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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving

    Wishing you all a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving!

    Best wishes, Zach & the girls

    P.S. I let them choose which mandolin to hold for the picture. Even kids know what's what! I got left with...
  2. A banjo album that deserves wider recognition

    I rarely get excited about an album of banjo instrumentals, but I make an exception for this one. This is music that deserves our collective attention. And remember, this comment is from a guy (me)...
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    Recent A model Mandolin

    Here is a recent A Model mandolin of mine - I don't make as many of these as I do my Celtic F mandolin, but they're really great.

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    Georgia on My Mind

    I took a little break from my 1001 Irish tunes project to work up this Ray Charles Classic... link below
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    Re: Should I buy a Charango?

    I bought a charango many years ago from Joe Todaro of World Frets. He has some connections with good luthiers in Bolivia (I think) and his prices are reasonable. After a few years it needed a little...
  6. Re: Ukulele Chords Played on Mandolin: Something is Wrong

    Thank you Pappyrich. Seems like my mind is wired to make things difficult some times. I think I'll be good from here. I'm interested to see how some of these tunes sound on the mandolin.

  7. Re: Ukulele Chords Played on Mandolin: Something is Wrong

    If I understand your dilemma correctly, yes you just need to use mandolin chord shapes to play each as shown on your music site. If the guitar chord is "G" then you use a mandolin "G" chord shape on...
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    Re: Dennis Vance receives double transplant

    Just spoke to Dennis by phone. He was with some family at a restaurant having lunch and has been out of the hospital since Monday. Sounded much better than the last time we spoke which was just a few...
  9. Re: A couple of recordings featuring mandolin

    Dig it...
  10. Re: Two Hornpipes: Rights of Man and Off to California

    A hornpipe was originally an instrument, then became a dance, first done to a hornpipe. This Wikipedia article explains fairly well what a hornpipe is, or rather what hornpipes are. As Dave says, in...
  11. Re: Two Hornpipes: Rights of Man and Off to California

    Really nice pickin' there!
  12. Re: Two Hornpipes: Rights of Man and Off to California

    Lovely set and playing, Dave. Off to California is one of my favourites and a tune we played a lot in our ceilidh band here in Scotland.
  13. New tune I wrote, "Red Winged Blackbird"

    Still a work in progress, and the mandolin was a little stiff that day, but I hope you enjoy it!
  14. Happy Birthday Dennis Vance, hoping for a transplant

    Happy birthday today to The Mandolin Store's Dennis Vance. Hoping everyone will join in on us congratulating him on another trip around the sun.

    Zach, Dennis' son, tells me he's just been released...
  15. Thread: Timing issues

    by Ranald

    Re: Timing issues

    This is an interesting discussion. I'm enjoying the thoughtful comments. Sorry for going on at length, but this is an important topic.

    To put timing issues into perspective, music and singing have...
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    NMD Pava Pro

    I am happy to share my new mandolin from the Mandolin Store. This is my Pava Pro Deluxe A5, with a varnish finish, torrefied top, one piece back, gold James tailpiece, gold Gotoh Tuners, ebony...
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    Drunk at the party

    Hello everyone!

    I just wanted to share with you a jazzy song for two mandolins and fake audience that I've written. It's been a lot of fun!


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    Re: Is this how it starts?


    Here's how I do it.
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    Re: Anybody know anything?

    Vague recollections of a song based on some comic saying that's been kicked around:
    "The sophomore, the mighty, speaks:
    The more you study, the more you know
    The more you know, the more you...
  20. this is so cool, there's an Oud in there

    The Weight | Featuring Ringo Starr and Robbie Robertson | Playing For Change | Song Around The World
  21. Musica Exercise: From Mandolin Duet to Electric Band

    Hi everyone!

    As has happened to a lot of people, this lockdown has left indefinitely inactive what was supposed to be my new band. And, after the first three or four weeks of trying to write new...
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    Japanese Folk Songs

    They fascinated me with their melodies which are unusual for the Europe where I live. I harmonized the melody based on the European tradition. But I hope it doesn‘t matter.Because this recording...
  23. Re: Original instrumental: The Equinoctials

    Sounds great Dave!
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    Dolinman's Reel

    New music from Dolinman (Diptanshu Roy), a marvelous Calcutta based mandolinist (and member of the Mandolin Cafe) well versed in all things traditional bluegrass (a fine Monroe style player) in...
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    Re: March of the Tiny Instruments

    What a charming little piece! I liked almost everything about it. :)
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