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    Re: What does OP mean?

    AI certainly means different things depending on if you are in the computer world or cattle business (artificial insemination).
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    Re: IMO - Why red spruce is the loudest top wood

    Not a luthier but Bill McCall's "The plural of anecdote is not data" is one of the best things I have ever read on the Cafe.
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    Re: Country Gazette - A Traitor In Our Midst era

    Good stuff Alan. Takes me back. Jim
  4. Re: Traditional or modern design, what's your strategy ?

    Wish I could remember his exact words but Bill Bussmann, one time told me, that for some pretty far out folks, musicians get mighty conservative when making instrument choices.
  5. Re: A Good Gal Singing, A Large Orange Gretsch, & Some Mediocre M

    Don, you are welcome to sit in anytime you are in the area.
  6. Re: A Good Gal Singing, A Large Orange Gretsch, & Some Mediocre M

    We are in SE Arizona in the Sonoita area. That in the grasslands about an hour or so southeast of Tucson.
  7. Re: A Good Gal Singing, A Large Orange Gretsch, & Some Mediocre M

    Thanks Don, Yeah that is me on mando. It is an Old Wave, some of Bill Bussmann's handiwork. Most night we do some Billy Joe, Townes, and Guy Clark.
  8. A Good Gal Singing, A Large Orange Gretsch, & Some Mediocre Mando

    Here area couple of unedited clips of the SE Arizona centered Grasslands Band playing. It is Rana Tucker on guitar. my son Clay on large orange guitar, and myself on C# Old Wave. I know there is a...
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    Re: Tony Rice Interview April 9/2019

    Thanks for the link to an interesting and especially honest interview. Definitely worth the time to list to.
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    Re: Separation of Singing and Playing

    Hey Folks, Thanks for all the good replies. There is some good usable info there. I tried Josh's recommendation to go over the first line of the next verse before launching in on my break on Big...
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    Separation of Singing and Playing

    I have found that often when coming back into lead singing, after really concentrating on playing a break, I can get lost as to what verse is next or where I am in the song. It is kind of like...
  12. Re: how many of you venture up to-or beyond the 18th fret ?

    As it has been said before "Ain't no money past the 7th fret".
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    Re: Smoothing out a Blue Chip

    Alan, If you know anyone who does silver or lapidary work they should be set up to fix this in about 5 seconds. Trade them a tune. Jim
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    Re: Post a picture of what's on your bench?

    Hey Bill, Some situations call for fine art and some for a wrench.
  15. Re: CBA Fund to help fire victims who lost instruments.

    Just donated. While food and shelter might be a more immediate need, sometime just just strumming a chord or picking a tune can make the world seem right for short time. Good luck with the campaign...
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    Re: Straight Up Stings - Review and Question

    Update: Strings have settled in. Played the weekly gig last night and didn't have any tuning issues. Well, no more than expected with any strings. Still really liking the way they sound. Am...
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    Re: Straight Up Stings - Review and Question

    Philphool, This is kind of above my pay grade but wouldn't "optimal downward force" depend on the characteristics of the individual mandolin, especially the top?
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    Straight Up Stings - Review and Question

    Recently restrung with as set of Straight Up Strings. The quick review is that I absolutely love the way they sound on my mandolin. (Old Wave C#, maple and spruce with ironwood fingerboard) It is...
  19. Re: Bill Monroe's mandolin played once again - now with video

    Very cool event. Thanks for posting. Sure hope Sierra got a chance to take it for a spin while it was out of the case.
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    Re: IBMA 2018 - Raleigh Roll Call!

    I will be there helping my pal Sam Farris at his Farris Travel Banjo (AKA Tranjo) booth. I'd be real happy if someone stopped by to talk mandos in a banjo environment. As usual, looks like an amazing...
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    Re: Wireless Pro 35 Mic question

    Thanks Folded Path for the good practical info. If I do go the wireless route, I will go with AT gear. It will be running through a Bose system most of the time. I am a big believer in having a back...
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    Wireless Pro 35 Mic question

    I have been using the wired AT Pro 35 and like it. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the wireless version? Is the battery vs chord trade worth it? Does it change the sound? Any...
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    The Glamour of Being a Big Mandolin Star

    Played a Wino Festival on Saturday. As I was backing my truck up to unload ,out of the corner of my eye, caught large mahogany sphere with a thin blue strip of material in the center of it. Took...
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    Re: Bartlett Audio Mandolin Microphones

    I used a Bartlett for several years. For the combination of sound quality and ease of use they are hard to beat. If anyone is interested, check the archives for past threads on them.
  25. Re: Mando "performance anxiety" when playing with others?

    Hoogus, I think all of us show signs of nerves depending on the playing situation. Being prepared helps but isn't a cure all. One time I tried to play a tune, in front of a class, with Roland White...
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