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  1. Re: Cheap electric mandolin- Eastwood, Kentucky, Gold Tone, or...

    I have an Eastwood "mandocaster" which I bought pre-owned for about $350 with a nice rectangular case. I think the build quality (especially the neck) is quite good for what is less than a $500 setup...
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    Re: Trying out Curt Mangan strings...

    I gave them a shot on my MF5 and absolutely love them. Very balanced sound and feel great under my fingers. They still sound fresh with about 30 hours of use. I just ordered a few more sets and added...
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    Re: Sam Bush Documentary

    Set the alarm clock for 6am to get up and watch it uninterrupted this morning. It was fantastic, really enjoyed it. Rented it on Amazon but would certainly buy a “hard” DVD copy for myself and a...
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    Re: Story of My Girouard Tenor

    Congrats. That looks fantastic. I saw two new Girouard instruments this week at The Music Emporium and they looked/sounded awesome too.
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    Re: Weber Bighorn

    FWIW - I purchased a Veillette from The Music Zoo and they were great to deal with. Pretty sure they have a brick and mortar location and deal primarily in guitars. NFI on this end, but I would...
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    Re: Campanella MAS

    Agree they are something special. I'm on Joe's waiting list and maybe 5-6 months away now. I'm looking at a Due (two point). Very excited.
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    Re: 2011 Kentucky KM-160

    Great suggestion!
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    Re: Healing power of mandolin

    I've been very happy to read about your positive progress! As a fellow carpal tunnel surgery (both hands) veteran, I'm aware it's a great leap to have the surgical phase behind you and focus on...
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    Re: Case covers

    Completely agree with the usefulness of the outside pocket and extra insulation properties. Also, having backpack straps on my case cover is another plus for my frequent plane travel. It’s definitely...
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    Re: Buffalo NY area

    Check out Sportsmen's Tavern while in town... local venue for quality live music.

    Agree Bernuzio' is the closest for an assortment of instruments.

    For wings try...
  11. Non-Mandolin Content: New Romero Banjo

    Hi All:

    I don't belong to any banjo forums and felt like I needed to share this incredible instrument with like minded people. Several years ago I was able to get on Jason Romero's wait list and...
  12. Thread: day 1

    by MissingString

    Re: day 1

    Best of luck with a great recovery process. Great idea to practice tremolo. I found this lesson to be helpful especially for using a metronome effectively for trem practice. Chris
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    Re: When or why to upgrade

    Cindy, based on your Boston location if your referring to the well know acoustic store in our area, my experience has always been outstanding when playing anything I’d like to demo. I’m far from an...
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    Re: Case covers

    Ethan, yes I’ve used a viola case cove from Morodian. It works pretty well but takes a little elbow grease to zip it around a Calton from TX. I did just get a new Hoffee case and ordered the...
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    Re: My New Girouard Oval !

    Both the instruments in this thread are just gorgeous. Those in the Northeast are lucky enough to call the Girouard's "locals". If you've ever had the good fortune to communicate with Max and/or...
  16. Re: Help me choose a F-style mandolin in the $2500 - $3500 Range

    NFI - totally agree that a used MT2 is a great investment if you can be happy with an A-Style! The one referenced is tempting and shouldn’t last long. That Stiver mentioned looks incredible too.
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    Re: Little Sadie (NMC)

    Love playing that song on clawhammer banjo. Easy but powerful.
    Great version Mark! Thanks for posting this.
  18. Re: Stanley, Newson, Kimble F5 Opinions?

    A couple things you may find with Kimble ... I suspect fingerboards will all be flat, not radiused. At least every one I've seen has been flat, including my A5. You may only be able to find a Kimble...
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    Re: Something is missing!

    That’s a great story and nope... you’re not the only one. I take my mandolin on business trips and family vacations LOL. Congrats on the successful gig this morning, that’s inspiring for those of us...
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    Re: Kimble A5 Cost

    Between $5500-6000.
  21. Re: If you could ask Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers one quest


    Thile said Radiohead at MSG. Noam, Critter and Gabe said Vasen (that was a new one for me) who has an excellent Tiny Desk concert. And Paul mentioned a fiddler/violinist whose name...
  22. Re: If you could ask Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers one quest

    Good one! I saw them at House of Blues which sits behind Fenway Park in Boston. Noam said “is it fair to say we almost sold out Fenway Park?” Or something like is a great topic for...
  23. Re: If you could ask Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers one quest

    I went to the vip segment in Boston before the show a couple weeks back. Someone mentioned only about six questions will be taken which is consistent with my experience. Expect about 50 folks in...
  24. Re: A brand new Mowry oval A - I am so excited!!

    Congrats, that's just spectacular looking. I bet it has tone to match its great looks. Enjoy it for many years.
  25. Re: have you ever seen or heard a Veillette Avante Gryphon

    I’ve played the Avante as well as the USA built Gryphon at TME. They are a lot of fun and agree they feel a lot like a 12 string guitar as opposed to a mandolin. The Korean made instrument is quite...
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