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    Re: Carter Vintage Guitars on GibsonTV

    To quote the interviewer, starting around 4:35: "how is it that these, like tiny, tiny things cost so much? What IS it about the mandolin?"

  2. Article: New Music from Scroggins & Rose - Curios

    You can view the page at
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    Carter Vintage Guitars on GibsonTV

    Really enjoyed this. And... wait for it... wait...
  4. Re: Lost or Stolen: Reward For Stolen Fender Custom Shop Strat

    In touch with the store that sold this. Anyone that is a retailer or dealing with credit cards should know there appears to be a very active theft ring using Florida addresses and phones at the...
  5. One of the remarkable lost Scott Wright projects...

    One of the remarkable lost Scott Wright projects that came to light with many others and published this date 2017.
  6. Noting today's anniversary of this interview with...

    Noting today's anniversary of this interview with Lauren from this date 2017.
  7. Re: String Tension: What It Means and How It Became Important

    Noting the anniversary of the publication of this article.
  8. Article: With an All-Star Lineup, Nate Lee Flies High on Wings of

    You can view the page at
  9. Out of solidarity we will observe Blackout Tuesday

    Since inception this site has attempted to serve as an oasis, a respite from the rest of the world, a place to relax, let down and get away from a lot of complicated news, hot button topics, and many...
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    Re: The Best of times; the worst of times.

    Godspeed, Phil.
  11. New Joe Campanella F-5 at The Music Emporium

    This appeared on The Music Emporium's social media yesterday. Anyone looking for one of these, they don't appear often and usually are not in stock long. I think his work is some of the most...
  12. Re: Article: Old School Bluegrass Camp 2020 Announced

    From their Facebook page:

    From our Camp Director Jenny Whiteley - I'm disappointed to announce that we will be postponing our Sixth OSBC until 2021. I wanted to be optimistic, but there's no...
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    Re: Monteleone F on classifieds

    Not at liberty nor our intent to discuss who bought it but the ad is likely in Google's cache so I can spill the beans that it was offered at and I assume sold for the $7K asking price. Picture...
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    Re: Waterloo Mandolin Released

    Was chatting with one of my contacts at Collings today and inquired about a blond Waterloo Mandolin. Here's the response which was previously alluded to:

    The only one built in blonde to date was...
  15. Rosanne Cash - I Will Miss What I Wanted to Lose

    Wonderful article worth your time:

    I Will Miss What I Wanted to Lose - I didn’t fully appreciate what life on the road gave me until suddenly it was gone, by Rosanne Cash.

    Everyone will have...
  16. Re: Article: As Lady Moon, SHEL's Eva Holbrook is Exploring New A

    Full recording of Eva's version of "Tuscany" from the Cafe MP3 page. We put a one-minute snippet of it on social media this morning.
  17. Article: As Lady Moon, SHEL's Eva Holbrook is Exploring New Avenu

    You can view the page at
  18. Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    Data from the past 30 days of our Google Analytics: they don't even list visitors under 18, and I know we have those numbers here, 42.16% of our visitors are age 45 or younger. Might make 45% with...
  19. Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    Some truth, but plenty myth in my opinion. To really get a feel for any resource you'd have to identify everyone not using a name by their gender identity. Even that wouldn't identify a gender...
  20. Re: Article: John Reischman Returns to Lead 2nd Annual Roots and

    This camp is moving their dates to June 25-28 and putting a stricter limit on attendees. John Reischman will not be in attendance as advertised, possibly due to restricted travel between Canada and...
  21. Article: California Bluegrass Association Announces Turn Your Rad

    You can view the page at
  22. Caterina Lichtenberg Facebook Event this afternoon/evening

    Of interest:

    This is happening live on the Artistworks Facebook page today. On their page it's described as: "Classical music performances and discussion about how to teach music in universities...
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    Re: Rich DelGrosso Intervew

    Noting the anniversary of this interview with a very fine musician.
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    Re: Northfield is simply nailing it lately

    Northfield is not an Asian import company. It is not a business entity that solely purchases items from an external country and separate business entity and then resells in the U.S. for profit. The...
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    Re: Classical Mandolin

    The individual that created the blog removed it after the initial posting was made by the forum software.
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