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  1. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    Jeff, I think you missed my entire point. The point is not that I or anyone else was sold a great mandolin. It is a push back for their bullying that has been taking place for many years now and in...
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    Re: Valuing a Gibson by Dr Lori

    Bingo! I looked at a bunch of her other videos, especially those items which I know a good bit about. My mother was an antique dealer and I have been around them my entire life. I have also done a...
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    Re: Train from Edinburgh to Inverness

    Dagger .... Dornoch is indeed a lovely town and the golf course is one of my favorites in the world.There were about 50 of us in my group paying golf there that day and the pro shop had a banner day...
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    Re: Buying a Gibson Loar

    Jeff.....that was an excellent post and right on the money on every aspect. What you are saying is exactly why someone will sell a $5,000 widget to Rick on Pawn Stars for $2,500 (yeah I know that it...
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    Re: War Veterans and mandolins

    Michael and other posters - thanks for your service to this country. I am a USMC veteran of Viet Nam ('70 - 1st Engineers, 9th Engineers, 3rd Bn. 1st Marines). I had a banjo with me for most of my...
  6. Re: Why was Earl Scruggs style of 3-finger banjo so special?

    Allen - that was excellent!

    Trying to compare Earl to anyother banjo player of his time is almost useless. Many were great - such as Don Reno - but their styles distinctly different. Don...
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