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    Re: The mandoline in France

    Hi there - or maybe Bonjour...

    Yes, I am aware that this is an old thread but I'm resurrecting it for a reason. Just today I got this lovely little instrument for cheaps; OK, i know its not a true...
  2. Re: Italian mandolin by Antonio & Linda Calsolaro "Te Vojo Bene A

    Terrific Tuesday! :mandosmiley:
  3. Thread: Bowlbacks of Note

    by Tavy

    Re: Bowlbacks of Note

    It's been a while since I've posted here... just finished off this Ceccherini, I think this one will stay with me for a while. Interestingly they all seem to be numbered in the 2000 and something...
  4. Re: Drop Box is now available for Italian 'ballo liscio' sheet mu

    The big music names in Italian immigrant music history! Joseph Gioč, Giuseppe Tarantola and Alessandra Sisca! I just uploaded the sheet music, dedicated to and named for "Cordiferro." It's a...
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    Re: Vinaccia vs Embergher vsCalace Video

    Same plectrum - celluloid Pickboy (they now have a whole new range of black ones made of something else that I am yet to try).

    Strings: Vinaccia has GHS ultra light set on, Calace has Martin and...
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    Vinaccia vs Embergher vsCalace Video

    Hi all. Just recorded a short video comparing the sound of big three bowlbacks. All 3 well setup and all really sing, but all have slightly different sound to each other. What is your order of...
  7. Re: Circa 1924 Lyon & Healy Style B with differences!

    Now those are Lyon & Healy's.
  8. Re: Italian mandolin by Antonio & Linda Calsolaro "Te Vojo Bene A

    Ok Mick, good idea! I'll post one a day of what I have, and I have a few. But this will be a two for Tuesday. ...
  9. Re: Italian mandolin by Antonio & Linda Calsolaro "Te Vojo Bene A

    Antonio has been on this site and posted links to many of his videos on these threads.
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    Re: Happy 75th Birthday Today, David Grisman!

    Thank you all! I'm still trying to get these puppies in tune after nearly 60 years.
    Stay safe and be well!! Mandoln pickers survive!
  11. Italian mandolin by Antonio & Linda Calsolaro "Te Vojo Bene Assa

    I thought I'd repost one of my favorite tunes by Antonio and his sister Linda.
  12. Re: What is the "Must Have" Mandolin Book(s)?

    As August is far too modest to do it himself, I have to nominate him instead:

    "Exploring Classical Mandolin: Technique & Repertoire" (Berklee Press, 2015) by August Watters.

    For more beginner...
  13. Re: What is the "Must Have" Mandolin Book(s)?

    Since different folks have different stylistic interests, I'll leave out books that are style-based.

    I second these -- are all great books, helpful for understanding how today's mandolin music...
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    Re: Virtual St Patrick's Day

    Here's a jig medley (Irish Washerwoman/Swallowtail Jig/Saddle the Pony) that my band Innisfree would have been playing tonight at the American Hotel in Lima NY, if we hadn't been canceled due to the...
  15. Re: String-less Mandolin by Vinaccia, Vihuela & Larson Co.

    Hey, I own a guitarron -- a tourist-grade Honduran model. Maybe there's a new career ahead...? Except the damn thing's so big...
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    Virtual St Patrick's Day

    In these days of Coronavirus and social distancing (although, as social psychologists have rightly pointed out, we should talk about physical distancing and preserve social cohesion and solidarity),...
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    Re: Another old bowlback here. What is it?

    Hi Matt. It is impossible to attribute your mandolin to any particular maker. Many makers made the similar features, they are not unique. Say, Luigi Salsedo made similar headstocks and bowl shapes...
  18. Re: String-less Mandolin by Vinaccia, Vihuela & Larson Co.

    Yup, standard mariachi band vihuela.

    Tuned like the top 5 guitar strings but quite re-entrant, used to play chords mostly.
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    Re: Gibson Post Mortem

    Many of us geezers maintain our good health just to infuriate the younger working stiffs:whistling:
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    C.F. Martin 80/20 strings on a bowlback

    Hi all.

    I tried a set of Martin .010 -.034 M400 80/20 Bronze on a vintage Vinaccia some years ago and was pleasantly surprised with the sound compared to GHS ultra light set. This time I have...
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    Re: Reduce costs pleased

    The reason for the Collings price increase was widely communicated with their retailers and business partners, less so with consumers, but I saw plenty of evidence on the Forum here it got seen by...
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    Re: Luigi Ricca mandolin

    The tailpiece is original. That is the fancier version with cutouts in the center. The other of this style has the same shape and sunrays but has LR initials in the center. Sorry about the fancier...
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    Re: Very strange looking mandolin on eBay Italy

    That's a Balkan folk fiddle called a gusle.
  24. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    IMHO, Gibson has every right to defend their designs, and intellectual property. Better late, than never.
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    Re: Any help identifying old Mandolin?

    From the looks of it, it is very close to a American Conservatory style 602. These pages are from my 1912 catalog:

    184090 184091
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