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    Re: What's up with USPS?

    The wages have plummeted at the USPS for two decades and new delivery people are not that far above minimum wage ($15 here) and sorting is really hard in the time allowed. You get what you pay for....
  2. Re: How do you test the qualities you're looking for in a Mandoli

    I'm fairly new but I've found it helpful to bring my mandolin and switch back and forth. Without a reference instrument I get very fuzzy about comparisons. With, I can remember volume level and tone...
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    Re: Potential USA Recesssion?

    Retired, fixed income, recession doesn't effect me other than hopefully bringing down the prices of toys I might buy.

    I'm an economics junkie, read a lot of classics econ books, attended the local...
  4. Re: Would you sacrifice tone for playability?

    The thread title caught my eye because I recently made a decision to go with maximising playability over maximising tone. My fingers can barely tell the difference between medium and light strings so...
  5. Re: Combination sound hole and a special carve?

    The point which I meant to make, and made badly, about the Gibson f versus oval holes is that sound holes effect bracing, how the top is carved, etc. so that his statement that all holes are...
  6. Re: Combination sound hole and a special carve?

    Watch those absolutist statements. There is, for instance, a huge difference between having a sound hole and having no sound hole at all.

    Are you taking the position that any sound hole(s)...
  7. Re: Combination sound hole and a special carve?

    What I'd love to hear is an F style with a single air hole near the scroll to allow the largest area for top vibration. I have a Tacoma Thunderchief and the Olympia version and bass players generally...
  8. Re: Can anyone tell me anything about this banjolin?

    Dig the griffon. Calfskin can be very thin as when used for snare side drum heads. It looks like calfskin, which is what this would have come with originally.
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    Re: K&K Pickup Question

    Nothing is that simple. I built a sound system and paid $30 a pop for Motorola spec piezos and it made a BIG difference over using the $5 ones.
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    Re: Eastwood Cosey electric

    They need 9 more people to join the 3 they have in order to produce it. I didn't realize that they had adopted the Massdrop (now Drop) model. Since it is the only model on their "Current Projects"...
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    Re: I'm buying a Mandolin

    One and done is pretty tough. I'd play a scale and a couple of chords on every mandolin you can get your hands on and pick the one that feels the best in your hands.

    I bought the first bargain I...
  12. Re: looking to move, but I have no clue where ?.

    The North Carolina suggestion sounds like a winner. Big retirement destinations and Universities with prominent medical schools should have the hospital you need in a non-urban setting.

    I can...
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    Re: what is the best selling mandolin.

    The mandolin " that most people on the mandolin café have now" is a null set. There is no mandolin model owned by over half the forum members.

    The "best selling mandolin" is probably the Rogue.
  14. Re: A likely contentious opinion on electric mandolins

    So, you think the only point of getting an electric mandolin when you already have an acoustic mandolin is to have two instruments which sound very similar?

    My main reason was to have the same...
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    Re: Free Waterloo Mandolin

    No, I mean . . . . . . . .

    well . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    OK, I'll do the polite thing and participate.
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    Re: If You Don't Perform In Public....

    I don't see how my neighbor can justify his $30,000 McIntosh stereo system since he only plays it in his home.

    Here's a little secret from someone that's performed at a multitude of venues on...
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    Re: Carbon Fiber Mandolin

    If it has good bass and tone for $1000 or less I'd buy one.
  18. Re: mandolin pickup comparison: K&K vs. Dazzo

    I've read this and other pertinent threads. Thanks for all the information. My mandolin is getting a new top and I needed to decide on an internal pickup before the new top is attached. I just...
  19. Re: Help! I can't hear the beat when I play a break

    This is not picking a random stranger. The OP knows who he can trust for a steady beat in his family band.
  20. Re: Gibson destroys hundreds of Firebird X's

    Em Tee is right.

    The guitar I learned on was a '58 Gibson 335. Decades after selling it I wanted a similar neck. In 2014 Gibson was closing out it's 2013 Tribute Les Pauls and I bought a 50's...
  21. Re: Help! I can't hear the beat when I play a break

    Don't look at your mandolin. Look at someone else tapping their foot or playing straight on or off beat. Let them be your conductor.
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    Re: Reasons to avoid practicing

    My new perfect mandolin is in the shop for a month. My old imperfect mandolin will be sold when I get the new one back. Perhaps playing on such a different neck will set me back when I change over to...
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    Re: Best suited cast tailpiece

    I was just about to buy a 2nd from Allen (marred finish), which are about $80 IIRC, when one popped up on Reverb, new in package, from a guy whose plans changed. I got that for less.
  24. Re: Need an Amp for my solid-body four-string electric mandolin

    I wanted clean and that meant Fender clean, 6L6 or 6V6 power tubes. On guitar I used a Fender Twin Reverb (4 6L6's) for decades. It's too loud and too heavy for me to use now. I picked up a couple of...
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    Re: ebay Eastman violin, place your bets

    Thanks for the education and advice. I'll offer it for trade for a 4/4 or cash sale, say $325 delivered into the Seattle metro area. I'll keep the Eric Steiner full sized bow.
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