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    Re: Old Gibson A, AJr. A 2,3,4 Mandolis

    I think that many players have encountered A-0, A, A-1, A-jnr which were brilliant as well as some A4s which were no good. I find the maple better than birch but other than that, in terms of actual...
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    Re: Deep Nostalgia - Lloyd Loar

    Talking of Lloyd Loar I wonder if Gibson will bring out a commemorateive F5 in 2022, being 100 years from inception?
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    Re: Bluett Brothers Mandolins

    I had a Bluett F4 a few years ago. It was very well made although not particulary loud. More of a mellow sound. Highly rated builder I reckon.
  4. Re: New tune I wrote, "Red Winged Blackbird"

    Is it a Duff Mandola? Looks like it.
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    Re: Northfield Mandolins

    I've said before that in 50 years of playing mandolin my Northfield BigMon F5 (2016) is the best mandolin I have owned. I once played a 1927 Gibson F5 Fern which is probably the only mandolin which...
  6. Re: Is there a mando equivalent to Flatpick Guitar Magazine?

    I view Mandolin Cafe as a lot better than a monthy magazine and I honestly think that you can get anything at all AND MUCH MORE if that makes sense. A donation now and again, however small, is in my...
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    Re: A Place in the Heart

    Sounds like an old Gibson oval hole mandolin to me. Beautiful music.
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    Re: Your first great mandolin

    In the Uk in 1973 there were not many Gibson mandolins for sale. I had seen the F4 by Jimmy Gregor and although I loved the scroll shape knew it would be very unlikely to find one like that or even...
  9. Re: Gibson 2 point with violin scroll peghead?

    I was reading an old Mandolin Notebook from 1977 last night and Red Rector confirms he was given one of these as a present by Jethro Burns. They both loved each other's playing apparently. Red Rector...
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    Re: My mysterious JBovier Knock-off

    It actually looks great and I reckon must have come from the Factory one way or another. No disrespect to Jeff but, as previous comments, if you are going to copy, copy a Gibson or such. Maybe an...
  11. Re: Is there a reason for the fretboard extension without frets ?

  12. Re: How do these on-line private-sales work? Pay first or ship fi

    Pay Pal gives protection as long as you don't do it to friends and family (in which case no refund) So if he doesn't send the goods or sends something not as described, you'll get your money back....
  13. Re: Do great looking mandolins have to sound better?

    I had four H5 mandolas made in China a few years ago. Two with normal maple and two with flamed maple. There was no soubt whatsover that the flamed maple ones sounded better. Clearer.
  14. Re: Is there a reason for the fretboard extension without frets ?

    Personally speaking I dont think it looks cool at all but that's just me. Eastman have it extending too far in my view. Best to keep it short as it is a just something that can be in the way and...
  15. Re: Definition of a good mandolin player’s spouse

    Exactly like my wife who has seen me buy countless mandolins and always as excited as I am. She always says she loves me to be happy. She knows all about old Gibson mandolins, Northfield, Ellis,...
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    Re: Mandolin armrests - Yes, No, Type?

    Hi Ray. If I'm honest I've probably had a secret fancy for a tone guard from time to time, but they just look a bit intrusive and I thought 'this will be another £50' down the drain. It will go on ...
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    Re: Old vs New Oval

    I had a modern Bluett F4 which was beautifully made but very quiet campared to an old teens Gibson F4. My current 1919 F4 is much louder than a couple of early 1920s F4s I've had with truss rod. The...
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    Re: Mandolin armrests - Yes, No, Type?

    Seems like an unnecessary item to me. All these years of people playing perfectly well without them. Unles you play regularly with bare arms and don;t like the feel of the sid of the mandolin but...
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    Re: Pick Thickness

    I like 2mm Wegen picks for tone and volume. As soon as I pick up my 1.4mm by mistake I can hear the loss in volume and tone. Used them for 15 years now. I 've said before a Wegen pick makes a £500...
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    Re: F-2 purchase advice - Canada

    Dave in Paris is selling one at 2750 Euros. It's on Cafe classifieds
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    Re: Harmonicas & Mandolins

    The harmonica world is waiting for a really good neck holder. I've had about four over the years and whilst all claim to be this and that, they all seem to have their failing and you end up...
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    Re: Mandolin flagship song?

    Monroe Crossing do a great version of Duellin Banjos featuring the mandolin so you may never get away from that. (Just joking). Apart from the bluegrass world, you may find peope asking you to play...
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    Re: Harmonicas & Mandolins

    Depends if youn are going to learn cross harp as described above. i.e, G harp for the key of C etc. Then there's the other way which I think Bb Dylan played (not certain) and how I play. G harp for...
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    Re: tailpiece woes

    I would wait for reply from Eastman. The Ashton Bailey ones just about got it right but in my view, they got the angle wrong. A major part of the idea of these cast tailpieces was to try and get the...
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    Re: New Tuners for Vintage F2

    Need to be sure to get the PRE 1924 Stewmac tuners. They do a separate set with arrow heads for modern mandolins.
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