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  1. Re: Help identifying the Gibson Mando in this YouTube performance

    Looks to be an earlier Gibson A. You should be able to find one of those (or an A Jr.) if you look enough. An A Jr. is even more plain looking than the regular A. But they should sound very similar....
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    Re: Double Standard

    I've probably mentioned this before, but a friend has a J-45 that is held together with JB Weld. Or maybe Bondo. It's been that way for probably 25 to 30 years. And it's one of the greatest sounding...
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    Re: What are your go-to crowd pleasers?

    I understand that. Was addicted to the Hokey Pokey for a while. But I turned myself around. And it seems like "Somewhere Else" is related to a request I get all the time - they keep asking if I can...
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    Re: What are your go-to crowd pleasers?

    If my wife is around, will have her sing Metsakukkia while I play melody behind her. Otherwise, my first few go to pieces are often Ringnesen Reinlender, Ellin Polkka, Mouth of the Tobique or Reel de...
  5. Re: What Do You Use for Editing Standard Notation

    I use Musescore 3. Like JL277z said, all the instructions are out there, just finding it is the tough part. Took me the devil of a time to transcribe a tune where there was one short measure at the...
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    Re: Buy without trying

    Have purchased a couple of mandolins without trying them. However, I had enough experience to know what I was likely getting. Still not my first way of doing things, but these days, it's just the way...
  7. Re: What do you do when you're Just. Not. Feeling it?

    Agree with some others here, plateaus happen. All the above suggestions are good and have done them. And sometimes it's just enough to go back to the basic tunes you first learned and just play them...
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    Re: Cafe face masks

    Yup. Got one heading my way, too. Like Charles, I might be wearing mine with my cap. Or more likely my Minnesota Twins cap or straw fedora.
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    Re: Old vs New Oval

    Others have said it better, but the difference in sound between a Collings and vintage Gibson is vast. Now, I like both. My Collings isn't an oval, but I wouldn't hesitate to play Irish music on it...
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    Re: Goodwill Gibson A

    Yeah, it's just me, but the only way I shop on-line Goodwill items is through eBay. The Seattle store and a couple of others do put very fair prices on books. Possibly because folks want physical...
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    Re: Goodwill Gibson A

    My mistake. Sorry about that.
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    Re: Easiest Strings to Play?

    Another vote for Thomastiks. I personally find they are easier on the fingers than even the D'Addario flatwounds. But that is just my opinion. Usually, I end up using the D'Addario as they are...
  13. Thread: Humidity

    by Eric Platt

    Re: Humidity

    High humidity, along with my sweating, is one major reason I like both arm rests and tone gards on my mandolins. Back when I was just playing guitar, I damaged a decent Martin at a festival playing....
  14. Re: Have you EXP74 users switched to XTís?

    Xt's are definitely different sounding than EXP. Have only tried them on one mandolin (the Flatiron) and they work well on that instrument. Have not tried them on any other mandolins. They are...
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    Re: Is this how it starts?

    Congrats on having such a great Strad-O-Lin. They have a great sound. Yours is fantastic. I agree with Jake as to the time period. The valve cover tuners seem to have been popular in '40 and '41....
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    Re: Goodwill Gibson A

    Could just be a clean one. While it may have been professionally cleaned, it still doesn't look like it had significant use. The market is soft for old A models, IMO. Be interesting to see how much...
  17. Re: $59,000 Reward for Missing Shipping Ledger

    Maybe they'll get George Gruhn to verify. (He once figured out a fake flying V as the router bits used weren't made until after the instrument was supposedly built.)

    Wonder if this is related to...
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    Re: the first 3 tunes you learned?

    Guitar - Girl I Left Behind, Red Haired Boy, Liberty. That was about 25-30 years ago.
    Mandolin - Cowhide Boots, Appelbo, Storm.

    Originally learned Cowhide Boots from Chirps Smith a number of...
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    Re: jams with friends during covid

    Been doing a few band practices in a backyard. We're well spaced and masks are worn most of the time. Trying to be careful as 2 members are high risk and the rest of us have above average risk. Have...
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    Re: All of My 2020 Festivals Have Been Cancelled

    Same here. Not even farmer's markets happening. Not sure what next year will bring. Like some others am glad I don't rely on it for a living. However, do miss out on the travel and playing with folks...
  21. Re: Matt Miller Picks - New to the Pick Market - Great pick/price

    Agree with other observations. It's good for the price, but scratchy. And no bevel. I need to make one and smooth it out. I like the very pointed tip. Gets a good response on my instruments. But IMO...
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    Re: 1901 Gibson?

    Interestingly enough, there was a "1918 A-1" with similar finish and bridge that was sold through Music Go Round in Woodbury, MN over the past weekend. I did not see the instrument in person and the...
  23. Re: Kalamazoo Mandolin Mystery--zippier sound hole binding

    Unfortunately I don't have photos of it, but do believe the first KM-11 I owned had that decoration. Bought it through Willie's American Guitars in St. Paul.

    Wonder if the purfling was left over...
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    Re: Help with Martin Style 20 at GC Brooklyn

    Not necessarily. Within the last year purchased and returned a 1930's A-50. It ended up staying at the GC where I picked it up for about a week, then shipped to another local GC where it was...
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    Re: A little late but here is my NMD post

    Very nice. Really want to try one someday.
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