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  1. Re: my goodness, that Ellis F in the classifieds, geewhizzzz!!

    Yeah, that is a lovely thing.
    I think my first big money mandolin is going to be an Ellis.
    They are just beautiful mandolins.
  2. Re: Cool mandolins at Schoenberg in Tiburon, Ca

    Unfortunately I don’t remember the specifics of that fern.
    I think I remember it being mid 30s, but could be wrong.
  3. Re: Cool mandolins at Schoenberg in Tiburon, Ca

    I think the Altman and Dudenbostel A style were both around 10K.
    The Giacomel was around 12K.
    The Gilchrist oval hole was 13K
    The Kimble was around 5K.

    I don’t remember what the...
  4. Cool mandolins at Schoenberg in Tiburon, Ca

    Hey All,

    Stopped by Schoenberg in Tiburon, Ca today to play some mandolins.
    They had an amazing assortment hanging up, as usual. (See photos).

    They had a Dudenbostel, a Giacomel, a...
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    Re: Easy strap lock

    Yes, my strap is softer leather and the hole is just getting a bit open.
    I love the strap, so this is a good compromise.
    I should probably do the tie to the tailpiece too.

    They are available...
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    Easy strap lock

    Hey All,

    The strap has popped off the back of my mandolin enough times to make me worry about it while I am playing. I hate thinking about it, and hate the thought of my nice mandolin smashing to...
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    Re: My KM 1050 vs other Mandos

    I would try straight medium strings, like D'Addario J74
    Sometimes heavier strings can dampen the tone.
    Some mandos get louder with heavier strings, but some get choked up a bit.

    Also make sure...
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    Re: Friendly reminder

    In terms of getting a clear view of the actual tone of the instrument, you are correct.
    But I actually love playing in a room with walls covered in well tuned instruments.
    I love Schoenberg...
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    Re: I'm buying a Mandolin

    I would stay away from the Washburns etc.
    Go for Kentucky or Eastman.

    There are a lot of Eastman mandos in the classifieds at the moment.
    There is an MD315 for $500, which is the one you were...
  10. Re: Straight Up Strings by Siminoff - any thoughts or experiences

    They are very good strings.
    I tried the heavies, and didn't really care for them, but I tried the Mediums and love them.
    They are similar to J74s, but the wind on the bass strings feels a tiny...
  11. Re: What's the diff between Northfield NF5S and F5 models?

    I have taken my Northfield 5Bar Artist with me to compare against a lot of high end mandolins.
    Recently I played it against a beautiful Ellis, but have also compared it to Gilchrists, Giacomel, old...
  12. Re: What's the diff between Northfield NF5S and F5 models?

    The northfield's are put in four categories these days.

    NF5S is the basic model, and has binding only on the top, with a laquer finish.
    They are great mandolins, and just have a bit less bling...
  13. Thread: Old Gibson

    by CWRoyds

    Re: Old Gibson

    Fix it, string it, and play it.
    It is a very cool mandolin, but not a museum piece.
    It wants to be played.

    If you plan to sell it, get it to a good luthier, who can get it in playing...
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    Re: for people who don't have deep pockets.

    I think you are best served by going to play mandolins to see what you like.
    All instruments are different, even from the same maker.
    Some Gibsons don't have that "Gibson" sound.
    Some Gibsons...
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    Re: Ellis F5 Fern at Gryphon

    I think the thought is that if you place it gently down on the string side, then the only thing touching would be the edge of the strings at the nut and bridge. Laying it on the back could leave...
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    Re: Ellis F5 Fern at Gryphon

    I have no problem with a store asking me to be careful with a $10,000 instrument.
    When they gave me the Ellis, and led me to a room I could play it in, The guy just said, "We only ask that you...
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    Re: Ellis F5 Fern at Gryphon

    I will be very sad if it was there and I missed it.
    I had planned to go down just to check that one out, but forgot.
    If it is still there, then I missed it...
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    Re: Ellis F5 Fern at Gryphon

    You should play whatever you wish.
    They are happy to let you.
    Just ask. It is worth it.
    I just walked up and said, “I am here to try out the Ellis”.
    They said, “great. Here you go”.
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    Ellis F5 Fern at Gryphon

    Hey All,

    I went down to Gryphon in Palo Alto yesterday to test out the Ellis F5 Fern they have in currently.
    I have never played an Ellis, so I had to go.
    I brought my Northfield Artist 5Bar to...
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    Re: Mandolins for 6k and under?

    I have a Northfield Artist 5-Bar, and I love it.
    Definitely worth every penny.

    If I were going for straight up Bluegrass, I would probably go for a Big Mon.
    I think the neck is good for a big...
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    Re: 2020 X-Series -- The new Sorensen SX

    That is a very cool design.
    Your attention to detail is incredible.
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    Re: Three Beginner Questions

    For $300, don't buy an F Style.
    Buy an A Style.
    For that price the A will be a far superior instrument.

    Go for a used Kentucky, Eastman, or J Bovier.
    The Kentucky KM150 is the general go to...
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    Re: Eastman ERM El Rey

    It is a very cool instrument.
    I appreciate that they took the extra effort in the details, like the wooden pickup frame, and cool wooden knobs.
    I also like that it is an 8 string.
    I think I...
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    Re: Gypsy jazz tenor guitar at modest price point

    That is a tough one, as good sounding Django/Gypsy style instruments tend to be quite expensive.
    I have searched for an affordable Gypsy Jazz six string guitar, but I have found they are always...
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    Re: Mandolin with purple finish

    There is a purple mandolin on the front page of the Girouard website, so bet they could make you one.
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