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  1. Lovely!

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    Re: Best Online Sites For Learning

    Pretty amazing teachers and classes at Peghead Nation. There's a fee, but you can take the courses at your own pace.
  3. Re: Imported a mandolin with tortoise shell - CITES

    Interesting. So ... how's the mandolin?
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    Re: U.S. Blues


    Here's a version of "U.S. Blues" with a little Celtic twist. The handheld camera is a little bouncy at first, but settles in.
  5. Re: Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar (The Delmore Brothers)

    More modal and lonesome than the Delmores' original.Even some mandolin stuff from Mike Campbell playing what loo. Bass player Howie Epstein also played mandolin with the Heartbreakers in this period....
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    Re: The Hollies - Look Through Any Window

    I think the actual title is "Dear Madame Barnum," not "Mrs." Great song from one of my favorite XTC albums. Seems like XTC has remained in the shadows over the years because Andy Partridge stopped...
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    Re: Leather Calton Case Cover

    As mentioned above, Glenn Cronkhite makes the best cases and covers I've ever used. Not cheap, but built to last for a career. Choice of five leathers and eight Corduras, lots of options.
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    Re: The Hollies - Look Through Any Window

    Yep. Here's a page about Tony Hicks and that guitar.

    I remember seeing the Hollies do that show on one TV show where they actually did an instant close-up replay of that riff. It was enough for...
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    Re: The Hollies - Look Through Any Window

    The Hollies were one of many Merseybeat bands who came up at roughly the same time as the Beatles. They were from Manchester, mainly, but as early as '63 they were playing the Cavern Club in...
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    Re: Useful Tip For Changing Strings

    There's a good photo essay by luthier Frank Ford on his amazing site where he covers this in detail:

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    Re: Useful Tip For Changing Strings

    Me, too. Very fast and no slippage. Faster to take old strings, off, too, with fewer wraps around the post.
  12. Re: who is La Baratte A Beurre and . . . .

    There's this:


    Yoland Henry (violon, mandoline, pieds, tambour à mailloches, cuillères, voix)
    Robin Servant (accordéons diatoniques,...
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    Re: "A Bruxa"

    FWIW, I recorded a setting of that quite a few years ago now with Moving Cloud Orchestra, with me on mandolin, Sara Hiebert on fiddle, Paul Machlis on piano. Live in a recital hall, warts and all.
  14. Re: Does anyone like the new green blue chip picks?

    If you like it on the picante side, try the new red ones -- a zesty blend of cayenne and habanero. They'll make for some hot pickin' for sure. Also available today only.
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    Re: For John Prine

    Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick posted a sweet video of themselves on Instagram doing Prine's fun "In Spite of Ourselves," with Sedgwick playing uke and Bacon playing what looks to be a Kentucky F...
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    Re: Know You Rider

    The folkie's name was Bob Coltman, and he apparently based his version on a John and Alan Lomax transcription of a blues.

    There's a pretty good history of the song here.
  17. Re: Using Kydex in the Shop - More Anti-social Distancing

    Cool idea.
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    Re: The Mando Boys

    Cool band. I need to dig out the recording I have of them.

  19. Re: Can Anyone Shed Light on this Fiddle Embellishment?

    Left-hand rolls and lots of other fiddle, pipes, and whistle ornaments that work well with continuous bow strokes or air flow are pretty tough to emulate on the mandolin, especially if you are using...
  20. Re: Can Anyone Shed Light on this Fiddle Embellishment?

    I'm hearing a lot of different ornaments in there, with both the bow and the left hand. There are some bow triplets, but I think the most characteristic one -- and the hardest to emulate for a...
  21. Re: How to choose a good F style mandolin when you are miles from

    Congratulations! I'm guessing that the more you play it, the more you will bond with it.
    Have fun!
  22. Re: Campanella two-point (How to make an accent on due?)

    If you are on a Mac, just holding down the key will bring up a little menu with all the diacritical options:


    e: èéêēėę

    Ditto for other letters. No alt+ codes to remember.
  23. Re: Good source for beginning Celtic and Quebecois music

    One of the single-best resources for traditional tunes from Quebec is Laurie Hart and Greg Sandell's exhaustively researched collection: Danse ce soir - Fiddle and Accordion Music of Quebec

  24. Re: The Berkeley Old Time Music Convention - Berkeley, CA

    It's a great week of music all around, and I always spend as much time there as possible. The Saturday String Band Contest in the park (next to the Berkeley Farmers Market) is a highlight -- and free.
  25. Re: Big Family: The Story of Bluegrass Music

    I thought it was very good, too. OF course no film-length documentary could possible embrace the full history of bluegrass, but the omission of the Kentucky Colonels or at least some mention of...
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