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    Re: Tascam DR-05 vs Zoom H2N

    One of my favorite Youtube music channels records with a Zoom H2N then touches up the audio in Pro Tools and I think the quality is highly impressive. He's got a couple videos on his channel about...
  2. Re: Electronic tuner: guide, or unquestionable authority?

    Quite an interesting comparison video for the tuners. One thing I was curious about though, is it typical for guitar players to tune down to a note?
  3. Re: What's the diff between Northfield NF5S and F5 models?

    What you're describing not only makes sense but is sometimes referred to as the 'law of diminishing returns' :)
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    Re: I'm buying a Mandolin

    As I'm still a ways off from my first upgrade it is exciting to watch you progress through the phases of mandolin obsession so quickly, CB :grin: Can't wait to hear your first impressions about the...
  5. Re: what size flathead screw for a 1920 F2 pickguard clamp

    I feel like I owe you an apology. I had read the product description only up to "SILVERSMITH contains cyanide" and, having verified that it was the correct product, rushed back here to share the...
  6. Re: what size flathead screw for a 1920 F2 pickguard clamp

    NFI but if you can't place a direct phone order it appears to be in stock at Caswell Plating -...
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    Re: Free Waterloo Mandolin

    Absolutely! I had been eyeing up the Calhoun just because it's more solidly in my price range but I would love the chance to own a Waterloo flat-top. Thanks for the opportunity!
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    Re: for people who don't have deep pockets.

    NFI, but I happen to know that there is a '93 Festival A for sale at Guitar Center right now for $1079. Been keeping an eye on it for a few weeks now but I'm really not in a position to take...
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    Re: Eastman MD-305

    Based on your recommendation of the EXP74CMs I just strung my MD305 up with the G and D strings from a pack of EJ74s and the A and E strings from a pack of EJ75s last night so that I'd have the same...
  10. Re: Strap attachment - A style, no body button

    I've got an MD-305 and have been tying the strap between the nut and the lowest tuners. At first I was worried that the strap-tie might push up on the strings and pop them out of the slots in the nut...
  11. Thread: ToneRite

    by WaxwellHaus

    Re: ToneRite

    Along those same lines I remember reading somewhere that Mark Twain hated smoking fresh corn cob pipes so much that he would find a local who was down on their luck and then pay them to break in his...
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    Re: Learning Video's

    If you're at all interested in purchasing standalone video lessons rather than (or in addition to) continuous subscription services there's a handy spot up at the top of the Mandolin Cafe page...
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    Re: How Much Better Does It Get

    Just an additional point for consideration:

    When my MD305 first arrived (and for ~3 months after) I was also pretty dismayed about the fretting difficulty. I sort of had it in my head that a...
  14. Re: Finished Notation for the Tab Addicted Mandolinsit Now What?

    I second Louise's recommendation to acquire a copy of 'The Complete Mandolinist' by Marilynn Mair.

    The whole 224-page book is written in standard notation (beginning from teaching people to hold...
  15. Roots of American Music Bluegrass Jam - Cleveland, Ohio

    Roots of American Music presents a Bluegrass Jam at the Beachland Ballroom.

    A free jam open to all levels of pickers. Bar and kitchen will be open for service during the jam, observers are...
  16. Do you ever sing the notes of a tune while you play it?

    I've been trying something out in my practice sessions where I try to match my voice to the pitch of the tune I'm playing and 'sing' the notes over top of my picking.

    Anybody else ever try this...
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    Re: Worm Over Robson F style tuners

    Kind of difficult to tell even on a larger screen but looking at the treble side it appears to me that the worms are cut /////, and that a clockwise turn of the button results in a clockwise turn of...
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    Re: Your Jeff Austin Memories

    I don't have a good memory of my own to share but a friend of mine posted this to FB today and it seems to fit here:

    Other Matt and I had 2nd row seats for Phish at Blossom in 2011, right behind...
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    Re: Man I need a good tuner...

    Since a couple people have put in recommendations for the Korg CA-1 & CA-2 despite them being hand-held rather than clip-on I just thought I'd mention that Korg also makes the TM-60BK, which is like...
  20. Re: BAHHHH HA HA HA HA!! Loop end you say??

    "Yeah, we sell strings. We've got roundwounds, flatwounds, and for the discerning customer we're running a special deal right now on dewounds."
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    Re: Mando Tasting, interested in your vote.

    Unfortunately the second video is claiming to be unavailable for me and I cannot perform a proper comparison at this time.
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    Re: Do We Really Need Another Pick Thread?

    Anybody used an Ernie Ball Prodigy Pick yet?

    They're Delrin, beveled, come in 1.5 and 2mm thicknesses, and my local music store sells singles for a dollar and change. Great string glide and low...
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    Re: Two Finger vs Closed Chords

    I also recently started my mandolin journey (though I played trumpet for ~8 years) with Bert Casey's Mandolin Primer and found the 4F G chord to be a pretty steep learning curve. What I feel helped...
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    Re: Ssm Bush instructional DVD suggestions

    Thank you for resurrecting an old thread. Truly pleased to have been able to take advantage of the sale and can't wait to get home tonight and start working my way through them :mandosmiley:
  25. Re: Inexpensive Mandolin with longer scale length and wide nut wi

    Well, shucks. I'm only about a month into my mandolin journey but I've been having a spot of trouble getting my sausage fingers out of the way when fretting my MD305. Going to keep at it without...
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