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  1. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    My usual 'mandola' is actually an Arrow G5 hollow body electric 5 string mandolin with a 15" scale length. It solves a lot of stretching/fingering issues.

    My 'real' mandola is a Weber Alder #2,...
  2. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.


    Ask and ye shall receive. Got this from the man hisownself. :)

  3. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    I don't have the mandola tab, no. I do have the guitar tab though. I was thinking about putting it in TEF and then trying to convert it from guitar to mandola.
    I caught the A part by repeated...
  4. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    tmsweeney is right about sharing a lot of sonic space with the guitar.

    I've been playing along to Eric Skye's "Kathryn by the Delaware" on the mandola. I can match the pitch of his guitar part on...
  5. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    Slap a capo on the octave mandolin at the fifth fret and have a go!

    The scale will be a bit shorter than the usual 16" or 17" but the fingering will be the same.

  6. Re: In praise of solid body mandolins.

    How about:
    6) 100% more control over your tone. No reliance upon sound engineers who may or may not know what a mandolin is supposed to sound like.
    7) Cool chord inversions available if you use a...
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    Re: Acoustic pedal

    I was thinking of it not for sounding acoustic, I have enough acoustic mandolin family instruments that it's not necessary in that capacity. I was thinking of adding a bit of reverb (outboard of the...
  8. Re: Electronic tuner: guide, or unquestionable authority?

    These are both about guitars, but you get the idea.

    Tuning is relative because it has been equalised in western music. (Thank Bach for that.)
    Trust your ears, but agree about these things with...
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    Re: Eastman El Rey Video Review

    The e string issue is endemic. It cannot be avoided.
    Nothing will make an electric mandolin have the same output as an electric guitar. Electric mandolins have shorter scale lengths, and...
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    Re: Playing a five string vs a four

    I think of a 5 string emando as a mandola with a cheater 'e' course.

    Get yourself started with mandola chords/CGDA. Then start playing scales using all 5 strings. What you'll quickly sort out is...
  11. Re: A likely contentious opinion on electric mandolins

    Love that Jason Anick video. I play a similar beast made by the same luthier, Paul Lestock, but I only aspire to that level of musicianship.

    Why I play emando...
    (15 years of gigging, recording,...
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    Re: General Mandolin Post

    If we didn't discuss the minutiae what would we say to each other? :)

    Take all this advice with a grain of salt and use according to your situation.

    For example, I have NEVER humidified my...
  13. Re: UK Luthier to build 4 String Solid Body Electric Mandolin

    Pete Malinson of Almuse, who may reply on his own behalf, has given his gear to the folks in the links above. Check...
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    Re: I play a little guitar...

    I once described my dreadnought as a "six single string course octave mandolin in an alternate tuning."
    It got a laugh.

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    Re: I canít play now

    I lost a friend to a similar accident.
    I'm sorry you've been hit, sorry driver has not take responsibility, and sorry you're laid up. But I'm glad you're still with us.
    Take your time and heal...
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    Re: Song Writers???

    A wonderful songwriter and a well know English folkie named Reg Meuross has said the words should come first.

    For me, like the posters above, the reality is a bit more complicated. The only quick...
  17. Re: Question about Acoustic Amps and PreAmps

    Yep. Non-musicians listen with their eyes. But better sound will improve the overall experience, so they will like it better. They just won't be able to tell you why.

    I use an Orchid...
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    Re: Eastman ERM El Rey

    Might be a good idea to add these to a section of :)

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    Re: Carbon Fiber Mandolin

    There are multiple carbon fibre guitars on the market. Along with Emerald Guitars AVA Instruments, Rainsong Guitars, and CA guitars come to mind. I think AVA are also building bowl back mandolins...
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    Re: Musician Jokes

    What did the trombone player say at his first gig?
    "Do you want fries with that?"

    Did you hear the one about the bass player who tried to commit suicide because he couldn't keep time? Yep, threw...
  21. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    This paragraph made me laugh. I don't think ANYONE who has ever thought about purchasing a Dean guitar (V or Z) has ever said to themselves,...
  22. Re: Gibson threatening the mandolin and guitar luthier community

    Some thoughts...

    1) What bothers me most about this video is that the message violates the camaraderie and the cooperative nature of the luthiery community. Gibson is taking a go-it-alone and...
  23. Re: Rio Grande Mock 4 Pickup for Gibson EM200

    I have been digging ever deeper into electric instrumentation and amplification this past year. I agree with Len. If your very good looking EM200 is electrically stock then there may be things you...
  24. The D.Gilchrist in the classifieds
    No connection to me whatsoever.

    I look at the work and I think, "That's beautiful stuff, but it should be 5 string with a Jonathan Mann wrap...
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    Re: Eastman ERM El Rey


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