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  1. Re: Drop Box is now available for Italian 'ballo liscio' sheet mu

    Polyphon--1914 Electric/Player Pianola with Built-in Mandolin Mechanism!

    This unique type of player piano (made in Germany by Polyphon Co.)---its marketing aimed principally for the Neapolitan...
  2. Re: MC Players of Irish Traditional Music - Feedback Wanted From

    Thanks Jeff, I'm getting a load of interesting responses and also great feedback so far, I'm looking forward to sharing the results when the time comes.
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    Re: Calace L'ardimentosa tab

    Thought I'd try another since the first post (Gioviale Ritornando da Vienna tab) came through with a black thumbnail. I see this did it too. I'll check out the settings in Musescore.

    They should...
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