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  1. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    Wow! I really enjoyed that!
  2. Re: Bourgeois Guitars Partners with Eastman

    Working capital is always first and foremost with any business. Without sufficient capital, a business cannot grow or be competitive. Costs of manufacturing steadily increase; so do costs of...
  3. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    I truly enjoyed this video of Mike Katz playing the Scottish smallpipes with Mike Whellans on harmonica.
  4. Re: How to choose a good F style mandolin when you are miles from

    +1 on Avenue Guitars. Excellent shop with terrific service.
  5. Re: How to choose a good F style mandolin when you are miles from

    My recommendations:

    My first and foremost recommendation for anyone looking to make a sizeable investment is to go where the instruments are. Pick a location, take some of your budget and go on a...
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    R. I. P. Robert Hunter

    He will be missed, but thankfully his memorable lyrics will live on.
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    Re: One more banjo question

    I like Ome banjos. But they’re made in pretty limited quantities and can be difficult to come by. I have four Ome banjos; two that I use for clawhammer. The one I use the most is a 2005 Ome Custom...
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    Re: What's up with USPS?

    For what itís worth, I believe that USPS does an admirable job under some adverse conditions. I donít have numbers but I would venture to say that the volume of mail that is now handled by USPS is...
  9. National Tenor Tri-cone Resonator Guitar

    NFI. Can't remember seeing another one of these in the wild. Don't know what it sounds like, but it looks like it would be fun to play.
  10. Re: You know you think about mandolins too much when...

    …on your way to work you pick up your mandolin case instead of your laptop bag.


    …you suggest that “Gibson” would be a fine name for a grandchild.
  11. Re: For All Of You On The Southeast US Coast

    So good to get your post, John! And, as always, thanks to the Coast Guard for being there!
  12. Re: For All Of You On The Southeast US Coast

    After seeing images of the storm’s destruction in the Bahamas, I’m at a loss for words. I hope you continue to be safe, John. While I am unable to physically lend a hand, my prayers continue for all...
  13. For All Of You On The Southeast US Coast

    I hope and pray for your and your loved onesí safety. Please let us know how you are doing as you are able.
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    Re: Musician Jokes

    It appears that there’s some folks making a good living off your music. Keep stimulating the economy like that and one day they’ll elect you president.
  15. Re: Hypothetical high dollar mando purchase question...

    It’s admirable that folks offer sensible guidance. That said, if I was looking for an upper tier mandolin, I personally would enjoy playing a Randy Wood. Such a wonderful voice and so eminently...
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    Re: Visit to Avenue Guitars

    Terrific folks to know! Avenue Guitars has got to be one of my most favorite shops; of course it's John and Sean that make it that way. I'm glad that you had the opportunity to meet them.
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    Re: Always surprised how people send stuff

    I’ve only purchased three stringed instruments that required shipping. The first was a guitar from an administrator of the UMGF (Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum). That individual really knew what he...
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    Re: Some days are like that . . .

    Your post struck a chord (no pun intended) in me. Thank you for sharing. It was just what I needed.
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    Re: Woodstock


    For me in the 60s and early 70s, it was WLS (John Landecker) out of Chicago and KAAY (Beaker Street with Clyde Clifford) out of Little Rock. Both 100,000 watt AM stations. Both introduced me to...
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    Re: beside the mandolin.


    Not necessarily my favorites, but these seem to follow me around more than my others.
  21. Re: looking to move, but I have no clue where ?.

    Tennessee could be a reasonable choice. Vanderbilt in Nashville has a highly regarded medical center. University of Tennessee in Knoxville is also very well respected. And Knoxville ranks in the top...
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    Re: Woodstock

    I wasn’t there.

    I actually didn’t know anything about it until the festival was taking place, and only then because of the news coverage. None of my friends had a clue either.

  23. Re: What is the most mandolins you've owned at one time?

    Currently 12 – which is the most I’ve ever had at one time.

    c1900 Midland #3401 Bowlback
    1906 Martin Style 1 Bowlback
    1919 Martin Style C
    1916 Gibson A
    c1920 GH&S XS Banjo Mandolin
  24. Re: THANKS! to Denver Folklore Center and Eastman Mandolins

    Harry Tuft is truly one of a kind. He’s just a terrific individual who personally knows just about all the major folk and Americana players, both past and present. He’s in the Colorado Music Hall of...
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    Re: Mandolins for 6k and under?

    There’s a 1994 Randy Wood F5 for sale on Reverb. It’s overbudget at $6495 but you can always make an offer. I really like the sound of Randy Wood mandolins. About 5 years ago, I was able to look at...
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