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  1. Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    there's another disparity at play -- the number of people who answer questions, give advice, post questions or other media may simply skew to a personality type that may or may not be gender related....
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    Re: Mandolins outside

    your finish may be sensitive to things like DEET and sun tan lotion, so be careful if you're using those sorts of products. and don't leave your case outside in the sun with the instrument inside it....
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    Re: How Do I Start and Run A Session?

    Well, i don't know if this is what you're looking for, but my group has done a beginning session for about 35 years or so and it has created some musicians who have gone on to bigger and better...
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    Re: Musician Jokes

    here's a new one a friendly guitar player posted: Seattle just banned all live musical performances for 30 days! This cancels over 1,246 gigs affecting 320 working musicians with a total income loss...
  5. Re: How to approach practicing and improvement?

    I'll also add to see if you can play with someone else, preferably better than you are. I learned a ton of new tunes and pushed myself to master them because a person I play with had them down cold...
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    Re: Musician Jokes

    i have a lot of musician friends who find some of the best jokes. Here's another: "I started a band called 999 Megabytes. We still haven't got a gig."
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    Re: Musician Jokes

    Just saw this, but i haven't looked through the string to see if it's already been posted, so apologies if it is:

    "My goldfish are named Major, Minor, Dorian, Lydian and Diminished. The only way I...
  8. Re: Playing with others of different skill levels

    I play with a beginner group once a week - most of them are "permanent" beginners who only seem to pick up their instruments when we get together, and as time has gone on, I've become the "go to" for...
  9. Re: Quite ill with a trach and a feeding tube

    Hoping you're feeling better -- get well soonest!
  10. Thread: Picks

    by Randi Gormley

    Re: Picks

    my preference is for tiny pointy picks, but that's my preference. A lot of people love the bigger, heavier rounded ones. I play ITM and classical (and a bit of choro and klezmer) and I like the point...
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    Re: Wide neck Mandolins ?

    Although I've seen some reference to "practicing more" with what you have, nobody has actually spelled out that you may be holding the instrument wrong, or if they have, I missed it (perfectly...
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    Re: Help a Beginner?

    I'll second a Mel Bay book -- I learned how to read standard notation while learning where to put my fingers on the frets along with basic picking and holding the instrument from one and then...
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    Re: Irish Music Tours -- suggestions

    box player John Whelan was talking about a music-based ireland tour via bus, i think. Cherish the Ladies does a cruise, but i vaguely remember something about a land tour in Ireland at some point. If...
  14. Re: Of your favorite instruments that qualify for this site...

    I own a bunch of mandolins but i only play one -- my snake -- both at home noodling around and at gigs, with one exception. if i'm playing plugged in, i'll switch over to my Eastman since I have a...
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    Re: 2019 Tune-A-Week Project

    Sympathies and good wishes to you, for what they're worth. Get better!
  16. Re: Just to put myself on notice for some accountability...

    I'd second (or third) the idea that you should play with others, if you can, as soon as possible. Not only will you improve, you'll have -- with luck -- your own on-site cheering section.
  17. Re: 100-Piece Mando Orchestra plays "Both Sides Now" & "Something

    A lovely job, if i do say so myself!

    You know, I heard many of the tunes that were played when I was young and not paying attention. They were background music to my youth, as it were. Being able...
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    Re: Picked up a fiddle recently..

    I should tell you about my foray into the fiddle, but my ego was so damaged, I abandoned it only about 2 months in! I may pick it up again some day, but, to paraphrase Aragorn, "not this day."
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    Re: Natural talent vs practice

    You can always find a reason to not do something if you're so inclined. Just putting that out there.

    I think the idea of talent (as opposed to dogged determination) strikes at our concept of...
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    Re: Forgive me....for I have sinned.....

    I'll admit, like Richard J, I thought you'd put a capo on your mandolin, so I'll give you a pass on the banjo this time. Whew! it could have been worse!
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    Re: 2019 Tune-A-Week Project

    Fiddler I know plays Dowd's Number 9 and then Bird in the Bush as a set. Nicely done!
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    Re: Just got a Strad-o-lin as a gift...

    I think my luthier just replaced my strad's old tuners with something straight out of stew-mac; if you're up to it, you might be able to do it yourself. and the price you've quoted for the instrument...
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    Re: Mandolin Lessons for Beginners

    I'd start advertising by putting your card or some other paper with your contact information on it on the bulletin boards in local music stores, if there are any; on what passes for message space at...
  24. Re: Help with playing the Ballad of St. Anne's reel

    We play this with our singer in the same key as the tune. It's part of a set of St. Anne's/Silver Spear/Miss Macleod's. iirc, our singer uses a capo on the guitar for the first two (he sings a verse,...
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    Re: My new mando!

    Lovely, lovely instrument!
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