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    Re: Best Android Tablet >10" for Sheet Music

    Band I was in used Songbook (chordpro) so I got an ASUS 8" which work great for 5 years and still works fine. I got it for two reasons, 1) small size yet not phone tiny and 2) Android OS lets you get...
  2. Re: Acoustic Mandolin plus electric tenor playing live kit questi

    My pedal board for Bass guitar, mandolin and tenor banjo has one for the BG but the Mando/TB go into an A/B switch -> compressor -> then a cheap Behringer acoustic DI (approx $30) because I will...
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    Re: Rogue A Style Tuner Upgrade

    Thanks for the tip! I doubt I will ever do this again, but never say never, ya know? The dual peg parts slipped in normally but I did notice (after the strings were on) that some of the round...
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    Re: Rogue A Style Tuner Upgrade

    True, the Rogue A's peg hole spacing is 1" but modern standard is slightly less. At least the name brand decent tuners usually have diagrams with all the specs. The cheapo ones sometimes do but the...
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    Rogue A Style Tuner Upgrade

    Well, like many (most) Rogue A Style owners I realized quickly that the tuners are about the worst part of the instrument. Mine were barely usable, but they were able to hold it in tune for the most...
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    Re: Point of Diminishing Returns

    I heard it referred to as "plateauing" long ago. Happens to most people in all types of learning. Something to do with the body and mind catching up with each other.
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    Re: $200 to spend on a new or used Mandolin

    I bought a Rogue for the same reason (I am a Librarian) but I realized it would be too tempting.

    What I consider downtime vs. what THEY consider down time are two VERY different concepts!
  8. Re: Loar 520E, Kentucky 630, Loar 590E or Eastman 315

    Sorry to add one more variable but something popped into my mind. I have a couple low-end Loars (LM310F & LM110) and both have V shaped necks. Not sure about the models you mentioned but might be...
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    Re: Forgive me....for I have sinned.....

    I just purchased my second tenor, a 17 fret Gold Tone. both are tuned DGBE so functionally they are not banjos but plus size baritone banjoleles.

    Whether THAT is sinful is another question but...
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    Re: Loar LM110A Mandolin Question

    Sensukai, did you get your mandolin setup to your liking? Not sure if anyone mentioned it but I bought a bag of rubber grommets on "the bay" and have them on my mandolins. They pop in between each...
  11. Re: Tip: Replacing Book Bindings with Spiral Bindings

    Been doing this for years - Buy used from amazon then take it to the office store to make spiral. Then put it on a shelf and forget it's there!
  12. Re: Was the mandolin played in traditional folk before Bill Monro

    I can imagine a mandolin providing counter melody to the fiddle or perhaps arpeggios. BUT that is from my "modern ear" perspective, I've never done must OT Folk.
  13. Re: Just downloaded Rob Meldrum's free Mandolin set-up book

    True, I got a Loar LM310f from the same place and the setup was very good. Over time I did a little tweeking but trying different strings often requires that.
  14. Re: Just downloaded Rob Meldrum's free Mandolin set-up book

    Ditto! The info helped me turn a barely playable Rogue A into a enjoyably playable and usable instrument.
  15. Re: Confirmed: Correct Tone-Gard size for “The Loar” LM-310F

    Thanks for the update, John. I have one of those and the HSC from the Mandolin Store and am very pleased with how it plays.
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    Re: One more banjo question

    I play 4 string tenor (DGBE) and I put a couple of foam squares between the strings between the bridge and tailpiece. That really killed the weird ringies. I also use a block of foam in the back...
  17. Re: Straight Up Strings by Siminoff - any thoughts or experiences

    Well, the thread got me to look! What they describe does make sense but the strings I like at the moment are DR Dragon Skins (10-36). Last a long time and the tone works of both my low-end Loars...
  18. Thread: Finger Ease

    by ukenukem

    Re: Finger Ease

    I have used FE sparingly for decades. first on guitar, then bass, now mandolin. What it does for me is lessen the dreaded "SQUEEK!" and lower the resistance sliding my fingers over the strings. May...
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    Re: I need a mandolin stand for stage use.

    I use this on stage for bass guitar/mandolin

    Good Luck!
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    Re: Rogue RM-100A A-Style Mandolin

    I have one in black that I added to a MF order just to use a coupon so I paid even less than $49! Anyway it is currently setup with DR 12's and downtuned a whole step. I ended up with something a...
  21. Re: If you have Scroll Envy and $299.00 this has your name on it

    I got one from The Mandolin Store with HSC. Use it on stage for a couple of tunes.

    Wanted an f style that "looked" vintage and it has fit my needs well. Check out this thread...
  22. Re: Newbie here, suffering from analysis paralysis

    One other thing if not mentioned above. If your budget is $500 then that will have to pay for the instrument plus the case and possibly shipping/tax.

    Online dealers often will setup the mandolin...
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    Re: pointless pick

    Out of sheer curiosity I ordered the sample pack from pointlesspicks. They came fast and in three thicknesses. I have not spent much time with them but they sure feel odd! I did like them for bass...
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    Re: Bought & I Don’t Even Play

    Congrats and welcome CB! I also played guitar for decades before picking up mandolin. I focused on what is similar, Both tunings have "shapes" to the chords which are moveable (learn one and you...
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    Re: What makes Chop?

    Not that I'm a grasser, I can comment as a musician. Trad Bluegrass groups have no percussionist so the mando chop on top of the indistinct (vague) upright bass downbeat musically fills the place of...
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