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    Re: Slide tenor tuning

    A good resource for this is to look up information on 4-string cigar box guitar, as a lot of CBG players play slide. There are a few books out, and tons of videos on YouTube.

    I've been playing...
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    Re: Richard Durrant Tenor Course?

    Sounds like he just did the course off-the-cuff, instead of starting with a clear vision of his target audience and an organized pedagogical approach to teaching that audience. It's an all-too-common...
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    Re: A bit steep, no?

    That Alternate Reality Tenor Tele listing ain't got nothin' on this one for asking-price chutzpah:
  4. NK Forster Parlour King popped up for sale (NFI)

    I'm sorely tempted to just snatch this beauty up for myself, as a Forster tenor has long been on my bucket list! But sadly, it is not presently a good fit for my budget nor my...
  5. Re: John Dowland music on Tenor Guitar

    First, this is a lovely performance and transcription....thank you for sharing! And doubly thank you for the whole folder full of transcriptions!

    To my ear it sounds like CGDA
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    Re: Gold Tone TG-18

    Just chiming in belatedly as a TG-18 owner to confirm that is indeed odd. My TG-18 has both the fretboard inlay dot and the side-of-neck dot at the 10th fret. No markings at all at the 9th.
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    Re: Tenor guitar in 5ths a stretch

    I came to the tenor guitar via the cello (forum name makes that pretty obvious, eh?), and the fingering Ben Vierra suggests above is the same one cellists use to navigate "first position" on the...
  8. Re: GDAD? CGDG? Anyone using these tunings? Advantages?

    I use GDAD, ADAD, and GDGD on my tenors, in addition to GDAE.

    Not only are the alternate tunings great for bouzouki/cittern-style accompaniment (ah, drones!), I also use them for solo work....
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    Re: If I win the lotto

    Wow, that's a beauty!

    But definitely priced as a collectible, not a player.
  10. Re: Let's have a hypothetical discussion: Can we improve mando de

    Wait, what? This is definitely not normal for violins. Low-level factory-made student instruments, maybe, but violins (and violin-family instruments) of good quality traditionally have unfixed...
  11. Re: Let's have a hypothetical discussion: Can we improve mando de

    So I spent some time reflecting on my own question: why would I change the mandolin, and for what purpose?

    And I realized my design would involve:
    - Longer scale length, because I have fingers...
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    Re: Tenorcaster

    No disagreement here. I appreciate that they're willing to take risks on instruments no other manufacturer will. I'd just love to see that same risk-taking mindset applied to instruments of a higher...
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    Re: Red Valley Bouzouki

    Hi and welcome! I've played around on that very instrument in the shop. Truly beautiful, with a gorgeous chiming tone! I love the refined minimalism of the Red Valley instruments - they're gorgeous...
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    Re: Best equipment for Skype lessons?

    I haven't done instrument lessons via Skype yet, but I have done voice lessons. The inability to play simultaneously is, I think, a mark in favor of doing lessons this way. It encourages you to...
  15. Re: Let's have a hypothetical discussion: Can we improve mando de

    Design is nothing without intent. So the question is: toward what purpose are we redesigning the mandolin? "Better"...sure, but better for what? Better why?

    More volume? A growlier tone? Ease of...
  16. Re: is the mandola the perfect instrument?

    I love the mandola, but I don't own one yet. For me, the notion of the perfect instrument is incomprehensible.

    I play cellos, tenor guitars, OM, cittern, ukuleles, melodicas, harmonicas,...
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    Re: Tenorcaster

    But if most customers don't know what to look for, a lot of instruments that should be RMA'ed never are.

    The RMA may cost more than QC on a per-guitar basis, but the cost differential that really...
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    Re: American Orchestra

    She may be beat up, but she can really sing!

    Lots of versatility - everything from choppy rhythm to sweet lyrical melody sounds great! Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
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    Re: Tenorcaster

    This has been my general experience of Eastwood. Friendly, cooperative company with significant variance in their quality. Which is why I tend to do most of my Eastwood orders from a reseller with...
  20. Re: Modestly Priced Nylon-String Tenor from Thomann

    Good question. It does at least have the most basic requirement with an appropriate bridge for nylon strings.

    But whether it's as lightly built or braced as a classical guitar, they don't bother...
  21. Modestly Priced Nylon-String Tenor from Thomann

    Thomann now carries a Thomann-branded nylon-string tenor guitar. Made in Europe. Solid spruce top, 22.6" scale. There's only one review, which notes the neck is a bit wider than desired. It does look...
  22. Re: Strange 3-course 6-string "Irish bouzouki"-lin DAD tuning on

    Aha! I never knew there was a 3-course version of the Greek zouk. The tuning matches the common modern tuning for a trichordo, too. Well spotted!

    And yes, it does look quite nice. Really a fine...
  23. Strange 3-course 6-string "Irish bouzouki"-lin DAD tuning on eBay

    What do you even call this thing? It's definitely not an "Irish bouzouki" as it's billed to be, but it's got the body of one.

    The 3-course tuning is reminiscent of an Appalachian dulcimer, but...
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    Re: Beginner looking for advices

    Maybe you can even combine the two. See if the luthier you know is willing to give you tips and guidance as you do the setup yourself. That may cost as much as a one-time setup, or more, or you might...
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    Re: Info on Alabama mandola??

    These prior discussions on Alabama mandolins might help a little
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