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    Sentimental, YES; Mandolin content, NO

    Twenty five years ago today, SU (Spousal Unit) and I were married at the Friends' Meeting House in Sandy Springs, MD.

    I love my spouse at least 25 times more now; a very large number in "love...
  2. Re: Poll - what musical style do you primarily play on mandolin?

    I admit to having recently played Divinyls' "I Touch Myself" just for the horrified looks on the faces of the dozen or so listeners.

    It was priceless.
  3. another approach for removing stubborn end pins

    I've found that a large jacobs-style drill chuck can be used to remove end pins. I used the 3/4" capacity chuck for my lathe and vertical mill.

    First I wrapped a small piece of leather around the...
  4. Re: Poll - what musical style do you primarily play on mandolin?

    I like to play the following kinds of music.

    1.what people have been calling "new acoustic music" (Mike Marshall, Chris Thile, John Reischman, Sarah Jarosz, etc.); much of which I'd consider a...
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    Re: Would someone please identify this tool?

    Pete -

    I'll take a few more shots of it at first opportunity.
  6. Re: life changes; one door closes, another opens/hits you in the

    I would like to thank everyone who gave me their input. Gratifyingly, nobody opined that this is a really dumbass idea.

    Agreed that it's not glamorous and that, like all vocations/avocations,...
  7. life changes; one door closes, another opens/hits you in the nose

    I've very recently retired from a 30 year career in pharmaceutical R&D (the kind you get at the pharmacy, not the kind you find on the street).

    This decision was, to a large degree, prompted by...
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    Re: jointer ---> thickness sander

    Graham -

    If nothing else, the jointer to sander conversion is the kind of design project that I love. Since I have a fully equipped machine shop and plenty of metal in stock, I think this project...
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    Falling in love over and over

    Thomas Hobbs said that "Life is nasty, brutish and short." John Hartford used the expression "uncertain as it is uneven", although I may be quoting him out of context.

    However you want to express...
  10. Re: Cart before the horse but....amplification question

    When i'm home, I use my Shure Beta 57A, with the optional magnetically attached foam windscreen.

    However, when i'm playing out, i've found that a built in pickup is extremely convenient. I use...
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    Re: And the winner is...

    The back is stunning. And the top will be.

    Other stuff your husband may appreciate (or not) might fall into the "new acoustic music" category: lots of Nickel Creek isn't bluegrass, Sarah Jarosz...
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    back.... again... with thanks and apologies

    Hi, fellow mandolin lovers:

    I've been away from the cafe for a couple of months now.

    By way of explanation, I'll simply say that I suffer from a condition called treatment resistant clinical...
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    thank you, Marty

    I would like to publicly thank Marty Jacobsen and his lovely wife for having me over. We could have gone on talking for hours; mandolins, bridges, old movies, design vs. production... The list goes...
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    first attempt at a pickguard

    Hi all -

    Here's my first attempt at making my own pickguard. The 'guard itself is ebony. The binding is maple.

    I used two 3/32" alignment pins and a central countersunk 2-56 socket head...
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    Re: Dealing With Spouse

    Jewelry, shoes, "man up", grow a pair? WTF? :disbelief:

    5 min. later....

    Sorry for the language, but c'mon y'all. What's with the gender stereotyping? (I'm half kidding, half serious. I know...
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    Re: Dealing With Spouse

    Having dealt with this issue for many years, ask yourself whether making this purchase will affect your family's quality of life. Will you and/or your spouse have to scrimp in other areas in order...
  17. Re: musings re. bass at jams, electricity, and carved vs. flat to

    Allen -

    I agree. Let's not go there. Dead horse, etc.

    I'm far more interested in the technical question of achieving maximum volume from a guitar or slightly larger instrument.
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    Re: Chris Thile song, "Too Many Notes"

    This is a subject that my spousal unit and I discuss frequently. Said spousal unit is a classically trained clarinetist and refers to many solos as "practice exercises inserted into otherwise...
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    Girouard with new ivoroid tuning buttons

    Here's my new Girouard after replacing the original tuning buttons (shown) with ones made of ivoroid.

    I did file the insides of the holes but they were still tight. I confess to having used the...
  20. Re: Is it wrong to correct a poster's spelling or grammar?

    I'm frequently tempted to point out errors in spelling, grammar and usage, but I rarely do. Doing so usually constitutes a violation of Wheaton's Law.

    The only time I'll speak up is when the...
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    Re: Glad to be back (Glad to be anywhere)

    Marty -

    Working with Lauri was great. It's nice to be so in synch with an artisan that you get to see you ideas, expressed as words, made real.

    Thanks for the compliment on the booties. Making...
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    Re: Glad to be back (Glad to be anywhere)

    Two more pics; the McClung armrest.

    Lauri used the darkest shade in the sunburst as the color for the armrest. I added the booties in order to protect the instrument from the bracket arms, which...
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    Re: Glad to be back (Glad to be anywhere)

    I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I'm in her queue. Probably about 2 more years. The bad news is that I'm currently "between situations", which sounds far better than unemployed....
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    Glad to be back (Glad to be anywhere)

    Hi all -

    It feels like I've been away for a very long time. I won't go into a great deal of detail, except to say that I'm really glad to be back.

    I'd like to share pics of my new Lauri...
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    greetings from the great greasy beyond

    Hi all -

    After my accident, I stayed out of the metal shop for a week or two.

    Then i dove back in full steam. The gas tank plug is near completion, a new race frame design is underway, and i...
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