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    Re: Article: The Mandolin in America

    I have this book, it is good, but I'd rather play the mandolin than read about it.
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    Re: Thomastik-Infeld Strings

    I had a student in a class I taught last October that had two Collins and F and an A. The A had Thomastik stings on it and sounded far better than the F. She was a good player as well.
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    Re: Kentucky Waltz

    Nice, enjoyed it.
  4. Re: Replacing a Collings tailpiece with a James tailpiece

    String changes should be easy. Fighting with a tailpiece is ridiculous.
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    Re: Weber Bitterroot Cedar Top

    I've owned 2 cedar top mandolins. One Weber Coyote model which was a dandy mandolin and a Girouard A which was ok but lacked the response I was looking for. The sound is good but drier and not as...
  6. Re: Looking to upgrade from first, but Eastman?

    We have an Absaroka A oval hole that is a dandy. I bought a F hole once and it was a dud. Nothing would wake it up. Morris mandolins are the best bang for the buck under a grand unless you fall into...
  7. Re: Open Back / Old Time Banjos - Comparisons to Mando Builders

    If buying a lifer banjo I would consider Ome, Seeder and perhaps Cedar Mountain. My lifer banjos were all built by makers who either have died or do not make banjos any longer. Each generation has...
  8. Re: Matt Miller Picks - New to the Pick Market - Great pick/price

    I liked the BC better.
  9. Re: Eastman MD314 F-Style Oval Hole Mandolin Discontinued?

    I had a 315 and sold it to a high school kid who plays jazz on it as well anything else he has a mind to. They are great instruments for the money the 314 ought to be killer.
  10. Re: Autumn Leaves - Mandolin Chord Melody [Tab]

    NIce job, good sounding mandolin.
  11. Re: What Happened to Brian's Huge Chord List?

    Why isn't the A played on the second fret of the 4th string for the D, Dm and D7 chords?
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    Re: Budget 2 point A style mandolin

    Since the story is out for all to see, make the guy an offer and stick with it. I have played three or four Morris mandolins and they all sounded good and played well.
  13. Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    I was undeer forty once and played mandolin then too.
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    Re: We don't need no steenking flat picks!

    The first person I saw use his fingers to pick a mandolin was Kenny Hall 50 years ago. Here is a more recent video of the late mandolin man at work.
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    Re: "Lost Girl" Virtual Jam

    Nice but I usually play that at a more wistful pace, but nicely done.
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    Re: F5 with an OVAL hole?

    I have an older Weber Vintage. It has an oval hole, 14 frets and X bracing and is my favorite mandolin. Mark Bluett makes a fine mandolin. i used a hybrid F4 he made on a recording I did. It was...
  17. Re: Learn to play multiple instruments at once?

    I learned several instruments through the late 60's and early 70's and I am still learning those very same instruments. The beauty of music is there is not to it.
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    Re: Ordering strings--any luck recently?

    What the heck is a clown barf pick?
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    Re: Which mandolin to buy

    Oval hole mandolins are special. Not necessarily for bluegrass but back in the day several mandolin players used them. If you can find an old Gibson that you like go for it. A step up to a Kentucky...
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    Re: Gigs I missed because of lockdown.

    We've lost so many gigs I choose not to think about it.
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    Re: Feline String Change Caution

    I guess that is better than the dead baby rabbit in the driveway this morning. It was a chipmunk the other day. The Indigo Bunting really hurt about like stepping on an E string in the carpet, end...
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    Re: Tunes At Home: Music In A Time Of Need

    Nice music here.
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    Re: Ellis, Pava, or Collings MT2

    If I didn't already a have a killer Elkhorn A, I would be interested in an Ellis A5. Collings usually don't have the sound I want to hear.
  24. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    Flatworld is a fine waltz. I'll have to look up Millie's not familiar with that one.
  25. Re: Some old-time/bluegrass from Spain during the lockdown

    You have an interesting harmonization of the melody with your chord choices. Never heard it quite like that but it works.
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