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    NMD Pava Pro

    I am happy to share my new mandolin from the Mandolin Store. This is my Pava Pro Deluxe A5, with a varnish finish, torrefied top, one piece back, gold James tailpiece, gold Gotoh Tuners, ebony...
  2. Re: How much should I ask? Weber Black Ice Octave + mandolin

    Separate. Ask for 2/3rds. Be happy with anything over half original.

    Or ask 1 million each. That way you don't have to worry about selling them and, hey, you tried.
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    Re: Guitar/Mandolin Gig Bag

    Since I ride a scooter most if the time, I use a bag like this I just put some extra padding around my mandolin, and my octave also fits...
  4. Two of the great living mandolinists today: Sam B. And Chris T.

    Done on Chris's show, by the looks being broadcast from Telluride festival. God I wish I could go one year...

    Hope you enjoy

    (and apologies if...
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    Re: What if Gibson had not existed?

    Hmmm .... without Gibson. . .... I'd probably have a Harley ....... R/
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    Re: Safe buying on Reverb?

    We need to make an observation here, then we'll butt out.

    The official position is the Cafe has no problem with Reverb as a service. We allow people to link to their Reverb sales as we do Craig's...
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    Re: Mandolincafe Restoration Challenge

    It has been seven years since this wonderful project was initiated, well actually longer, as Darryl acquired the body and neck before he proposed the restoration challenge. Since that time, I have...
  8. Re: "What kind of music do you play?" and other pet peeves

    Yes I like that term. In homage to LS, I named a past trad scand trio Leftover Lutefisk - which also was descriptive of the music we played (we were old, and, well... )
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    Re: Some Questions about F-hole Design

    Carl look under his Design/Tone here.
  10. Re: Rate my Logic: Choosing the Chinese over the USA Mando

    I’ve played many eastman/Kentucky mandolins. Many are great starter mandolins but to my ears really don’t have the depth of tone and flawless playability that you will get in something like a...
  11. Re: Curious about the Bluegrass mandolin market segment

    The organization I play with the most (when I get out of the house to do it) is the Austin Friends of Traditional Music. The name says it all. Bluegrass is only part of it. These days they even have...
  12. Re: Curious about the Bluegrass mandolin market segment

    I was thinking about this from a different point. The Bluegrass mandolin does in fact rule with a huge market share. The catch is, the people purchasing these are not predominately playing...
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    Re: Does nut width really matter?

    I agree about guitars. I've had custom acoustic and electric guitars made with 1 7/8" nuts. My current steel string acoustic guitar has a 1 13/16" nut. But a mandolin isn't a guitar. To the extent...
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    Re: Best Mandolin Method Books

    I've looked at a number of basic instruction books, and own the Tottle and Horne ones. Recently I've been working with a relatively little-known one by Eddie Collins (not to be confused with Todd...
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