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    Re: Thank you Scott and Dan!

    Adding my thanks for the web site and to those doing the work of sustaining it.
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    Re: Emulation v circuitry

    The Pod is great tool. I released a CD on which the guitar player (serious professional touring jazz player) used a Pod direct into the board for all tracks. Sweet tone for clean jazz, and good...
  3. Re: Kinda non-mando: volume pot taper issues


    Here's one wiring diagram. I wonder if the shorting to ground is not working, maybe on the tone control? Or shorting too early, skipping the capacitor?
  4. Re: Kinda non-mando: volume pot taper issues

    Hmm, that behavior sounds like normal audio taper and the OP is not used to it. I had an axe with linear-taper for the volume and it had the largest noticeable change at the bottom.

    Audio taper...
  5. Re: Resonance of a fiddle vs mandolins (wow)

    Violins have a different sound production mechanism, for all the effort of Loar to emulate them. The first difference is the continuous energy input from the bow, as opposed to a transient from a...
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    Re: Help with EQ'ing K&K mandolin pickup

    The usual midrange excess is around 1.2K Hz. The Baggs Para DI has a good notch sweep for mids. Try adding some 300Hz along with a steep cut at 1200.
  7. Re: Yet another string thread, but for electric mandos!


    >Sufficient copper is present in Monel to lower the Curie temperature so that although Monel is usually slightly magnetic at room temperature, it will become non-magnetic when...
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    Re: do many of you mix strings

    Certainly for a custom set like for 10-string I have to do something other than packaged sets. After settling on the best gauges I now buy in bulk, a dozen of each gauge at a time. Saves money and I...
  9. Re: Yet another string thread, but for electric mandos!

    D'Addario makes loop-end mandolin sets in nickel-wound (EJ67, .011-.039) for half the price of monel, a more expensive nickel alloy with good corrosion resistance. Nobody uses them for electric...
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    Re: Revelation Mandocaster Pickups

    They are good, but a different design than Ryder. Almuse uses small neodynium magnets under each pole, and there are models with adjusting screws. The E is given a larger magnet and is pretty...
  11. Re: Yet another string thread, but for electric mandos!

    I use regular nickel-would, bought in bulk (dozens) from JustStrings. Worth trying are stainless-steel-would. For a while I enjoyed them on my Ryder 5-string, using .024 for the D. When I began using...
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    Re: Mando and guitar string question

    Why do you need medium diameter? Lighter (thinner) strings will sit fine in the bridge and nut if properly cut.

    My good friend who repairs guitars and regularly has to reset necks on old guitars...
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    Re: Mando and guitar string question

    Gauge always matches tension for similar materials. Bronze, nickel, monel, and flatwound have nearly identical tension for identical gauge. Silk and steel are lower tension in the wound strings,...
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    Re: Odd problem with treble pairs

    Taller frets might invite too much pressure but that would be kind of random in effect. If your pitch difference is consistently in one direction, the strings may be at different heights at the...
  15. Re: “one announcement we're privy to that will rock the industry”

    Compared to violin, mandolin is easy to amplify. Granted, the peculiar tone of an F5 is more of a challenge than a flat top guitar, but I will point to Drew Emmitt's Nugget F5 with Baggs bridge that...
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    Re: 2020 NAMM Show Report

    Some handsome instruments, none have enough strings.
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    Re: Different Plectra

    Yes, I use a lighter pick for electric. Dunlop Ultex .60mm and medium .73mm for acoustic. Same profile, standard flatpick.
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    Re: Pre NAMM discussion

    I predict you will not see an electric 10-string mando. Slight chance of acoustic, around 3%.
  19. Re: What's Your Favorite Instrumental-Mandolin Album?

    Hamilton de Holanda “Jacob Bossa” for updated virtuosic and sensitive renditions of Jacob do Bandolim favorites.

    And my favorite Don Stiernberg album is “Mandoboppin!”
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    Re: What's The One That Got Away?

    When I became interested in a 10-string mandolin I saw a Buchanan briefly listed on Ebay. It sold, and I ended up ordering a new one (and two more).
  21. Thread: Improvising

    by Tom Wright

    Re: Improvisin

    What we don’t know is if the two accomplished improvisers ever tried composing solos at home while developing their improv chops. Given that many of us have tried learning transcribed improvs, it...
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    Re: Common Chord shapes

    The easy, go-to shapes like 2-2-4-5 or 0-0-2-3 (A and G) are very spread in tone and don’t easily fit into the other music. Especially for punchy chopping, close intervals on the low strings is...
  23. Re: Replacement pickups for Vorson electric uke to mando conversi

    Light tone on the E happens naturally. More important than the magnet touching (the pole piece is in the field, touching not necessary) is how close the pole piece is to the string. Instead of...
  24. Re: Emando players: What do you want in an amp?

    I had chance to play through the predecessor to the MicroPro at a jazz jam, using my Almuse in a gaggle of horns. Sweet tone and plenty loud, gentle clipping in the overdrive channel for smoother...
  25. Thread: Improvising

    by Tom Wright

    Re: Improvising

    I would venture that you need to learn/store a lot more than a solo break for every tune.

    I find a riff or solo appealing, and then try to learn the interesting bits for myself. In order to have...
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