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  1. Re: Its All Over Now Baby Blue on Octave Mando

    Nice arrangement, great tune.
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    Re: Major chord arpeggios

    This is actually a very cool discussion

    I always think of scales as melodic

    I think of arpeggios as harmonic - harmonize with chord progressions or with the melody line, or under the melody...
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    Re: Olga time again

    Simon - Awesome - I was waiting for " the cold never bothered me anyway".....
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    Re: Major chord arpeggios

    I know a classically trained violinist who said one of his instructors was diligent in having him learn every arpeggio ( major, minor, minor 7th I'm sure there's more) in every key, so it applies to...
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    Olga time again

    an octave mandolin never sounded so good!
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    Re: "Brain Flatulence" when playing

    Yup, performed to perfection in the kitchen with an audience of pots and pans, get in front of an audience of people and suddenly - how the heck did that go ?
    Confidence is essential, also being...
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    Re: Looking for tips!

    not too bad- I would focus on slowing down and making sure each note is sounded correctly - also a slow metronome can't hurt (for even spacing between notes), but you are well on your way
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    Re: New to the forum and a question

    Hello and welcome - to answer your question -yes!on the main page the large header has classified -forum- news- builders- and " learn/listen"
    there is also a forum section for learning technique...
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    Re: How much do you practice?

    clearly not enough
    I used to scales often but haven't in a while
    I tend to focus on arpeggios or chords or rhythms in phases, focusing on one or the other

    I mostly try to play tunes or learn...
  10. Re: Speed the band w fiddle & Northfield Octave Mand

    love it - that octave sounds great, too bad your kids are blowing you out of the water ( as it should be)
  11. Re: Do you know of an easy, safe program to convert wav files to

    MediaHuman has a good free audio format conveter works on win 10

    I found Audacity to be limited in MP3 conversion, easier to output to WAV and then convert with...
  12. Re: Keep Rigel or learn on different instrument?

    I have a Rigel as well, more like a 2004-5 model but the neck is certainly not a "speed" neck.
    I would keep the Rigel and do nothing ( other than get it setup properly).
    If you "advance" and want...
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    Re: Are People Buying Less Mandolins Now?

    That's the beauty of playing an instrument, while jamming with others is a plus, it usually isn't the primary reason to purchase an instrument. If you're gong to be stuck at home and you always...
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    Re: Ordering strings--any luck recently?

    I stocked up out of habit in January - preferring the Curt Mangan's, it depends on what you consider cheap ? Getting them overnight at this point is probably gonna cost more than the stings to be...
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    Re: Classical Mandola

    I am trying the Bach Cello Suite No. 3 Prelude in C Major on Mandola, it is in Bass Clef which I am horrible at reading but forcing my self.
    I'm not really sure if there will be any gotcha's for...
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Attempting the triple delay effect with a Boss DD-7, a TC Electronics Flashback, and TC E m300 digital image processor on the Kent Electric Mandola
  17. Re: Norman Blake-Original Underground Music from the Mysterious S

    Can't speak for Mike but there are some transcriptions out there.

    There is Tab on Mandozine - Flinner / Benedict? Strangeland and others have TAB of Walnut River, Third Street Gypsy Rag, New Brick...
  18. Re: Looking for feedback on an original bluegrass tune

    Yes I did enjoy it! Nice chucka chucka

    for my two cents I would add a little more space for runs and licks maybe 2 extra bars or something like that here and there between verses

    but it was...
  19. Re: "funky avocado" michael hedges @ the new varsity

    Thanks Steve I've seen most of it here and there...

    I did see Hedges live in Troy NY for the Oracle tour - not his best album, but he played electric mandocello and did a lot more singing than I...
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    Re: Electric mandolin

    Those ovation mandolins are easy to play and sound pretty good plugged in, many "under 1K" mandolins do come with a pickup installed, just have to make sure it has one before you purchase. You could...
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    Re: Dry Grass on the High Fields(?)

    Hi this is what I came up with
    I did use Chordify for the chords, and when it shifts from the A-B Section you actually can't do that D run that low on a mandolin ( I used a mandola/mandocello to...
  22. Re: "funky avocado" michael hedges @ the new varsity

    I've seen other clips like Gator Strut with this crew, what an album that would have been - Anger Marshall Hedges and Manring
  23. Re: Great new composition by Joe K. Walsh - mandola and bass

    We can always use more Mandola music! Great stuff
  24. Re: Any idea where I can find more music like this?

    in hind site Clark Kessinger comes to mind, although he did tend to ornament a bit, would be folkways or something like that
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    Re: One Mandolin - forever...

    I know Sam Bush has had "Hoss" for a long time ( he was recently playing Jethro's 2 point, which I think Jethro had for along time), and John Rieschman pretty much just plays his Loar that he has had...
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