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    Re: Griffith Loar A-5 drawings?

    James, was that L-5 data ever published? I cannot see any obvious link on the Oberlein Acoustics site.

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    Re: Biehl Mandolin advise please

    When I was researching mandolin info for The Mandolin, I found a couple of dedicated Beihl collectors in Davenport who had tracked his career through the local newspapers and city records who sent me...
  3. Re: Louis Patennotte 12 string mandolin?

    Mattaincourt is the next town south of Mirecourt, which was the French stringed instrument manufacturing centre. Patennotte was one of the larger factories in the area. Like the German builders in...
  4. Re: First attempt at heat bending: questions

    The usual thinking is that the metal pipe should be hot enough that water sprayed on should just bounce off. You can check this as the pipe heats up and it will get hotter at different parts of the...
  5. Re: Required tools for building own fingerboards?

    I have been using stainless steel rulers, 6", 12" and 24" from a variety of manufacturers, and bought mostly from our equivalent of Lowes/Home Depot. They all match up with no discernible...
  6. Re: Required tools for building own fingerboards?

    As Tom Haywood suggests, you do not need much in the way of tools to slot a fretboard. A table saw and templates are wonderful but the job can be done with a handsaw (and the StewMac saw with the...
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    Re: Big Mandolin With Banjo Tuning

    Here are a couple of pics of a baritone version I built back in 2016. Lowest string was a G (from memory) and it had a lovely growly tonality. Spruce, Australian blackwood body with a mahogany neck....
  8. Re: Help me identify this bowlback please!

    Interesting idea, except that in the Italian style of building bowl back mandolins from the late 19th century the bowl and neck were made as a single unit. The bowl is built by one end of the ribs...
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    Re: Sapele back plate thickness

    Sapele is not a commonly used wood for carved mandolins these days, though it was used earlier last century a lot more. Sapele is likely to be a bit lighter than maple so it might be better a little...
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    Re: Fret Files and Other luthier tools?

    I was reminded by this discussion of the tool I first used for fret levelling and reprofiling close to 40 years ago. A plate of aluminium with two creases in it which was sold by the only place in...
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    Re: A new classical mandolin

    Attached is a link to an mp3 of a 3 part Australian mazurka, called The Lanky Long Legs Mazurka, collected in my home town of Gilgandra, NSW from an old accordion player who went to school with my...
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    A new classical mandolin

    Just strung up this morning, a classical mandolin, for want of a better term. 13" scale, with a body inspired by a carved top Italian mandolin I found a photo of years ago. The soundboard is Sitka,...
  13. Re: Stew mac -- waverly f-style mandolin tuners

    Back in 2010 I visited the Waverly factory in Boseman MT and was able to watch as the base plates for mandolin tuners were machined out of a block of bronze by a CNC mill. A most impressive process...
  14. Re: Luthier for Fouchetti-period mandoline? Or Bortolazzi style?

    It might be worthwhile asking around the lute building community, but I can't think of anyone else who offers 18th century Neapolitan mandolins. I suspect the market is a micro-niche for such things...
  15. Re: Luthier for Fouchetti-period mandoline? Or Bortolazzi style?

    I take it that you are talking about early Neapolitan style mandolins as made by the Vinaccias, Fabricatore and others from 1760-1800 or so which used that stringing. If so, I would talk to Alfred...
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    Re: Post a picture of what's on your bench?

    Pics of the two mandolins. The more guitar shaped instrument is the second of this design after I posted the first one a few weeks ago. This one is around 1/4" wider and longer and seems more in...
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    Re: Post a picture of what's on your bench?

    Playing around with some bound head plate ideas for the next couple of developmental mandolins as part of a project to build a matched mandolin quartet.The one on the left is bookmatched gidgee or...
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    Re: New five course mandocello

    Hello Andy

    facebook won't let me see it :crying:
  19. Re: No mandolin content. Taylor Guitars story about sourcing wood

    What was curious is that I could not find any mention of what species of timber they were planning on using. I have no idea what has been planted as street trees in Southern California, other than...
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    Re: String tension question

    Michael has kindly linked to the string tension calculator on my website, but it does have its limitations. As Bob A has mentioned tension is based on the mass of the string per unit length, but the...
  21. Re: Who was the first American mandolin manufacturer?

    Barry's point about a guittar not really being a mandolin is pertinent. I would argue that citterns (which is what a guittar is) diverged from what became mandolins two or three hundred years...
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    Re: Guitar body octave bracing

    Looking forward to seeing some pics. Feel free to email if you have any other questions about the book.

  23. Re: Who was the first American mandolin manufacturer?

    My apologies Barry. I had forgotten that you had already suggested that important reference. I would think if anyone could give an expert opinion on the origin of the Davenport guittar it would be...
  24. Re: Who was the first American mandolin manufacturer?

    Having another look at the detailed pics of the guittar from Davenport, it looks very much like an instrument that came out of one of the guittar makers in Britain or the French makers acrossr the...
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    Re: Guitar body octave bracing

    I like the X/lattice system as the lattice (for reasons I don't understand) gives a sharper attack to the note and a distinct separation between notes. It stops a pin-bridge guitar bodied bouzouki or...
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