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    Re: Butch Baldassari Tunes

    Great job Don!

    I have yet to learn any of Butch's original tunes, but one of my first instructional aides was Butch's "Bluegrass Mandolin Workshop" DVD. It really got me off on the right foot I...
  2. Re: Thoughts - Northfield Artist Series Engelmann Five Bar

    I think I have only played one of the 5-bar variety so I'm not necessarily qualified to say, but I do have the Tura DLX case and absolutely love it!
    I suspect your 5 bar w/ Engelmann will have an...
  3. Re: Northfield Mandolins - Big Mon vs Artist

    I have a 4th Gen and an F5S. Absolutely love them both for different reasons. The F5S is Engelmann so that makes it a nice change of pace, but it doesn't hold up in a loud jam as well.

    The couple...
  4. Re: New OM day, and some questions about others

    I had an Eastman MDA815 mandola for a while. It was beautiful in looks, but left me wishing for a better sound. I wound up just selling it because I played it very rarely.
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    Re: Weird fretted octobass

    thanks for sharing that video Jim. I had never heard of such a thing! Learn something every day
  6. Have purchased all 3 rounds of this. Just...

    Have purchased all 3 rounds of this. Just amazing! I bought a mandocello, and so far have not done much with it, but listening to these definitely inspires me with the possibilities.
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    Re: Tone Traveler

    Here is a video from Marcel doing some testing on guitars.
    I was skeptical before hand and I remain skeptical after watching it. But it was interesting to see.a-P8IRnIdbA
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    Re: Northfiled Ox stand for guitar?

    Do you have yours sitting on a hard surface or carpet? I have been interested in the stand for the beautiful look of it, but my music room is carpeted and I'm not sure how sturdy it might be.
  9. Re: Why are some songs not written in the key they are in?

    Maybe to emphasize the fact that those C notes should be C# in the key of A. Maybe because "Glen Allen" didn't know how to change the key on the software and Mike didn't have time to redo it.
  10. Re: Does Gibson have a website for it's mandolins?

    Can't help but think of the great scene in Christmas Vacation. "Retooling, that's a great excuse. Retooling? I'll retool you!"
  11. Re: Article: New in Print - Matt Flinner's The View From Here Tra

    Shipping sure has gotten expensive everywhere. I am amazed you can ship it in the US for $5.
    Thanks for the great deal on the pre-order, I am looking forward it!
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    Re: Bruno bowlback tailpiece

    No "we don't talk about Bruno" jokes? Am I the only one here with an 8 year old? :)
  13. Enjoying it so far, nicely done Maddie! Also note...

    Enjoying it so far, nicely done Maddie! Also note that they are only asking $1 on Bandcamp, but you can put in a higher amount if you feel inclined.
  14. Re: Northfield (& Beyond) Dilemma: A5 Special vs NF-F5S/NF-F2S

    Congrats on your new purchase! I have a blonde F5S w/ Engelmann and really love the sound of it. That tailpiece is a nice upgrade too, did that on mine as well. The standard one is a pain for...
  15. Re: "Shine" (Collective Soul), Sierra Hull and band

    We saw Sierra and Lindsay this week in High Point, NC and they closed with Shine. It was pretty cool and the crowd dug it.
    My favorite songs of the night though were "Mad World", "Out of My Blues",...
  16. Re: Tone Poems II - David Grisman/Martin Taylor

    I don't know anything about this website, but it looks like they might have a copy...
  17. Re: Northfield (& Beyond) Dilemma: A5 Special vs NF-F5S/NF-F2S

    That is a phenomenal deal and Kevin is a great guy to deal with. I'm pretty tempted myself other than I already have one just like it other than mine is a 2 piece back. Somebody hurry and snag this...
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    Re: Should I Resist Waverly Tuners?

    Did you see this, or are you a mind reader? Looks like the 4th Gen actually comes with these now.
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    Re: Should I Resist Waverly Tuners?

    I really like my Waverly tuners, but they came on the 4th Gen. I'm not however planning to upgrade my F5S from the Gotohs. There is a noticeable difference, but I'm not sure I'd be happy with the...
  20. Re: Alan Bibey Mandolin Camp - Surfside Beach, SC

    Going to be a great time as always, looking forward to the new venue!
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    Re: What's this? 0-3-2-0

    It's basically just tab, but written horizontally instead of how it really should be vertically.
    Perpendicular tab? Chord tab?
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    Re: Monel strings - what to do, what to do?

    I actually just bought a few NB packs again (the 11.5-40s) to shake things up. I think I like them (again).
    Interestingly, I noticed on the Curt Mangan site that they state "Monel is also known as...
  23. Re: Article: Frank Solivan Hold On Album Interview

    Have listened to the record a couple of times through. I am enjoying it as much as I did the If You Can't Stand the Heat record, very good!
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    Re: Ready For The Times To Get Better

    My favorite version here. Bibey just kills those triplets

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    Re: Monel strings - what to do, what to do?

    I only have f hole mandolins. In my experience I preferred both Cut Mangan and D'addario monels over the Martins. Of course the Martins are the cheapest.
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