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    Re: 3 hours of practice a day?

    I'm impressed Perlman can do what he does with 3 hrs/day. Thile says he practices 8 hrs/day. Concert pianists are known for 5 hrs or more per day too.

    When I was recently laid off I played about...
  11. Re: Small speakers revisited, and we have a new winner: Sony XB-2

    If you have a sub, and are willing to tune it for flat, it could be ok, the clarity is there. But I wouldn't normally mix into something like a Bose or a THR. They may sound great, but don't know...
  12. Small speakers revisited, and we have a new winner: Sony XB-20

    Tried Bose soundlink mini, Marshal MS-2, XS Hive 2, and lastly (out of desperation or dogged determination) a Sony XB-20.

    Here are the reviews so you guys don't have to spend money like I did:
  13. Thread: Noob. Hiya!

    by kurth83

    Re: Noob. Hiya!

    Entertaining post, welcome and enjoy. :-)
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    Re: Volume boost pedal question

    Yeah, Tonedexter is the easy button... If you like your acoustic tone, one and done. :-)
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    Re: Playing a five string vs a four

    Yeah this kinda agrees with what I was thinkin'. I just got an e-mandola to play with and if my tired old brain can deal with transposing everything a fifth (to avoid the tedium of editting lead...
  16. I can't do it, Mandola to OM, love the mandola sound

    Bought an Airline E-mandola, planning to convert to an OM, but I love it as an e-mandola.

    It will definitely get converted to a four string, but I can't bring myself to tune it down another...
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    Re: Volume boost pedal question

    It's this one (MXR M133 micro amp):

    Most ppl around here use the red-eye though.

    Looking again at your...
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    Playing a five string vs a four

    I have been thinking about a 5 string, but wondering about how hard they are to play.

    The simplicity of a 4 string was originally why I switched from guitar to mandolin. So far so good.

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    Re: Volume boost pedal question

    I'm a pickup guy too, for similar reasons.

    Your sound isn't the pedal, it's the EQ curve you have selected.
    The fundamental of a mandolin G string is 196 hz, the E is 659hz.
    Your EQ curve will...
  20. Re: String Tension: What It Means and How It Became Important

    This article on string balance is priceless, many thanks.

    Here is the key takeaway for mandolinists using traditional two-post bridges:

    "We learned that for mandolins and mandolas with two-post...
  21. Re: Third string out of tune below the fifth fret

    Show us a close-up pic of the saddle.

    I have an OM with the same problem, and the bridge wasn't made for a wound A string.
    And even with a PS A the compensation is still off for the strings I am...
  22. Re: Upgrade multi-pedal from Zoom to Helix HX Stomp

    Ok, I owe Zoom an apology here, I revisited it and found some of their reverb effects are just fine (there are so many, I think think just picked an odd one). I'm enjoying the Helix, but the Zoom...
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    Re: Another pick grip question

    I think we are talking about two different kinds of angles... :-)

    Not sure how to do this in words. With the pick vertical to the strings, I can rotate the pick and attack at an angle, speed...
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    Re: Another pick grip question

    I use the classical grip, and don't notice upstroke problems unless the pick isn't vertical wrt the strings. We use a 45 degree angle in classical for some stuff, and if you forget to switch back...
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    Re: I'm finally "getting it"!

    Congrats, mando has slowly been becoming my "main" over the years, not sure why exactly except perhaps because I have stuck with it and am getting good enough to enjoy playing it.. Similar to you, ...
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