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    Re: Article: Tim Connell Interview

    I'm not going anywhere, Jim!!
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    Choro Camp New England, June 25-29, 2019

    Hello, this is Tim Connell -

    I'm very happy to let you know about a brand new opportunity to study choro with the masters here in North America.

    Choro Camp New England (June 25-29, 2019) is...
  3. Re: Radim Zenkl's house and instruments destroyed in fire

    Don Julin and I just played an impromptu mandolin-duet benefit concert here in Portland Oregon last night. It was a beautiful evening of music, and the ticket sales and extra audience donations to...
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    Re: The Beatles on mandolin

    I love the Beatles and I love the mandolin! I've arranged three songs for solo mandolin, Here Comes the Sun, Yesterday and Something - all three are available on CD, download and sheet music with...
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    Re: Article: Tim Connell Interview

    Thanks so much Dr. James - & don't worry, I'm not goin' anywhere!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank you so much, Kathy as well, that feedback means a lot to me!
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    Re: Here Comes the Sun solo mando Tim Connell

    Yes, the Alvord lake was the car shots, but the "stage" was to the west a bit on the way to the Antelope preserve. My 13-year-old son shot and edited the whole thing; I'm very proud of that guy. ...
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    Re: Tim Connell & Eric Skye

    Thanks so much, Mitch - this is Tim writing back, I really appreciate the notice and praise. Actually, the video is indeed a few years old, but June Apple, the CD, is currently in pre-release, hot...
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    Re: Kaufman Kamp 2016--Who is Going?

    I'm going - and a newbie faculty member this year, really looking forward to meeting new folks and I'm bringing all my workshop materials, handouts, etc... I'll be bringing the A-game I promise! ...
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    Django in June - Mandolin Track!

    Hello everybody out there in Mando-Land!

    I just wanted to let you know swingers and gypsy-jazzers, even you folks who are swing-curious - I will be teaching a mandolin track at the best Gypsy Jazz...
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    Re: The Beatles for Solo Mandolin

    Here's my Here Comes the Sun - I'd be curious to see some another take on this. I have Yesterday and Something as well.
  11. Thread: Sad News

    by Tim C.

    Re: Sad News

    I'm sad about both of these too! I do still have a plane ticket booked for the Spokane Congress - I would be happy to come and teach a workshop and private lessons and lead a jam if I get enough...
  12. East Coast - Touring mando duo seeks house concerts & workshops

    Hello MC Forum - this is Tim Connell ( I'll be touring the Northeast with Mando Planet, a great mandolin duo with Jack Dwyer. We're almost fully booked, but have two open...
  13. Thread: a ginga do Mane

    by Tim C.

    Re: a ginga do Mane

    I'm lazy and just play it in tenor guitar fingering on the mandolin - transposing it from Dm to Am. I go down in flames when I have to play it in Dm!
  14. Choro Week at Centrum Port Townsend WA - I'm there, are you?!

    Hey choro mando (bando?) brothers & sisters - just writing to tell you how excited I am for the upcoming Centrum choro week April 30-May 1. I missed the last two years but will be back with bells on...
  15. Re: Mando Planet and Philadelphia Mandolin Ensemble Perform Toget

    What a lovely evening it was with all of you in the PME - a million thank yous from Jack and me for so generously hosting us - it was a true pleasure to meet all of you and to share a stage. Looking...
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    Re: Moving to Portland OR - Suggestions Wanted

    Best fretshop for mandolins is Portland Fretworks on Alberta St. ask for Mike, he does superb mandolin set-up and intonation.

    Best acoustic (really, I mean no electricity) place in town is Abbie...
  17. Re: Thinking about coming to PT for the Choro workshop?

    I'll be there this year, psyched!!!
  18. Ger Mandolin Orch - eleven mandolins onstage in Toronto tonight!

    Just soundchecked with the Ger Mandolin Orchestra at the Toronto Centre for the Arts - sold out show tonight - fun!!

    We've been in Toronto for the last two days rehearsing, what a bunch of great...
  19. East Coast - N.E. to D.C. - house concerts & workshops?

    Hello East Coast mando folks - thanks for reading -

    I'm Tim Connell, a touring mandolinist from Portland, OR. I'm writing to you because I will be touring the East Coast in late March and am...
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    Re: Wintergrass 2013!

    I'll be playing sets Thurs and Fri nights with Jack Dwyer ( and teaching two workshops on Saturday - "Gyspy Jazz/Swing Chords for Mandolin" and "The Art of the Mandolin Duo". ...
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    Re: Happy Birthday - Jacob do Bandolim

    I love the guy - a massive musician with heart, soul, chops and such a quirky approach to rhythm, phrasing, improvisation. Jacob's playing, compositions, improv, bandleading have meant so much to...
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    Choro Fest in Portland OR Sat Nov. 3rd

    This Saturday Nov. 3rd big choro day in SE Portland - 4 bands playing an evening show, and workshops during the day for mandolins and other instruments. (Zak Borden and Tim Connell teaching mandolin)...
  23. Marla Fibish, Tim Connell, Jack Dwyer in Sebastopol and Felton

    I'll be bringing my mandolin duo with Jack Dwyer ( down to CA this weekend, with much Irish jigs&reels content for you celtophiles out there. Also joining us in Sebastopol on Sat...
  24. Tim Connell, Almir Cortes, Jack Dwyer, Marla Fibish in Sebastopol

    Hey everyone - just a heads up that there's a big mando-fest in Sebastopol this Saturday afternoon-evening June 23, and Almir Cortes, up from Brazil for the Symposium, will play a set, as well as my...
  25. Thread: Choro Picking

    by Tim C.

    Re: Choro Picking

    Hey everyone!
    I would need the context, Marc - but if this is for me backing up someone playing a slow choro (choro lento) it'd definitely be all downstrokes for me. If it's part of a real fast...
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