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    Re: What does OP mean?

    Ok, now you've got me wondering what your original guess was??
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    Re: General Mandolin Post

    All string instruments are imperfect by their very design and the laws of acoustics. And sounding "good" is entirely subjective. Certainly with mandolins perhaps more than other instruments, set-up...
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    Re: Rogue RM-100A A-Style Mandolin

    For what it is worth, I've had 3 rogues and two Rover RM50s over the years. I agree the Rover is a cut above the Rogue but not 5 cuts above it as the price is. The only one of those five I owned that...
  4. Re: Newbie here, suffering from analysis paralysis

    I have a Gretsch New Yorker Supreme all mahogany. I like it for what I play (mostly some ragtime and some old-time solo with occasional guitar accompaniment). You are right, it is quieter than the...
  5. Re: Stolen - Weber Fern A-style - Oakland, CA

    Perhaps my choice of words was poor -- I didn't mean that I feel sympathy for thieves so much as pity (and I certainly didn't mean to hijack this thread).

    But anyone who feels the need to steal...
  6. Re: If you had to begin your mandolin journey again from the star

    I would tell myself to take lessons from a good instructor immediately -- most of all, learn music theory and scales early, no matter how boring it is ... devote some time on every practice session...
  7. Thread: What the

    by Pete Summers

    Re: What the

    Count me in. I love it. But then, I am and have always been a jazz fan. Not so much a bluegrass fan, though I like it in small doses. I could listen to this kind of jazz all evening.

    Anything new...
  8. Re: Have you ever heard of the mandolin brand "IRIN"?

    Absolutely no financial interest with this company, but I have one of these two pointed models shown here. Being an admirer of cheap instruments (I've owned 4 Rogues and numerous other species of...
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    Re: Thile lesson

    Thile makes a point of noting that anatomy will influence pick hold. It certainly does. The "between thumb and curled index finger" hold may be the "right" way to do it, but certainly not the only...
  10. Re: Looking for an f-style mandolin on eBay/craigslist ($300-$600

    Folkmusician has a pretty good deal on the Rover rm75 that you might consider for $450 with shipping. I'd call Robert Fear and get his advice for F styles in your price range, fully set up:...
  11. Re: Buying my first mandolin - Which of these options should I bu

    I would just like to add, the Rover RM-50 is a solid carved top and back, not pressed. The Gretsch is pressed solid mahogany. I've owned both and both are pretty good for the price, IMO, though the...
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    Re: Tools for writing in standard notation?

    I like Noteworthy Composer for writing standard notation, if you don't need tabs. It's inexpensive and reliable. But then so is music paper and a ballpoint pen.
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    Re: Gretsch New Yorker supreme

    Not to be picking nits here, but the Gretsch New Yorker Supreme is all solid mahogany, no lamination. The other New Yorker models, such as the Deluxe, do have laminated sides and backs and sell for...
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    Re: Temperature range for mandolin

    Being a wooden instrument, I think it is more a question of humidity than temperature (though of course the two are related), but as a general rule I figure if I'm comfortable with the temperature...
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    Re: Are truss rods always necessary?

    I have a 90 year old Regal mandolin with no truss rod. At 70 years old myself, I only wish my own neck was as straight.

    Of course, it is the shorter 13 inch scale, so maybe that puts less stress...
  16. Re: Am I Too Old To Start Playing An Instrument Now?

    Many folks on this site didn't start until well into their 50s or 60s. As the old saying goes, ten years from now you can be 10 years older, or 10 years older and a mandolin player. Besides, 36 is...
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    Re: Red bear picks

    Congrats on your wife's improving condition. I'm sure folks here understand and hope you're back in business soon. :)
  18. Thread: Duo Goal

    by Pete Summers

    Re: Duo Goal

    I'd say dump that teacher post haste. From your description, your wife would probably be better off learning from a book. If you are interested in old time or other folk genres, seek out teachers...
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    Re: practicing in private

    Interesting how animals react to music. I used to work at a zoo tending to great apes - chimps, orangs and gorillas. During cold winter months when we were inside, I used to sit by the gorilla cage...
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    Re: Find what you love and let it kill you.

    "Only" playing what others have written? No hand in bringing the sonata into the world?

    I disagree. Classical music is unique in that it actually requires two creators - the guy who conceived the...
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    Re: Guitar Center Mandolin Experiences

    Well, they ain't called Guitar Center for nothing.

    The one nearest me is a 25 mile round trip, so I only go there if I need strings or picks, or something I don't want to wait for. Last time I was...
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    Re: 1957 Duane Eddy owned Gibson mandolin

    I'm gonna go back and read each post on this thread for fun when the coffee finishes brewing here. But before I do, I'll like say that this amusing controversy over the value of a mandolin has...
  23. Thread: Picks

    by Pete Summers

    Re: Picks

    ~o) Generally speaking, mandolin players like thicker and rounder picks than guitar players due to the high tension of mandolin strings. That doesn't mean it has to be a thick as a half dollar, but...
  24. Re: National Geographics, Fungi, Stadivarious sound, mandolins ne

    I have to say I agree entirely. Besides which (leaving the "opening up" argument aside), Stradivari violins are 300 years old and almost all of them have been altered dramatically, including, but not...
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    Re: GHS 270's RUSTED out of the box

    Not to put too fine an point on it, but it seems to me this thread has become something of a tempest in a teapot. The op said he and a friend both received rusty strings out of the package. He then...
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