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  1. Ceilidh Band in Lockdown (WARNING: non-mandolin content...)

    ...Those of a sensitive disposition, avert your eyes.
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    This is a website with some interesting uses and possibilities. It is also available as an app.
    The app has a built in metronome, too.

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    Re: ToneGuard Question

    Oh, come on!

    You mean like this?! Note the after-market sissy bar attached to a brand-new Harley-Davidson motorcycle.


    Actually, there are plenty of folks out there with new Harleys...
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    Back in action

    Hi all...

    I've had many - MANY! - years of inactivity online in virtually every sphere. The reasons? Well, the net. It just became too bickery, too troll-y, too uncivilised. At least the...
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    Cirotti Trio

    I'm back in my home state of NJ for a visit and I hooked up with on old band mate to play a few at the open mic at The Dublin Pub in Morristown. He told me to make sure I got there early so we could...
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    Re: Electric mandolin - a few questions...

    For what it's worth I use the same gauge stings on my electric (8 string) as I do on my acoustic but obviously in steel rather than PB.
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    Värttinä (Finland)

    Dec 6 is Finnish Independence Day. Here's some music from the Finns.

    Värttinä - Emotion
  8. Re: Winter's Tale 5 - free sheet music for mandolin trios

    Dear Mandolin friends,

    Gary, thank you very much for posting the links to the earlier books.

    I understand that some computers can't access the music this way, so I have put all 5 books in a...
  9. Winter's Tale 5 - free sheet music for mandolin trios

    Dear Mandolin Friends,

    Here is my fifth folio of free mandolin trio arrangements for winter. I included 6 carols this year, all of them beautiful and most not well-known. All but two are new...
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    Re: Ellis Archive - We need your help!

    Hi Scott, I play F5 Special #380, completed in early September 2016. This mandolin was the first place prize at the 2016 National Mandolin Championship at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS....
  11. Carnatic Mandolin- World Classical- The Sunshine Orchestra

    Hi All,
    I have been a very inactive member on this wonderful forum. I mean to fix that ;)
    I would like to share the most epic production I have done till date. Certainly, many similar concepts have...
  12. FREE ebook: Learning Mandolin: a Genre-Hopping Approach


    So, I'm giving away my first (slightly abridged) mandolin ebook on my website.

    It's mostly aimed at beginners but covers a number of different genres, ideas and techniques to keep things...
  13. New collection of original mandolin tunes, free download

    I've just published my new tunebook, May Frost: 64 Original Mandolin Tunes (with harmony parts and guitar chords) and it's available as a free download from my Mandotopia site.

    Here's the link:...
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    Re: What mando chords are these?

    The chart uploaded in my last post didn't give the actual names of the notes for the diminished and augmented intervals, so here's a revised image.


    Additional: In my understanding, a...
  15. Thread: Amusing story

    by Br1ck

    Amusing story

    About two years ago, a young Afghani family bought the house next door. Haven't really had much contact with them as I have shrubs growing clear to the street. Figured they just wanted to keep to...
  16. Re: Chart showing notes, ranges of multiple instruments

    Here's one I found years ago, with color coding that helps distinguish between different instruments:

    Use the password shown on the page to download...
  17. Re: Chart showing notes, ranges of multiple instruments

    Nice work and an interesting exercise. Here's another view of instruments and their ranges and overlaps - 167857

    I was surprised to see that the piano has the greatest range of all instruments.
  18. Chart showing notes, ranges of multiple instruments

    (Reposting from mandola thread) This printer-friendly, 1-page PDF chart shows the ranges and C-scale notes of common instruments including mandolin, guitar, bass, ukulele, tenor banjos and tenor...
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    Re: Soloing, breaks and improvisations

    For those like me who didn't immediately know what "neighbor tones" were, I Googled it and found this helpful resource on Open Music Theory entitled "Embellishing Tones".
  20. Re: The great 440 Hz conspiracy, and why all of our music is wron

    This is more of that A440 is Nazi evil BS that has been posted on music forums for some years now.

    I have posted on many forums refuting these bogus claims about pitch.

    No pitch is cosmically...
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    They’ve Still Got It

    Yes, I understand. This is not everybody’s cup of tea, but….

    My coming of age in music was wrapped up in Buffalo Springfield, Poco, The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, the Grateful Dead, John...
  22. New Celtic music podcast: "Music at the Crossroads"

    Hi all,

    I started a new Celtic music (mostly Irish) podcast last month. I do a live show on Dublin South FM every Tuesday evening at 6pm GMT. The podcasts go up on MixCloud a day or two after.
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    Re: Free Halloween Sheet music for contra dance

    Dear Mandolinistas,

    Here is my new free collection of 13 tunes for Halloween. Each tune is arranged for mandolin trio (melody, descant, and harmony) with guitar chords. The titles are:
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    Music-writing & tab-writing tutorial & INDEX

    New index for updated 2017 MuseScore 2 tutorial, all of the following is covered in one 22 minute video. :disbelief: :grin: Video is designed to be readable even on small screens such as phones. The...
  25. Saint Patrick's An Dro - Breton Tune played on an OM

    After a couple of months I have taken my OM back in my hands and tried to arrange two An Dros from France. The fingers are still a bit stiff. Hope you like it anyway :-)...
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