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  1. Thread: Jam etiquette

    by Flutes

    Re: Jam etiquette

    The very first OT slow jam I went to, I didn’t realise I also had to stop the tune as well as start it! So we went round and round until one of the more experienced players shouted “do you want us to...
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    Re: Help with budget mandolin.

    Can I make a suggestion? When my partner was delaying replacing his battered laminate guitar, I decided to treat him to a new one. But instruments are a very personal buy so I designed a ‘guitar...
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    Re: A word of encouragement (but maybe not)

    this thread is beginning to sound like a cue to break into a round of 'The bear went over the mountain'...

    I work in a adult ed college and the building is full of people setting out to find their...
  4. Re: You know you think about mandolins too much when...

    When you squeeze onto an already overcrowded tube train and instantly notice the fellow traveler at the far end of the carriage with 'that' case. And then spend the rest of the journey thinking about...
  5. Re: Can anyone tell me anything about this banjolin?

    Newb here - coincidentally I was looking for info about banjolins the other day and was reading this old thread, hope the link works:
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    Re: If You Don't Perform In Public....

    Thanks for your kind thoughts about us newbies Mike. I've only been playing mando for 3 years but if I could afford it, would definitely go for a high end mando on the basis of sound quality, even if...
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    Re: Mando setup in London UK

    I’ve used Graham Parker in South East London to set up a bouzouki (Irish) and he’s set up my partner’s guitars.

    Although he is primarily a guitar luthier, he builds mandolins. And he’s very happy...
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