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  1. Re: Kay Kraft sorely in need of help!

    The easiest way to deal with a bowed neck is to place the mandolin DOWN on a table, books balanced on top of the neck, with a 60 watt bulb underneath the fretboard, and put books on it in such a way...
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    Re: Floating bridge on OM

    On my Hora 23" Bazooka, I retro'd a larger footprinted floating bridge, and although there are some minor issues it seems the top is not caving.

    I would profile the top convex-ally, as I...
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    Re: Fret "tilting" on installation

    Crazy Glue while pushing it in with a hammer head.
  4. Re: String pitch below bridge, do you care?

    It only matters when playing the very end of "Cinnamon Girl" on the mandolin.
  5. Re: diving into the deep end before learning how to swim

    Congrats, go for it.
    Great suggestions, another one is to try and find some bluegrass guys around you to hang out with. Ask at your local store.
    As I recall, I met some real rednecks in Reading...
  6. A new Christmas Song Featuring My Bazooka

    Here 'tis, not even a mention of Santa or mistletoe.

    Everyone, blessings this Christmas.
  7. Re: Help! Left hand fingertips keep "cracking"


    I use Skidmore's on my bare feet when they go a cracking.


    Also, Bag Balm can help with cracked fingers and hands.
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    Re: Right Handed Mandolin to Left

    I had a leftie guitar player actually weep when I built his leftie electric guitar, he said he had never played a leftie that felt any good until now.

    Better to stay rightie.

    Question. Could...
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    Re: Top bridge dent removal?

    I'd remove finish with chemicals, steam and, if any dent remains, puddle in like finish until I could plane it smooth with a safety razor.

    After removing finish and before steaming, try hitting it...
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    Re: Mountain Mahogany fretboards?

    Score one regarding specific gravity, but African mahogany, the most generally available, is a hardwood, not a softwood, and as adequate as maple for a fretboard. And mountain mahogany sounds like a...
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    Re: Old Time versus Mariachi

    On the guitar and guitarron, the second down beat is slightly delayed, otherwise very similar to a country and western 4/4 straight beat. Like that extra bluegrass bar, I think you have to be born...
  12. Re: Until I learn More Theory...What Chords Should I Practice?

    After learning the chords and combos, try forgetting what key your playing in a go for pure muscle memory feel. That's a great goal and if you can attain it, you'll have risen above your fellows.
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    Re: Mountain Mahogany fretboards?

    Good ole regular mahogany is a very and truly dense and hard wood. Much denser than pearwood, for example, which is often used for fretboards on Spanish made classicals, or the standard maple slab...
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    Re: Giving your work away...

    But it didn't ruin Mickey Cochran.
  15. Re: WSJ article: Musical Instruments as Investments

    Great point, and the reason that, if we buy an instrument for investment, it should be an iconic instrument.

    Regarding acoustic steel strings, Lloyd Loar mandolin; Pre war Martin D-28 and older...
  16. Re: Improving volume on A and E strings

    I had an old Gibson jazz box in my store, I couldn't get a sound out of the thing other than a plunk.

    A NYC big name jazz guy came in and made it ring like a bell.

    Observations regarding...
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    Re: Neck Re-set Issue


    To take a bow out of a guitar neck, put the back of the neck over 2-60 watt light bulbs, shifting location occasionally, while stressing the neck to bow back. Keep...
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    Re: Giving your work away...

    Give as a pure gift, expecting nothing in return. The rewards will astound you.

    Especially in the world of music. You'll have added to the whole music thing.

    When you build or buy and...
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    Re: Mountain Mahogany fretboards?

    Mahogany is a hardwood is a hardwood is a hardwood. More than dense enough for fretboards.

    Me, I'd dye the fretboard dark because mahogany will really look skanky after awhile.
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    Re: Best finish for tone

    From my own analysis, boiled linseed oil on western red cedar penetrates no more than shellac. I'll be checking out spruce as soon as I get over this cold.

    Sunburst hit the nail on the head about...
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    Re: treating the fingerboard

    Ebony, rosewood, bloodwood, etc. fretboards have so much oil in them it is recommended to hit them with mineral spirits or acetone before you glue them.

    That's what evaporates or is rubbed off...
  22. Re: Just recorded with my Irish Bouzouki-One More Day (Jam a la M

    Thanks, guys.

    I use Garageband in my Mac. Playing a Yasuma acoustic guitar, Hora bouzouki, Gibson Meldody Maker reissue, Danelectro bass-one of a kind prototype my friend Tony Marc-who owns the...
  23. Rockin' the Bouzouki-my new song hot off the Mac

    Here's the first song I just recorded with the bouzouki.
  24. Just recorded with my Irish Bouzouki-One More Day (Jam a la Mode)

    Here 'tis. First song I worked out on the bouzouki.
  25. Re: Improving volume on A and E strings

    Try a little saddle of bone or hornwood under the E string on the bridge.

    Same if the A is unwound. If it's wound, it'll just make it crap.
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