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  1. Re: What causes blonde woods to darken as they age?

    Both. There is some oxidation that occurs (air exposure) and sunlight darkens all woods. For a test take a piece of freshly surfaced wood. Put a piece of opaque tape across the wood (perhaps two or...
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    Re: back bow when installing frets

    I am curious as to why you chose to size the slots at .020. This is the size if the Jescar tang without the barbs but add those in and it's more like .032 or even .033. Stew Mac sells a fret saw that...
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    Thomastic string gauge diameters?

    I'm sure this question has been asked before but I couldn't find it doing a search.

    Could someone please tell me (or direct me to) what the gauge diameters are for Thomastik mandolin strings in...
  4. Re: Gilchrist Model 5 - how long to get it to open up?

    a friend of mine who's owned many, many Gils swears by the fact that these mandolins need a year of playing before they start to open up and/or blossom and i'm sure he's right. that said, i feel that...
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    Re: 3x Fingerpicking Mandolin

    Well, true to a degree. But IMHO best to use the right tool for the job and get it right from the start. This is what I meant anyway... I've been through the fingerpicking stage myself many moons ago...
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    Re: Really Big Picks

    Okay, now someone has to build a mandolin family instrument with a longer scale and larger body than a mandocello. Clearly, with a pick like that, there is a crying need for an instrument to do it...
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    Re: Gibson distressing technique...

    Glue some steel wool or flexible sandpaper to your left hand, your belly, your right forearm, and your pick. Play aggressively for 4 hours.
  8. Re: Advice on powered mixer using condenser mics

    Plus 1on get rid of the monitors. When a band is stretched across a stage with multiple mics monitors may be needed especially in a noisy room. They are not needed when the band is gathered round one...
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    Re: Custom Fretless Mandolin Build

    Just the very, very short scale length it is not going to be forgiving.
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    Lightweight GBOM case

    Just recently I acquired a new GBOM. It came with a nice, not fancy, tweed hard case. I would like to find a lighter weight foam type case, not gig bag. The Travelite TL-60 is the one I've been...
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    Re: Fixable or fatal flaw?

    You and I apparently have a different concept of what a "scrap" is. If it is something I will finally admit is a scrap and decide to discard, it is something nobody will pay money for! The T-shirt...
  12. Re: How Many Of You Play Music Every Day????????????

    I just purchased my first mando. Have been playing acoustic guitar for over 40 years, now with the mando I easily average around 2 hours daily playing both. Music is a huge part of my life. Without...
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    Re: Surprise in my Gibson Mandolin Case

    I'll take a wild stab at it, based on my years working at a vintage guitar shop.....We sold a fair number of signature model guitars to the celebrity endorser, when they were on tour passing through...
  14. Re: Bassists may be far more important than people realize (artic

    Not a lot of room for even slight missteps on bass, it really shakes out the whole. It takes an awful lot of concentration with the relentless understanding that every aspect of every note envelope...
  15. Re: America's 'Most Wanted" Luthier Comes Out of Hiding

    I remember Rosa String Works was one of the few who offered mandolin kits.
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    Re: The Immersion Method--via YouTube!

    There is the video thread.
    Then, there is the Song-a-Week social group where Cafe members share one official weekly tune plus inofficial pieces of music, covering all genres.

    Enough of immersion...
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    Re: J-74 mandolin strings???

    After my first set of DR strings I quickly forgot all about D'Addario. I wouldn't care if D'Addario went down to $3 set. Well, that's not exactly true. If they went to $3 I would by a bunch to sell...
  18. Re: 1992 Gibson "F-5 Classic" at Elderly-what have we here?

    I live in MI and saw that too....I did a little research but couldnt find much...but i believe the idea was basically a blend of the old loar design, including virzi with some more modern...
  19. Thread: gretsch 9300

    by GKWilson

    Re: gretsch 9300

    If you go ahead with the Gretsch I would purchase it from Elderly.
    They are a Cafe' sponsor and well known for there business ethic.
    They also send out every instrument with a nice setup.
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    Re: Mexican instruments

    Thanks! I have heard of Paracho, unfortunately it is too far away from my itinerary. Hope to manage to find something on my path anyway, otherwise I will save the money to upgrade my mandolin ;)
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    Re: My first vintage instrument

    May be one of the cleanest F4's on the planet! Love the side wood just like that, way more interesting than a consistent solid flame, my Gil's sides are very similar. is pretty fantastic!
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    Re: Oval hole and F hole

    What Allen said and also f-holes tend to project sound forward toward the listeners (and away from the player) while oval holes tend to project sound toward the player as well. Conclusion; you will...
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    Breedlove with factory installed Schertler

    Is anyone familiar with the factory installed Schertler Dyn_M pickup Breedlove uses? Does it use a standard 1/4" patch cord? Does it require a preamp? Thanks!
  24. Re: What an incredible day! Unknown Loar Mandola found

    You mean 91st birthday, don't you? Loar wasn't signing any Gibson labels on 3/31/1925.
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    Re: Do you know the history of Gilchrist prices?

    Doesn't Ronnie McCoury have a Gil from the early 80's? That's one of the best sounding ones I've heard. So generally speaking you may be able to say that a certain maker gets better over time, but it...
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