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    Re: How thick of a pick?

    I have used Wegen picks for 15 years and nothing else works as well for me. I started with the 1.4 guage but then had 2.00mm and if I ever pick up a 1.4 by mistake I know.

    For me it has to be...
  2. Re: Looking for F-4 string recommendation

    I've always used D'Addario J74 on F4s. The tops are thick and you need a bit of tension to get it to deliver.
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    Re: New acquisition

    Yeah thanks folks re Louis Handel Company on New York. I just remembered the Louis bit and got mixed up. I didn't know the early A3s had Handel buttons.
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    Re: Unknown archtop mandolin from USA ?

    The shape of the body and the headstock is quite similar to a Radiotone which I think was British made. They have an extra soundboard 8nderneath the top.

    I could be wrong but it does have that...
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    Re: New acquisition

    I don't think A3s had Handel tuners. Only F2, F4 and A4 as far as I know. On that subject lots of people used to say the Handel tuners were German but The Gibson Mandolin book published last year...
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    Re: Strap recommendations?

    There's an ad on Classifieds today for Massimo Gatti straps from Italy. I have two:) and they are great.

    Jimmy Powells

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    Re: To Gibson or not?

    As far as having 'The Gibson sound', although I've been a lover of Gibson fot 50 years or so and have owned 27 Gibson mandolins, I think it is a phrase which people use when trying to enhance an...
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    Re: To Gibson or not?

    I think the wedding could be taken out of the equation. Paying $1000 compared to say $300 just for one 'gig' doesn't make a great dral of sense. To the untrained ear, one mandolin sounds the same as...
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    Re: F-4 owned by Norman Blake

    On the subject of old F4s there seems to be none in the UK right now. I'm looking for one and even an ad on Cafe has produced nothing, Don't want to buy one unseen.
    If anyone knows of one in Uk...
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    Re: Ibanez mandolin questions

    The Ibanez spec says Flamed maple and topped with Solid Spruce. I think if it was all solid woods they would have said 'Solid flamed maple back and sides'.
    I just find it hard to see this being the...
  11. Re: Different picks for different instruments

    I've been using Wegen 2.00 picks for 15 years now and nothing better for volume and tone. I've tried the Dawg etc etc. I use the same Wegen 2.00 for mandolin, tenor banjo and guitar. If I pick up a...
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    Re: Maggie May mando?

    I heard from a very good source that Ray Jackson got 75 session fee. Many years later I heard he tried to claim more but not certain if 100% true or if he even took it further.
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    Re: Your MAS Progression

    I reckon I've had about 500 in the last 50 years including 230 made in China for me. I've had 27 Gibsons (including 7 F4s). Sold them all. I'm now looking for a Gibson F4. Self confessed MAS...
  14. Re: Gibson snakehead Jrs vs other snakeheads

    I agree with Mike that set up is everything. Totally undervalued. What amazes me is snakeheads at $6000 and non snakeheads at $2000 or less. Obviously a little less wood in the headstock will change...
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    Re: very old mandolin

    Hi Jim. My comment did not infer to ALL bowl backs. I said MOST have neck issues as well as intonation issues and tinny tone. I don't take that statement back. A few years ago I actually bought an...
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    Re: very old mandolin

    Apart from three Classical mandolin orchestras I've seen in the last 30 years I can't recall seeing anyone playing bowl shaped mandolins. Much as I quite like the look of them, they are awkward to...
  17. Re: Of your favorite instruments that qualify for this site...

    I've taken my Northfield Big Mon to a few gigs but always the chance that someone will knock it over when it's on it's stand if I'm playing my tenor banjo so now I take a custom Timber Tone F5 I had...
  18. Re: mandolin same tuning as a tenor banjo?

    When you say you can EASILY play the same mandolin tunes I would think twice on that. Very much longer scale so with all respect due, I doubt you'd be ab;e to EASILY play your mandolin stuff. Best...
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    Re: Confusing Gibson Flatiron

    I'm sure I saw that mandolin in a UK auction listing recently. Brompton's possibly.

    As long as you love it, I wouldn't worry about age etc.
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    Re: Classifieds

    I think that perhaps some business advertisers don't put price in on purpose to hopefully lead you to their site. That doesn't bother me at all as long as contribute financially to the Cafe. Getting...
  21. Re: Are the Flatiron F-5 Mandos As Good As I've Heard?

    Why Flatiron? There's lots of great mandolins out there so unless one of your heroes plays a Flatiron, I don't understand why you'd want to go looking for an older hard to find instrument.

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    Re: Forgive me....for I have sinned.....

    Short scale tenor banjo is brilliant. I have a 1920s Slingerland open back, nicely inlaid and great bano. Against an accordion it is tremendous and mcuh better than a mandolin in my view. For...
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Mandolin Cafe!

    Don't know what life would be without Mandolin Cafe. I've always appreciated everything that goes into the site. Simply the est, as they say.

    Than you for my daily addiction.
  24. Re: Ellis Torch and Wire in todays classified.

    When I asked Tom Ellis why he had white binding on the neck of one of his A5s when the body had ivoroid colour, he said he never stains the neck binding. He had his own reason which I can't remember...
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    Re: "Powerful/Loud!"

    Nice to have it in reserve but the thing we all hate is the people who are obsessed by their instrument overpowering others in a session. It needs to sit their and, on the occasion of it being...
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