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  1. Re: How to approach practicing and improvement?

    Highest priority for me would be to learn how to play the simple melody of any vocal tunes you like. This builds your intuition. Like being able to “sing” with the mandolin. Also, focus on concepts...
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    Re: Why do people only sell the great ones?

    I had to sell an F5 custom built by Tyler White, and I miss it virtually every day. Sold it because I had a chance to buy something that was a better fit for me, and while I’m glad I did, if I had...
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    Re: How Chris Thile spends his sunday

    I really enjoy hearing about the greats, in any field, dealing with normal life stuff. Granted, Chris is living a charmed life of his own, but balancing family and career, making time for loved ones,...
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    Re: Revisiting: The Mandolin: A History

    Agreed. For a slightly lighter read - more of an overview - I would also recommend everyone check out Walter Carter’s “Mandolin in America” (UES, Walter Carter from Carter Vintage.) Outstanding...
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    Re: My new Apitius build

    Congrats! Apitius is the best instrument I’ve ever owned! Oliver is fantastic to work with, and it will be worth every bit of the wait!!!
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    Re: Anyone taking online lessons?

    Hey - Here’s Emory’s site:
    There’s info about his lessons on there. Find a way to make the commitment, and start working on it. Results will come.
    Note: Emory doesn’t...
  7. Re: Recent visit to Carters, and also to Tyler White’s shop

    Man, it’s so great to hear the stories about Tyler White. I’m a former owner of #12....traded it in for the Apitius Vanguard, and while I can’t say that I’m disappointed with the decision (the...
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    Re: Anyone taking online lessons?

    Good point, bigskygirl. I’m also a long time student of Emory’s, and I can say that it’s been an amazing experience. Emory customizes his approach based on the student’s particular learning style,...
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    Re: What's In Your Mind

    Short answer is to play and play and play.....eventually this all becomes guided by intuitive flow. Maybe you’ll have a split second thought here or there about a certain lick you want to throw in,...
  10. Re: Controlling Tone on Weber F Body Octave

    Good info from I work with it the intonation becomes increasingly unconscious. I can’t recall the scale of the instrument...but I know it’s considered Weber’s “standard” size. I’m...
  11. Controlling Tone on Weber F Body Octave

    Hey All -

    Been doing a lot of work lately with a Weber F-Body Octave (Diamondback) and I’m working through getting in control of the normal things that seem to be fairly typical for players like...
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    Re: Prettiest Peghead Inlays Ever

    I’ll have to agree with the Apitius comments (nice work, Oliver!!) Naturally, I’m partial to the Apitius Vine that Oliver did for me. Best mandolin I’ve ever played (and I just spent two days at...
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    Re: Apitius Mandolins

    Hey Spud -
    Nice choice - I recently had a Custom Vanguard built and I am absolutely amazed by Oliver’s work - the mandolin is maturing at a rapid rate, and is easily the best mandolin I’ve ever...
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    Re: Bluegrass in Memphis

    Great to know - I’m in Memphis a couple times a year, so I’ll be sure to check this out!!
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    Re: Shout out to Northfield Mandolins

    I had an almost identical experience, and was truly impressed with the patience the staff had with my unscheduled visit. Even took time to play the instruments that I had brought with me to compare....
  16. Re: Name This Tune By Benedict and Scroggins

    With due respect to my colleagues, the award goes to Mr. Mandolin Cafe. The tune is most definitely Billy in the Lowground. THANK YOU!!!
  17. Name This Tune By Benedict and Scroggins

    Heard it at least a thousand times, couldn’t tell you the name of my life depended on it. Anyone?
  18. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    Amen! This type of nasty corporate behavior is doing far more to complete the destruction of the Gibson brand than anything the competition could ever do. As far as I can imagine, it would be a...
  19. Re: New Apitius Club Jazz Mandolin acquisition…

    One way to know what they sound like - listen to any mandolin recording by Dan Tyminski and any recent work by David Benedict. They’re both die hard supporters. There are also a number of recording...
  20. Re: New Apitius Club Jazz Mandolin acquisition…

    Hey, I believe we are shop brothers! Oliver sent me pics of my custom Vanguard F5, and yours was in the background....that inlay is awesome, unmistakeable. Attached some pics. Couldn’t agree more re...
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    Bluegrass in Memphis

    Hey All -

    I’m headed to Memphis in a couple months (May) and would really love to know what the scene is like down there. I’ll have my mando with me.... Anyone know of any jams? Thank you!!
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    Re: Wait for it...

    YES!!! That totally made my day!! Thanks!!
  23. Re: Sierra Hull Deep River Blues tribute to Doc

    I absolutely loved this video, which I discovered myself a few days ago in Facebook. Really got me excited about tenor guitar. Here’s my question: where would I even begin to learn how to play...
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    Re: Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper

    Mike has perfect pitch - he can tell you what note you’re playing, fretted or not, on any instrument (even non bluegrass, non strung.) So that’s why it’s easier for him to just jump in than to mess...
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    Re: How do you get better at the mandolin?

    This is SO important. David Grisman told me exactly the same thing on two occasions about being structured with your practice time.
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