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    Levin TG-15

    Hi there,
    i want to show you some photos of my new swedish girlfriend. we're almost the same age, but she sings more beautifully than me.

    stay healthy
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    Sensível, a Choro Vals from Pixinguinha

    It is a solo arrangement of Pixinguinha´s Choro Vals Sensível, originally made for mandolin but performed here on mandola. The basic of the arrangement can be found in Mike Marshall´s Choro Book...
  3. Beethoven 3. Sonatine in C - major WoO 44a

    we recorded Beethovens 3. Sonatine from 1796 today

    Kuno Wagner - F4 Mandolin
    Jenifer Möbus - Harpsichord
  4. Bach - Contrapunctus 1 - Die Kunst der Fuge

    I would like to share my new Q-No-Mandolin Quartet recording of the first Contrapunctus with you.
  5. the cuban dancer for Mandolin, Mandola and Flute

    My recording of the week: original composition by Joe Fried for two clarinets and flute. played with my Gibson H4 and Northfield BigMon (and old strings).
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    Minimal Music with Mandolin and ...

    Karl Jenkins Concerto Grosso for strings
  7. Karl Jenkins Concerto Grosso for Mandolin Family and ChapmanStick

    I recorded the piece last week.

    have fun with it
  8. Vals by Francis Poulenc on H4 and Mandocello

    I performed it with a lot of Slides, Pizzicato and div. right hand finger techniques on the Mandola and
    left hand thump tech. on the Mandocello.

    here are the...
  9. Francis Poulenc Vals (Mandola/Mandocello)

    recording of the 18th. Lockdown-Week:

    A Piano Vals by Francis Poulenc on Mandola and Mandocello.

    you can find the scores here:
  10. Andrew Boden´s Barcarolle for two Mandolins, Mandola and Guitar

    this week I recorded Andrew Boden´s Barcarolle for two Mandolins, Mandola and Guitar.

    you can find the scores on the IMSLP Page
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    Scofield - The Beatles

    rec. yesterday after listening Mike Marshall´s amazing Swing 51 video recording.
    Thank you Mike!
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    Re: The Discipline Era Transcriptions

    what a great idea! I´ll do Frame by Frame
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    Martin Tenor Constuction Plan

    hi all,

    I am looking for a construction plan for a Martin 0-21 T or 0-18 T. Who can help me.

    Many thanks in advance
  14. Re: Tip for using fingers on the high E string from 7th to 0

    take a lock at Keith´s page
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    Re: J.S. Bach Siciliano

    Hi Doug,
    The base of the Mandocello was made by a company that works for Ortega in China. The finishing touches were done by a German guitar maker named Jozsi Lak. He added e.g. a connection between...
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    Good Friday

    this is my latest recording of the Guitar Craft piece by the Chapman Stick Player Volker Rehn
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    J.S. Bach Siciliano

    i am sure this is not the first time, this song has been recorded.

    ...for me it is.
  18. Re: Tip for using fingers on the high E string from 7th to 0

    Hi Poul,

    I use 4 - 2 - 1 - 1 or 4 -2 3 - 1
    check out Keith Harris's book and you'll know why.
  19. Re: Modern Method for Mandocello or still a Modern Method for Gui

    Yes, I have played the method on the mandolin and I can say that it is much easier to play it on the mandolin than on the mandocello. you have limitations in the lower pitch range and in the more...
  20. Re: Modern Method for Mandocello or still a Modern Method for Gui

    One thing is certain, I have improved my sight reading skills. Until November i only used the F-Clef (Bickford Method). As you say, it's hard to find Scores for the Mandocello (especially if you not...
  21. Modern Method for Mandocello or still a Modern Method for Guitar?

    in November i started playing William Leavitt's Modern Method for Guitar on the Mandocello. I have decided to record the entire Book (Vol.1) on Video.
    (Corona Holidays;)). It was more...
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    Re: Mandocello "strum along" chords

    i have been working on william g. leavitt's method since the second lockdown (nov. 2020) for mandocello. I learned a lot from it.

    maybe it helps:

    Greetings from...
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